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Videos: New and upcoming UK TV Adverts for Nokia N8

October 14, 2010 12 comments

You may have seen the Nokia N8 adverts doing its rounds on TV if you’re in the UK. Not sure about other countries – are you guys seeing them too? They’re short, 15 second bursts of N8 goodness.

Anyway, here are some vids, some of which are exclusively online, some are currently running:

New ads:

Angry Birds – You might argue that Nokia mentions this to death but I think it’s important to show that such a popular app isn’t just for iOS and Android devices. And the list is growing. Soon with Qt, there will be a bigger stream of cross platform applications (as well as many new Qt born apps)

X factor app: X factor watchers will know this is constantly mentioned in the show – “The Nokia X-factor app” no mention of other platforms. Good going Nokia. X-factor, love it or hate it, is a major show in the UK and reaches quite a big audience.

There’s another add about BBC iPlayer but that’s remaining offline until the 22nd of this month. (Is this why BBC iPlayer is missing from my Ovi Store?)

Currently running –

Shoot movie in HD

Need for speed shift:


for more, check out Nokia UK on YouTube:

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New Nokia C5-03 launched!

October 14, 2010 18 comments

Nokia Conversations has announced the new Nokia C5-03


Via Nokia Conversations

Will add pics from Nok Conv later (in a lesson right now). Alternatively, click the link to check them out.

[thanks for the heads up Ramdoo Pritish and ישראל מאיר י. גווירץ

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Engadget Podcast: Vlad used camera WRONG – did not (and still doesn’t) know about the two step auto lock and shutter press.

October 14, 2010 13 comments

In this engadget podcast, the team get a chance to discuss the Nokia N8 (Skip to 20:55). Sorry it’s disorganized – in a rush and already late for lectures. Will sort out formatting later. The bit about lack of autofocus has a heading midway in this post.

The verdict? Quite Positive. That’s with Vlad (the guy who did the much heated iPhone 4 vs N8 pics that caused so much uproar amongst Nokia fans), Chris Ziegler and possibly the voice of reason why they aren’t as eager to hate and joke on Nokia’s expence, the infamous tnkgrl – Myriam Joire. Myriam has used possibly every type of phone known to man and I could bet that she’d give the most honest opinion about Nokia – without any unecessarily negative angle that we often see from Engadget. BTW, Myriam is not Pro Nokia, the first thing she says at this section is to get Vlad to tell the commenters to go to hell.

  • Vlad goes through the reasoning behind his actions, how he purposely did not analyse the pictures as to which one was better so you could decide for yourself (erm that doesn’t make it any more fair because I can provide you with dud samples versus good samples. You don’t need my additional analysis for you to decide the predriven decision by my previous actions)
Nokia N8 – closer quality to a digital camera than your iPhone 4. Closer to reality colours and higher detail.Gallery: Nokia N8 versus Canon IXUS 130 – 9MP vs 10MP shots – witness the N8′s precision pixels.

Nokia N8 (C) wins the blind shootout, confidently beats the Sony HX5 and smashes Samsung Pixon 12 (via GSM ARENA)

It was awfully confusing my time and time again, sources that were NOT Nokia/Symbian blogs and had slated S^3, could produce such fantastic pictures from the N8 whilst engadget couldn’t

  • When zooming in both at 100% due to N8’s 12mp it appears more zoomed in so unfair. (Yeah I get that somewhat, but that’s the advantage of having those extra pixels as we have seen from above

Interestingly Vlad goes on to say that “we shouldn’t backlash against the commenters, that’s their role to comment and to express themselves, and we should let them”. Funny…what about the censoring?

Vlad says, when you look at the gallery, at first the iPhone 4 looks sharper, punchier with more saturation, but looking through the whole gallery it starts to become over bearing, too saturated. N8 gives you the reality. The buildings aren’t yellow (here’s where it would have helped to have some analysis as Vlad was the only person that could truy verify what those colours looked like on that particular day when he saw them)

“Once you put N8’s pictures through image processing, you can make them so much better than iPhone 4…it shows iPhone 4 overprocesses pictures” to which iPhone 4 users (and I’d agree) who’d want to do that.

The camera shake and failure to lock

A lot of people noticed the camera shake, a valuable thing we also learnt that day (which hell affects even the best of cameras without some super anti shake mechanisms like panasonic’s Mega OIS). Vlad attributes this camera shake to the camera button which causes the shake. Confirmed by engadget pal, Thomas Ricker. Pressing the screen apparently causes less camera shake.

