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Videos: Nokia 5800s on new firmware update V50.0.005!

April 21, 2010 1 comment

You have probably heard a few days ago about the new V50 firmware for the Nokia 5800.

This brings a lot of stability and new features such as kinetic scrolling, N97 like music player , improved camera and integrated quick office.

Quite a few of you have been saying this is how the 5800 should have been from the beginning (but then everyone kinda says that with each new fw).

Below are some videos from 5800 users on the new V50 firmware. Note, they aren’t all in english and aren’t all clear in quality, but it’s still possible to appreciate the kinetic scrolling and mini album art in music player.








I don’t normally report on firmware updates on handsets I don’t have at hand to check new features myself, but I thought I’d share the new firmware videos with you made by the 5800 community. 🙂

Nokia N900 with the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2, LG BL-40, Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71, Palm Pre, Samsung i8910/Omnia II, Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and Toshiba TG01

November 26, 2009 29 comments

Here are some shots of the N900 with some current high end phones. In Alphabetical Order:

  • Apple iPhone
  • BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2,
  • LG BL-40
  • Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71,
  • Palm Pre,
  • Samsung i8910/Omnia II,
  • Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and
  • Toshiba TG01

Initially the intention was to give a jist of the size of the N900. But since I was snapping away in phone retail stores, I didn’t get appropriate angle shots so you can see how easy it is to be deceived by comparison photos unless you see them flat, centre and horizontal with comparisons of [layered] length, width and thickness. helps if you want to compare phone sizes and you’ve got their dimension. This of course ignores curves/tapering which assist in the illusion that your device is smaller than what it actually is.

Ignoring size comparisons, the photos below are still worth a look for comparing aesthetics/design.

Check out the example below

BlackBerry Storm 2-

looking much bigger than the N900

Now N900 looks larger than the Storm 2

Another example. The Palm Pre is quite small, yes?

Palm Pre

HTC Hero.

Sony Ericsson Satio

So in the following pictures, just remember that unless you haven’t seen the N900 before, they might be slightly misleading in making it look bigger than it actually is as these are taken in the angle which make the N900 seem unnaturally bigger.

New Chocolate, LG BL-40

Nokia E71

Samsung i8910

Nokia 5800

Nokia N86

N86 is small, this angle further enhances this diminutiveness

The toshiba TG01

The TG01 is huge. It looks stupidly big. The N900 can sit on it and there’d be ample toshiba to border it.  This angle makes them look pretty similar in size. They are not.

Nokia N97 Mini

Samsung Omnia II

Sony Ericsson Aino

Palm Pre

And of course, Apple iPhone. Both looking pretty similar.

Apple iPhone

The only one that’s slightly useful for size comparisons is N900 vs Blackberry Bold. (This is my mate’s Bold, snapped these just as the lecturer was walking in – but still much better to have a flat surface to take comparison shots with)

N900 Vs Blackberry Bold

Didn’t take a width comparison but Bold is wider than the N900.

– I was actually looking for a new SIM and checking if retailers knew when/if they’d be getting the N900. On the way, I took some of these snaps.

Free Game: Speedtester for the Nokia N97, 5800, 5530, Samsung i8910 (and other S60 5th Edition)

September 27, 2009 1 comment

Speedtester SpeedTester is a simple, free game from the Ovi Store that tests rapid responses and thumb-eye coordination. You have four lights which will light up one at a time. All you have to do is touch the one that is lit. This occurs very slowly at first, and as your points rises, so does the speed.

It gets sufficiently faster after 100, before that, it’s nice and slow to get you accustomed. Each time you fail, you start back at the extremely slow stage.

Here’s a demo video of SpeedTester, shown on the Nokia N97



Freeware: Lights – control your Nokia N97’s keyboard lights! (& other S60 5th edition)

September 22, 2009 2 comments


“Lights” is a free application from the Ovi Store for S60 5th edition but it does work best if you’ve got a QWERTY keyboard (i.e. N97 or N97 mini).

The application basically controls the lights on your phone, be it the keyboard lights, the red/green call/end keys, screen light or even the charger light.

