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Competition: Two more Angry Birds Plush toys to win with @WOMWorldNokia – how many angry birds can you see?

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

You may have seen our post yesterday: “Real Angry Birds Seasons – Angry Birds Plus Toy out in the Snow

If you’d like to win one of these critters yourself, you’ve got until 11am GMT tomorrow (23rd December 2010) to tweet @WOMWorldNokia with how many Angry Birds you can see in the photo below of WOMWorld’s Christmas Tree?

Although Iratus avius does not blend well with green, they’re a very tricky lot (well you have to be to one up those swiney fellows!). So get counting!

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Video: Brain Party – Nokia N900 Brain Training Game from Apple iPhone to Maemo 5 (YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS! -Best N900 game ever??)

April 25, 2010 11 comments

This is absolutely THE best game available for ANY nokia right now (IMO).

One of the reasons it looks really good is because it began life on the iPhone and has now been ported to Maemo (and other reason – we don’t have that (m)any titles at all :o)

The game interface just looks really attractive – finger friendly, nice animations, simple interface (the music isn’t bad either) as you’d expect from iPhone quality apps.

It runs beautifully on the N900 (super fast, no lags) as I’d expect pretty much most iPhone apps were they ported to N900 (bar maybe multitouch capabilities)


  • Brain Party is a brain training type game with absolutely tons of mini games.
  • You have a test mode and a practice mode. Before you can go into pactice mode, you have to go through 5 minigame “tests”.
  • Games vary from number skills, verbal skills, spatial awareness type games or combination. That probably doesn’t sound appealing but check the video out.
  • You’ll come across some classics such as pairs, see twists on familiar games like rock paper scissors, speed reaction type games – quick counting and er…”sheep tapping”…(watch the video!), verbal logic …etc etc.
  • The better you perform at each test, the higher your score. You get a total score at the end which is measured by “brain weight” (technically not at all related to cognitive ability between humans, but who cares :p).
  • Games you play after a 5 test run are saved in practice mode, so you can enjoy and practice them later.
  • Play more tests to get more games out – they’ll be random so may encounter new ones as well as ones you’ve already played.
  • The games have varieties of difficulties – though it depends mostly on what type of “thinker” you are – you might find the math ones a breeze but the verbal logic ones harder – or you might be a super genius and find them all easy.

There’s so many mini games I haven’t encountered them all just quite yet.
Interestingly, on Symbian, each of these mini games would probably count as ONE separate app. But now they’re all here.

You can get it from app manager – it’s a simple one click install. No xterm fussing about.

You may need to have this catalogue enabled to see it in your app manager. CLICK for instructions.

Check out the video demo below as well as some screenshots.

Do come back and tell us your BRAIN SCORE ^_^

Video: mSped – Refllex Reaction Game on the N900 (Maemo 5 version of S60 5th Edition Speedtester)

March 16, 2010 4 comments

Remember Speedtester on S60 5th Edition? That turned out to be surprisingly popular for something quite so simple.

There’s four coloured circles. All you have to do is tap the one that’s lit.

It’s a little harder than the Symbian version as you begin at a faster speed and the sequential speed increases is steeper. (imo, mSpede is better because it doesn’t take so long to get back to the ‘high speeds’ and improve your score)

With each light you hit in time, you get a point. Miss and it’s back to zero.

What’s your top score?

Demo video below

Video: Rubik’s Cube Game for the N900 – Free at the Ovi Store

February 21, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a very quick demo of the classic Rubix Cube Game for the N900.

You’ve got a 3D rubix cube which you can rotate and also turn the individual rows like a proper Rubix Cube. There’s a timer as well as a REFRESH button to mix up the Rubix cube.

The rest is down to you to match up all 6 sides. What’s your quickest time?


Download it free at the Ovi Store (it’s called “CUBE”)

Games: Airport on the Nokia N900

January 15, 2010 5 comments

This is a really simple but quite a catchy game that’s free on the Ovi Store for the N900. It’s called “Airport”.

Basically you’re an airport controller, and you have to safely guide the landing of the planes.