1. There is a touch button to take pictures on the N8 if you prefer.

2. That’s never been a problem before on other camera buttoned Nokias

3. Generally you’d hold the N8 with two hands, like a digital camera, though one hand is fine.

4. First you press half way to lock, then you press down (which is very easy and motionless to the rest of the camera). If you are pressing fully down without the lock then you may get the camera shake, which would explain why certain shots seemed out of focus (it is touch and go when you press all the way down at once whether it would focus, it’s not designed that way), as to generate the force needed to push down the focus lock and shutter at the same time WOULD push the phone down. Hence why it’s difficult in the attempt to make it idiot proof. (I can push it with my pinky and it won’t shake – though not advisable in real life usage. :p)

This is confirmed by Vlad.

“In order to press the camera button, you have to put so much pressure you generate motion in the phone”.

I’m sorry but there’s your idiot right there. The N8 has a two step camera shutter button like digital cameras. Not like your cheapo camera phones that attempt camera buttons with one slight push.

Vlad says the alternative is that he’s arthritic and needs to retire. Erm. I think even a person with Parkinson’s could take pictures with less motion blur.

Myriam adds:

iPhone 4 pictures are artificial, they are designed to look better and most non experts will pick iPhone 4 every time. That is the strength that apple has. They do that with everything. It has its merits. It’s a great camera if you want to whip it out, take a shot and leave it to that. For those of us who are interested in picture quality, and processing our pictures, cropping or maybe tweaking some settings before we take a shot. N8 is phenomenal, it just blows the iPhone 4 out of the water. It is relatively good as a point and shoot. You can whip it out, take a picture relatively well too. When I compared Droid X you had to tweak it so much to get a good picture.

There’s more. Vlad says the only bias possibly in the shoot was that they didn’t change any settings. Just whip out and shoot (Wasn’t auto flash disabled in some shots?) Perhaps it was unfair that N8 had a real flash. N8 apparently has higher aspirations, with the test being concerned about low end usage. aka my fisher price camera.

Myriam says “I’m doing the camera review for N8, you can expect some mind blowing shots from N8 WITHOUT any tweaking” and we have seen such time and time again from normal, every day users. “there’s so much with the N8 it’s a WASTE to just use it as a point and shoot”. Chris adds that the N8’s camera is a POWER users camera. i.e. if you’re serious about photography that’s any time any where, pocketable and isn’t just a camera, the N8 is the way to go.

Myriam: I took 150 photos, took a third away cos I’m picky and also cos I take 2-3 shots of the same thing. I was blown away. I have to remind myself that I’m using a phone. It’s that good.

Being a pro with Nokia, Myriam shares a tip, educating the engadget guys on the image stabilization ability of the N8 during video recording by using the full 12mp to pan around and provide a more stable shot. No loss of quality.

Autofocus on N8 is the fastest on any camera phone I’ve used (Myriam). Vlad agrees, though how would he know, he’s never used it. He goes on to desscribe’ the iPhone 4’s continuous autofocus. I didn’t know that. I knew about touch focus in pic and vid…and Myriam does confirm IT DOES NOT. Isn’t Vlad an iPhone 4 user? Maybe the lack of analysis was not really out of choice eh? I think Myriam must do EVERY engadget camera test. Or at least prevent Vlad from doing so.

There’s a couple more minutes to go. But am already late for my leture.


Thanks to Rich Hafley for the heads up to

Via Engadget

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Maemo 1.3 on the horizon?

October 14, 2010 8 comments

While I’m currently in the middle of an all-nighter study/HW/project session, (it’s 2 AM where I’m at right now), some interesting news just filtered into our tips section (Thanks Jim).

Over at the MeeGo blog, Harri Hakulinen let out that a Maemo 5 PR 1.3 release was incoming!! Jay will be pleased.

Also mentioned was the great work and headway they were making with regards towards better support for MeeGo 1.1 on the N900. As it stands now, the 3G voice and telephony stacks are all up and running, albeit not perfectly and should better allow developers, hackers and the curious among us to more confidently dual-boot Maemo and MeeGo.

MeeGo 1.1 is also entering a rather final stage of hardening before a release/announcement, likely to happen at the MeeGo conference in a few weeks’ time. That said it was also let slip that work on MeeGo 1.2 has begun with recent contributions by Nokia towards  this version. It’s been said time and again that Nokia’s version of MeeGo is likely ahead of where the MeeGo community at large was and this only serves to prove this. Three of the key contributions by Nokia, SGX drivers, camera stack, and accelerated video decoders. Three very important aspects in today’s smartphone.

The SGX drivers are interesting and hint towards either an OMAP 3 or 4 powered MeeGo device from Nokia that could be well into the bug-smashing phase.

Here’s to hoping!!


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