You have four options:

  • Blink – Red/Green keys flash on and off, as do keyboard and charger lights. Pressing the screen manually makes the lights flash
  • Breath – Red/Green keys as well as keyboard lights fade in and out.
  • Dream – Random coloured circles appear on the screen quickly and disappear – like a hazy dream I guess. Sometimes the keyboard lights fade in and out, sometimes it’s just the red/green keys.
  • Torch – A bright circle appears so you can use the big screen as a torch (prefer the LED option myself – though that 3.5″ screen is bright enough as a modest light source)

Note: you may notice the proximity sensor flashing. It always does that with or without this app – that’s just how it works – but you can’t see it with the naked eye (only via camera).


Here’s a quick demo of “Lights” in action on the Nokia N97.

It’s just another ‘fun’ app – I really like the breathing lights, especially with the keyboard – it’s somewhat quite soothing :).

I’m a huge (odd) fan of LED lights. I’ve found the default breathing menu light most useful on the N97 when trying to find it in the dark (and I obviously can’t find my other phone to call/find it). Though I guess that’s the only use of it, unlike say in the likes of the N900 where the LED light has useful indication notifications.


Freeware: Converter for Nokia N97/5800/5530/S60 5th Edition

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This is a nice touch based alternative to the default S60 converter. It’s free at the Ovi Store.


  • Prominent number pad – very useful particularly for touch only use (and this app only recognizes touch input). Default S60 converter can of course use the keypad/keyboard and keypad touch (though only visible when you click on “Amount”)
  • Scrolling bar of icons that allows you to switch between
    • Area
    • Energy
    • Fluid Volume << Not available in default S60 Converter
    • Length
    • Mass
    • Power
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
  • Within the type, you can  of course switch to different units – just tap in the unit box of the starting/ending amount


  • Conversion is instant – the moment you type an amount – though you can only change the value of the starting amount (you can change the end amount in the default S60 converter)
  • It does lack the currency option, though I don’t use that in the default converter as “PSILOC World Traveler” has a much better currency conversion tool with 4 instant currency view selectable from every major currency all of which with an always up to date exchange rate. PSILOC World Traveler is also free on the Ovi Store and may already be preinstalled on your phone. PWT has its own host of great features – Weather, World time with 3D Globe etc)

Freeware: Midomi. 7 reasons why I love the Midomi app on the Nokia N97(and think it’s a better music search tool than Shazam.)

August 27, 2009 2 comments

You’re probably aware of these two apps already – again just another highlight.

Shazam and Midomi are similar music discovery engines that are currently free the Ovi Store. Get the app to listen to a piece of music – sends that recording online then immediately gets back to you with the details. Shazam is free to use until 30-11-09 and for a limited time (undisclosed) Midomi is offering a free trial. You should go to the Ovi Store now and try them both whilst they’re still free. (After the promo, Shazam Lite app lets you have some limited features and free tagging)

This post focuses more on Midomi – for Shazam details/screenshots, here’s a post from Daily Mobile


check out my erratic and poor T-Mobile reception at home.

Shazam is quite a prominent name in finding music track details simply based on an audio recording – and it’s pretty good at doing that – saving your track searches and also integrating a music store should you wish to purchase that rack.

Midomi is very similar to Shazam – it does exactly what Shazam does. Search and identify tracks and then some to make it more than just a song recognizer/finder.

7 reasons why I love the Midomi app on the Nokia N97

1. Midomi can recognize humming/singing in addition to the actual proper track itself. I was surprised at how it could do that, -I took it as a compliment when it got my humming/singing correct. ^_^ (Shazam only recognizes the actual track) Both are very accurate – though it is brilliant that Midomi recognize more than just the original, unmodified song.

2. Midomi stops “listening” either:


  • after a predetermined time (max about 20s?) or
  • when I stop it or
  • when it knows it has enough and has recognized the track.