You get two types of planes, the big commercial passenger plane and a small properller style.

The big planes go into the top horizontal landing strip and the little planes go into the vertical landing strip.

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Video: Doom on the N900

January 11, 2010 5 comments

Here’s a freebie game that’s popped up in my App Manager, “Doom”. The classic 3D first person shooter that has been played on just about every Nokia S60 and tablet, is also available for the N900.

The installation is simple; two clicks.

Doom on the N900 uses the keyboard for controls (arrows to move around, control to fire, space to open doors, and [,.] for side steps. You can also use the screen but over the keyboard is so much better (not to mention that with the screen, it keeps firing your weapon wasting your ammo).

Not sure what the key is though to switch weapon (after you’ve picked up another one that is), and also how to exit the game other than “power>end current task” or “power>phone” and then use the phone’s multitask button. Locking the screen doesn’t work either during game play.

Other than that, it’s quite a fun game for your N900.

Video: Wormux on the N900 (Free Game)

December 17, 2009 4 comments

A fan of the game series – WORMS? Have a N900? You’ve got to try Wormux!

This is a free touch/keyboard-combo game to download and it has all the game play aspects of the original Worms franchise.

But instead of worms, you’ve got [15] teams based on open source software (at least that’s what Wikipedia says ) i.e.. Gnu, Tux, PHP, Firefox, OOo, Spip, Pidgin, Snort, Wilber, Konqi, SuSE and Workrave, Thunderbird, Beastie and Nupik.

If you don’t know what they are, it doesn’t matter (I’m only familiar with half of the teams). Just pretend they’re just random animals.

Below is a short 4 minute video just to demo some of the settings, controls, maps and weapons of Wormux for the N900.

It’s a really good game but it does suffer from random lagging. Sometimes the load takes a while or some animations don’t play out properly – other times it’s fine.

Something to try: it is advisable that you restart your N900 after installation – mine performed slightly better (quicker loading).

Free Game: Memory Tester Touch for S60 5th Edition

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Memory Tester Touch is a game that well…tests your memory.

You’ve got a 3×3 grid of 9 squares. One square lights up at a time, and you have to remember the pattern as one new square is lit (provided you’ve got the previous pattern right – otherwise game over)

You get one point for each correctly lit square you remember. Get a square wrong and you’re back down to zero. Unless you hit a new high score, the previous high score will continue flashing.

Screenshots and demo video below.

Download it for Free at the Ovi Store

Download it for Free at the Ovi Store

For other free S60 5th edition games, check out the page link free-games-for-s60-5th-edition

Video: Nokia N900 Game – Official Bounce Evolution Video

October 12, 2009 3 comments

Here’s a video of the game Bounce that’s coming on the N900. Originating as a classic linear 2D puzzle, now it’s a visual delight. The video shows your classic Bounce gameplay, navigating the red ball around the screen to get from A-B, but check out the System Rush Evolution style track towards the end.

Like the Boing Voyage Bounce version on my N97, Bounce Evolution on the N900 uses (a much more sensitive/higher sample rate) accelerometer.

Powered by TI OMAP 3430: Arm Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 , more or less the configuration of the iPhone 3GS (except the N900 has an additional 768 virtual RAM), guys have assured that the N900 has the potential to deliver the same stunning visuals as the iPhone. (Though, with slightly different game play with multitouch not yet possible)

Here’s an actual video of the N900 playing Bounce Evolution (you may want to turn your speakers off)

Free Game: Speedtester for the Nokia N97, 5800, 5530, Samsung i8910 (and other S60 5th Edition)

September 27, 2009 1 comment

Speedtester SpeedTester is a simple, free game from the Ovi Store that tests rapid responses and thumb-eye coordination. You have four lights which will light up one at a time. All you have to do is touch the one that is lit. This occurs very slowly at first, and as your points rises, so does the speed.

It gets sufficiently faster after 100, before that, it’s nice and slow to get you accustomed. Each time you fail, you start back at the extremely slow stage.

Here’s a demo video of SpeedTester, shown on the Nokia N97