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Nokia N8: So advanced its not available yet

This morning on the way to Uni I was flipping through the Metro and found this Tesco ad about the N8 and just had to chuckle and share this with you all 😀 The Nokia N8 so advanced its not even out yet !!!! 😀

BTW the price isn’t bad either £25 per month although its for 24 months


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Video: Split Screen Nokia N8 versus iPhone 4 video (and audio) test

October 7, 2010 16 comments

Here’s a video comparison of the Nokia N8 and the iPhone 4 split screen style by BesteProduct.

Is that really the N8? I didn’t realise it was that good in comparison to iPhone 4.

What’s with that murkiness on the iPhone 4 – it seems rather washed out in this test.

Interestingly they also switch audio in between the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8.

Compared to Nokia N8, iPhone 4 audio recording is absolutely PANTS. But pretty much all others are pants compared to Nokia N8’s audio (which is unlike others in real stereo)

Hit 720p and get your speaker system (or headphones going).

via BesteProduct.

Oh, whilst you’re here, check out this N8 shot video again by topolino70. Absolutely beautiful. If you pause at any moment, it’s as if they’re photographs.(close up shots done by magnifying glass though hacks have been done by hyperX to achieve continuous autofocus during video recording)


Holy Crap, awesome work @PhoneDaz and team :D. Let’s all just ignore the crazy rants that “N8 cam is mediocre or just above average quality – not something others should strive for” or words to that effect. Time and time again users around the world are proving the effort of Damien Dinning and team has been totally worth it.

Nokia N8 TV adverts

Web tv


Ovi maps

Ovi store

I reall like the direction Nokia is going with these ads my favorite one is the Ovi maps one


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Video: Nokia C3 Advert (India)

October 7, 2010 3 comments

The popular budget QWERTY phone, the Nokia C3 Advert for India.

Pretty cool stop motion style ad.


via NokiaIndiaOfficial

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FREEWARE: Nokia Panorama Available at the Ovi Store for your Nokia N8 (And Nokia N900)

October 7, 2010 10 comments

An alternative to Morpho QuickPanorama “Nokia Panorama” is now available at the Ovi Store for free.

In contrast to Morpho, the detail seems MUCH higher with the Nokia version. The seams are pretty much invisible.

The pic below is from Damien Dining.

I don’t have a N8 to test this out so I’m not sure if this is a stitcher panorama (where you manually line up the images) or a sweeping panorama (where you sweep from left to right as steady as possible) like the Morpho Quick Panorama

Click here to download from the Ovi Store.

Thanks to @NOMOSdesign for the heads up.

Nokia N8 as a laptop – HDMI + Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse

October 7, 2010 8 comments

Well technically that’s a portable desktop since laptops are integrated. But that’s just being finicky.

As Noah from PhoneDog notes, whilst other handsets may have HDMI, they may only produce Videos/Photos in the output where as the Nokia N8 will replicate the ENTIRE phone experience through HDMI meaning it could really be your portable computer.

The N8’s screen whilst 640×360 is upscaled to a full 1280×720 for that desktop like experience – icons and text appear sharper which helps see that mouse pointer.

Imagine the desktop like games that we’ve seen on the N900. Actually they were desktop games ported to N900 (e.g. red alert, theme hospital, star craft, war craft ii). and also played with peripherals. PC gaming – without the PC.


via phonedog

Thanks to N#O#R#U#L#E#S for the heads up to

Video: Teaser of the Nokia N8 French Party (filmed on the N8)

October 7, 2010 2 comments

Jean-Baptiste sends this video in of an official Nokia France video of the N8 French party – filmed on the N8.

Unfortunately however, it seems stuck on 360p (no 720p available to appreciate the quality)

This party took place in Paris, on September 16th in the Tokyo Palace. Nokia France proposed us several stands (5 big billboards with inside video projections, photo exhibition taken by Nokia N8, Photocall with Nokia N8…). It was amazing!