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Why oh why, Sports Tracker? Now what would ShoZu do?

January 31, 2008 3 comments

(Picture of the(my) day: above is of Stephen and Mark, a dad and son duo from Hungary playing football on the beach about 200 yards out from dry land. Fantabulously shallow water.)

Describing what sports tracker can do with photos to others new to the world of geo tagging elicits intrigue and amazement.

However, since the software is beta, users will often come into situations that make them feel sports tracker is giving you a rude slap on the face. That slap comes in the form of your pictures, which you could have literally travelled miles and hours to get only for it to tell you “no i refuse to geotag that” via its errors.

I really dislike how users do not have the option of which photos to share, instead being forced to permanently be at loss of the pictures from your device of those images you won’t be publicly sharing(at least with that workout).

To further add to the frustration, due to sports tracker assuming you want all associated files per workout uploaded, should there be an error in search, and pictures not found will NOT be uploaded and CANNOT be added using the application.

I’m new to ShoZu, but from early experience I love the degree of control (bar phantom postings of which i’m attributing to mis pressing than anything i hope ) I have on which media i want to upload, edit description, titles and tags all from your phone as I am now so I’d never actually need to rely on another device …aka a computer/internet tablet, just getting my thoughts, pictures and videos out where ever and when ever I have signal.

Final versions of Sports Tracker must allow such simple freedom of your own personal choice when it comes to which files you want to share. Yes, keep the whole total file search, but extend it by giving the option to upload all, select files to upload, and manually upload (any files that may have been missed by that search).

Also, let sports tracker have the ability to edit description, titles and tags. Even though a website can be easy enough to use, having to rely on a computer instantly adds more steps of hindrance to the whole “you can do it all in one multimedia computer” ease we should be expecting from our phones, especially when you’re”on the go”.

In all, I can see myself using sports tracker quite a lot as it has a lot of potential. It extends way beyond the sports application, and quite frankly, needs a new name for others to grasp the concept of what it’s supposed to do rather than just ignore it “because I’m not that concerned in athletics to run an application about it”.

I’d like to see it integrated with other online communities, sharing with others where and what you took at a particular place, this is just simply a most excellent application for holiday goers. No need to tell of where the photo was taken, you can see it on the map. In addition with maps landmark saver, I also use sports tracker to quickly snap a picture of a place I want to get back to later, but not entirely sure where it was. Being geotagged means I can look at that later on a map (although it would be nice if somehow it could be integrated with the Maps application so you can see it on the phone). Finally, last point, please somehow give the option of auto tracking once sports tracker application is on. Too few a time have I assumed since it’s running in the background (as with the maps GPS app) that it’s trying to get a GPS lock and track (or at least have an icon in the foreground like the alarm/new messages/missed call etc to tell you if you’re tracking or not. Better yet, future phones: a flashing LED.)

I’m really impressed with how the internal GPS on the N82 is handling the tracking. Sometimes, locking immediately after I switch on the application from inserting a fresh battery. I’ve been able to keep a track where I wasn’t even able to make a call due to lack of signal. Yay satellites!

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Accomodation sorted, no internet from the n800 again, Did I eat a testicle?

January 29, 2008 2 comments

I’m posting this from the n82 again as the n800 is persistant that it will not use the n82 as a modem. I thought it was the same problem i experienced the other day but after every combination of settings, perhaps it is just the network preventing it.

Plans are so far to spend a couple of days in Koh Samui, another couple of days in Koh Phangan and one more night in Samui just to make sure I wont miss the flight to Bangkok the following afternoon.

The picture above is my dinner being freshly made. Silly me though walked off with the take out not realising there was no rice. Try eating Thai green curry without rice. Oh, and with the soup, there was this small plum sized roundish piece of meat. I have fears on what that actually was as the taste was extremely unfamiliar. (i hope it was just a new odd shaped sausage.)

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Yay, stuck at the airport.

January 29, 2008 1 comment

So, my visa card keeps saying invalid transaction. I have no idea how much is left and if i’ll have enough to book several days accomodation in advance.

On the plus side, this is the funkiest most brill airport ever. No immigration bit, no walls, no glass, just open air with the breeze and the garden. I think i should just pick this place as my accomodation.

Time differences suck btw. The only time i can speak to people is when i should be sleeping and the only time i need to speak to people back in the uk is when they’re all asleep.