Against a speaker and the real song, Midomi often recognizes early, within 8 seconds. Shazam only stops listening after the full 14seconds (I think it’s 14)

3. Midomi saves my searches – no need to write down what that song was. But Midomi also saves:



  • the additional browsing that I’ve done that’s related to that track (see point 5) as well
  • noting what day I and  time I searched for that song.
  • Saving recordings that weren’t matched – either due to poor reception/or bad recording. This is useful if you hear a track and haven’t got an internet connection – the recording is saved to check back later
  • Shazam saves tagged tracks and untagged tracks but all in a single list.

4. Midomi has an abundance of things you can do with the matched track


    • You can listen to the actual track itself or other tracks that Midomi thought was similar to the recording – really useful if you just hummed a tune that you weren’t exactly sure about.
    • Watch videos using that song – it lists YouTube videos using that song, be it the official video, an acappella cover, parody etc. Opens up browser on a youtube search of that song. Really neat.
    • Mail track details
    • Find lyrics of that song (opens up web browser and a google search for those lyrics)
    • View the album that song belongs to, seeing track list, album review, artist info (then similar options for each new track you browse)
    • You can easily bookmark tracks/albums by clicking on the star
    • You can even listen to other users’ recordings of that same track – their singing/humming/track recording.

5.  Midomi has a nicer looking interface, easier to navigate and more finger friendly (input completely by touch, works only in portrait).

6. If you already know the title/artist/album you can search for them by typing in those details.

7. Midomi connects you a music store – if you want that track, you can purchase it using the Nokia Music Store App . Shazam’s also has Music Store integration, and is slightly better too (though at times temperamental) in that it searches that track at the music store too. Midomi just brought me to the Music Store

Four Three things I liked about Shazam (over Midomi)

There are four features I prefer in Shazam over Midomi: The larger album art (Midomi has a separate option to view a large album art), it works in landscape, better Music Store integration  and the free black/silver theme that comes with the Shazam install. (When you use Shazam, only the black/silver theme works. Midomi’s colour scheme changes with the theme. )

Otherwise, in terms of music searching features, on the current version I used (at time of writing) Midomi on the mobile is a much better music identifying solution.

Suggestions For Midomi

I love how Midomi interacts with tracks/albums – it makes it much more than a music identifier. The only things I could ask for is for Midomi to work in full screen, better integration with the music store and perhaps integrate kinetic scrolling. Both Midomi and Shazam have pretty cool online counterparts (such as Chart listings on topped tags/recently tags/communities) and would be nice to see this integrated in Midomi.

Suggestions for S60 music player app.

There are also so many cues that S60’s music player can take from Midomi –

  • big thumb-friendly listings
  • Quick bookmarking (great for playlists) – S60’s playlist feature is currently Options>Add to Playlist>Saved/New Playlist. Being able to simply favourite a track by a single tap for later listening is really convenient. – Perhaps then give the user the ability to organize those favourites into playlists.
  • Linking to related videos
  • Finding track lyrics (if applicable)
  • linking to other users with the same songs (maybe not so much for listening to their recording, but could build up some sort of chat app. The Ovi Store’s already got a few random social networking/chat apps and this one could be different in that there’s already something in common – taste in music, “Oh I’m listening to ….”

Videos: Nokia 5800 ‘hacks’: HTC Sense UI, Nokia N97 Homescreen, Alternate launchers (iPhone/Android) and Improved theme effects

August 25, 2009 6 comments

Here’s a collection of videos (by TommyHecker and StL1ntL ) showing some modifications for S60 5th edition handsets like the 5800, N97, 5530, 5230, Satio and i8910.

If you’re ever get tired of how your S60 5th edition UI is looking, you may want to try altering it with some hacks and/or legit apps.

N97 style Homescreen

First is the 5800 running something quite close to the Nokia N97’s homescreen. From 3:33 there’s other homescreen styles – ending with an app launcher that has a 6×4 grid of icons.

No need of course for N97 users.

HTC Sense UI

Second  is the HTC Sense looking UI running on the 5800. Again, it’s just a theme/app launcher that attempts to imitate the HTC sense i (e.g. the clock isn’t a real clock, and the scroll bar at the bottom never moves)

iXP Launcher and MyPhone Launcher

Third is an XP looking launcher and of course the infamous MyPhone application that turns your S60 5th edition phone into something closely resembling the iPhone’s UI. The latter is a safe flash app and is the best looking alternative app launcher for S60 5th edition phones. Both created by crew.