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Phantom ShoZU post strikes again

January 28, 2008 1 comment

Posted by ShoZuSince ShoZu is taking the liberty of posting on mynokiablog without my saying so, I might as well write something myself.

I’m at  KL terminal 1 airport lounge heading off to Bangkok, then to Koh Samui. Total of about 5 hours travelling.  For those who don’t know, it’s a bit like travelling to Glasgow from London to get to Brighton (it’s closer to London)

I’m guessing it’s more to do with difficulty booking tickets rather than intentionally having to go via Bangkok first.

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Next stop, Koh Samui

January 28, 2008 1 comment

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Off to the airport again in a few hours, this time to Koh Samui (via Bangkok)

So earlier today, I found my way to the Menara tower, the 4th tallest tower in the world, so it was easy enough without any bearing or knowledge of the area to find it. Just keep heading in the direction off the massive tower. I did though manage to find myself in places where it somehow just disappeared, but I eventually did find it.

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With some confidence in getting to the Menara by foot, I thought I could do the same with getting to China town. This time though, I did use Nokia maps, which downloaded the Kuala Lumpur area over the air and allowed me to sort of find my way around (mainly used it to check I was going South East). Thankfully, even with ShoZu, Sports Tracker, Maps, Camera all on simultaneously, the N82 managed to handle them without me having to worry about too much multi tasking. Came across a film crew on the way. . . I tried to think of positive thoughts in NOT succumbing to getting a taxi driver to just bring me to China town, like “I probably would have missed that weren’t I on foot.”

SO..I kept on looking for China town, getting frustrated that the Maps app wasn’t correlating with the printed map I got from reception the longer I didn’t see the buzzing China Town scene. A girl waiting for a bus was kind enough to tell me where I was on the printed map, so I could make my way to China Town (It was on the printed one only). I showed her a picture I had taken of my last known location and Amazingly she said that was China Town. Haha, I had been there and never knew it. I just assumed it was the streets leading up to a big Chinese Town that I had seen in movies.

Followed the monorail track for most of the way back, eventually getting on it so I could get to the hotel quicker. The last station was still about 40 minutes away from the hotel and I just happened to be on the longest stretch of road where Taxis couldn’t stop.

It’s been an amazing two days here in KL. I just couldn’t get over the breathtaking architecture they have here. Not just because they’re tall like the Menara and Petronas Towers, but their shape and form is exquisitely captivating, you just can’t help but stare in amazement of their design.

As I’ve said, next on the list is Koh Samui. I’ll finish off packing my things now and get this posted.

Btw Apologies for certain random pictures being uploaded with no next. ShoZu’s being a bit annoying there.

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Menara Tower and Possibly China Town.

January 28, 2008 Leave a comment

(Click to enlarge)

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Hey guys,

I’m inside the Menora tower’s Internet Cafe (Receptionist told me there’s no such thing in the whoole of Malaysia) posting this, as last night’s sports tracker upload went wrong. I spent some time selecting which photos to upload, deleting the ones I didn’t only to find out after a call with Christian that, well, not only have those been uploaded but there were also duplicates.

Apologies to the guys running the Nseries site, swarmed with all those pictures. It takes a while to sort them out on the sports tracker site as it isn’t the friendliest of interfaces. There should be an easier way to view a larger list of “workouts” and also to edit photos (perphaps something like the Facebook album interface?) I can only delete one at a time, and then wait for the whole page to load up again.

So, early morning Christian and I tried to do a podcast. He’s working on that at the moment and will be up some time. I really have time to sleep after that, so just stayed awake, watched an awful film called The Perfect Marriage, with the most peculiar looking lips from Sophie Gendron that just distracted you from the 1 microgram of plot the film musters. Breakfast was nice, except for this extremely salty paste I mistook for Tofu and thus bit a huge junk. Lack of sleep and perhaps a huge surge of sodium caused me to pass out till about 1pm where I made my way over to the Menara tower by foot. Apparently I almost missed it as the guard at the base said they close in 5 minutes, however the staff here say they are open till 10pm. Hmmm…

I’ll try to make my way over to China town by about 5pm. There’s not much of a “Beacon” to head towards like the tower (No directions needed, very much like a visual compass/poles thing going on there).

The picture here is uploaded from Shozu taken from the Observation Deck.

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Meet up with Devin & Kuala Lumpur

January 27, 2008 1 comment

Short as the time spent with Devin was, we still managed to have a fab time night touring Singapore, sneaking in to a closed theatre (name escapes  me…oh..Esplanade?), getting lost in the labyrinth that was the car par and of course, the meal with the erratic/ecclectic playlist of music and belly dancer.


Spirts tracker did play up and crash a few times, and there’s still a few bugs like not uploading pictures to the  ST site. One thing I would like to see is a little icon to show eithher GPS lock and/or tracking. When you open maps, N82 immediately attempts to get GPS lock but for ST, you have to go through some extra steps in choosing a workout before starting the whole geo-tagging. I’m guessing, contrary to its name, the location based tagging may be a bigger hit than the whole sports stats side so most would just want to turn the application on, assuming it’s going to track n tag immediately and realising later due to tracking not being manually set, they’re pictures will not go up on the ST site.

Other things I would like to see is less reliancy on high speed computers to edit descriptions/select what pictures go up to ST.

It was 3am when I got back to my room and was a little too late to go to sleep. I had to charge up all the batteries which took so long considering something was up with the 3 pin plug. So instead of sleep, I had a nice long chat with Christian (Chaslam) over skype via the n800. Reception was remarkably much clearer than when I was in Britain, only ever cutting out when I used the N800’s browser. We’ve planned on atttempting a little podcast today when Christian gets and hopefully I manage to get some sleep.


Oh and of course, I’m now in Kuala Lumpur. What a beautiful city. Architecture is breath taking, especially the Petronas (makes me think of HPotter) Towers and the astonishing park adjacent to it. ( I was going to get a 6am start tomo in order to get fcfs tickets on the petrons bridge but they don’t do Mondays and I’m already gone 4 am Tuesday.)

I spent most of the day since arriving from my extreme rip off taxi driver (according to hotel staff here, the driver made the fares tripple) walking around and taking snaps (apologies when you encounter several huge tracking blobs as opposed to lines?would be nice if ST could somehow recognise a lap and perform automatic layering) of the streets, mall, park in the sun and rain. Oh whilst in the mall, I ended up stuck for hours in a science exhibit where the only exit is the next stage of their petrolleum topic based set up.(Bit like techniquest in UK but everyting geared towards how amazing petrolleum is.

Once this is posted,  I’ll try get some zzz’s.

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Jay has Landed!

January 26, 2008 5 comments

Jay has landed in singapore! Speaking to him now and he had a good flight over. Here are some videos of his journey so far.At Terminal 4, Heathrow.At the airport, checking in, boarding etc.  Problems with the plane! Touchdown!On the way to hotel.In hotel Room.Going up lift to room.Devin and Jay at Shiraz restaurant. Devin and Jay, no where open! Me and Jay speaking over skype! Thats all the videos for now, but there should be more coming soon! If there is anything you want to ask Jay let me know. Ill be speaking to him over skype daily while he is over there and we are planning on doing a podcast tomorrow evening, so look out for it! If anyone wants to speak to Jay, hes using Skype over his N800 with N82 as a modem, his Skype is jaymontano so feel free to add him and have a chat!

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I’m in Singapore!

January 26, 2008 2 comments

This is the second time I have to write this post.
Hey guys, I arrived in Singapore at 7pm. Flight was great, I slept through most of it and what I was awake for was extremely pleasant. Video on Demand plus one quite brilliant steward, Nixon, who not only paid extra attention to my group of seats ut took the time to ask us how we’d like to be addressed and for the duration of the flight did so.

The taxi ride to the hotel surprised me as the fair kept creeping up 15..20…36..150SGD crickey! 55 pounds! Fortunately I had justmissed that decimal point.rp
Over at the Elizabeth where Devin and I will soon meet, the receptionist upgraded me to the executive suite…sweet! Just charging up my devices and when I post this, I’ll be down to meet Devin.

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At Heathrow T4!

January 25, 2008 2 comments

Jan exams are over! Hooray!

The relief after one set of examinations have finished is phenominal. Now to focus completely on Urbanista.
Two train rides on and I’m now at Heathrow, waiting to depart and meet Devin in Singapore.

Check in security was a bit funny. They confiscated my small insect repellant I had just purchased from a Boots in Cardiff only to be told that I should buy another at the Boots shop here at the Airport. Oh well, safety first. Shame there’s no safety again later on to protect me from mosquitos.

The pic above was taken inside the airport. Nice huh?

I’m going to look for my Gate now. See you all in Singapore!

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