Here’s another look at the MyPhone app on the N97 by smashpop

Try MyPhone or iXP for free at

Improved Theme effects, kinetic scrolling and Handy Shell

Fourth –   a nice looking theme effect with  improved animation and kinetic scrolling in contacts, along with the Handy Shell app (which makes your icons nice and fat, as well as giving you another alternative homescreen and a 12 icon grid of contacts; all interchangeable with touch, i.e. not needing to press the menu button-)

Try Handy Shell at

Android like interface and M1 Android Launcher

To round it off, by StL1ntL is a very convincing Andoid like interface on the 5800

Here’s something similar, again an Application by the crew, though it does seem to be less functional.


Try M1 for free at

Freeware: Mobipocket eBook reader for S60, 3rd and 5th edition (Great for the Nokia N97)

August 24, 2009 9 comments

You may be aware of this app already – this is just a highlight for those who haven’t come across it yet.

  • to download go to on your browser (select S60 3rd edition) or Click here and then send the .sis file to your phone.


One of my favourite applications on my N82 was the Mobipocket reader, MobiReader, an excellent free eBook reader for S60 phones – and with the N97’s 3.5″ 640×360 screen – it looks even better!


Library View

It’s such a feature packed application:

With the current S60 3rd edition, release (same file compatible mostly with S60 5th) you could:

  • resume each document at the exact section you left it
  • search/copy things within the document
  • add bookmarks, after which opening the annotations will bring you directly to that section
  • Highlight portions of text/add notes/links and even modify the text.
  • Select page numbers to view
  • Read with autoscrolling
  • change a whole banquet of settings; colour of text/background/highlight/items modified – change font sizes /margins/line spacing and more.
  • Supports images

What I love best about the Mobipocket format on S60 phones is that formatting is that whatever I set the font sizes to, be it a tiny size 7 or a very large size 19, the pages automatically the amount of words in a window so that you NEVER have to scroll left or right as you would if you were viewing a PDF file. Even if you set it not to view in full screen, or change from landscape to portrait, Mobipocket reader adjusts accordingly. Mobipocket ignores the original document’s page numbers and page formatting making it absolutely perfect for reading on a mobile device.


Size 7. Scroll bar at bottom fills up as you go along the book. At smaller fonts, you will have less pages.


Size 19. Dynamic "zooming"


Size 7 (portrait)

This makes it such a joy to read on a Mobile device – as often, zooming to a point where text is comfortable in Acrobat reader means having to continuously scroll from left to right with each line. The other option was to decrease the font size to reduce the need for horizontal scrolling, but that meant the text was uncomfortably small.


Although MobiReader’s compatible with S60 5th edition (You can use touch to navigate through your library/options/settings), you cannot navigate between pages with touch/select text. On S60 5th edition, you have to use either the volume keys (which is actually a decent enough solution) or the D-Pad/ space/enter button on the Nokia N97. Delete button on the N97 is the only way to exit the document and return to the library if you go full screen (how do 5800/5530 users manage this?)


Selection was quite random

You can’t do much of the “selection mode”functions (highlight/copy/add note/look up) and the ability to do this disappears completely when you’re viewing in full screen.

qweOnly adding a bookmark works. We can only hope that there’ll be some optimizations for S60 5th edition to bring it to the same functionality as found on 3rd edition.

Lack of 3rd edition functions maybe understandable given that it doesn’t seem to be officially supported for S60 5th edition (no 5th edition devices are listed as compatible in the downloads section.

Regardless of the lack of additional “selection mode” functions and some odd behaviour when going into fullscreen (in S60 5th edition), as a tool for making eBooks easier to read on a phone, MobiReader is absolutely great. On S60 3rd edition devices like the N86/E75 – MobiReader is fantastic and you should try it out if you’re not a user already. Hey, it’s free. 🙂

Update: Akademy has found some great qwerty shortcuts for the N97:

Thought you might like some key combos for N97 though.
‘j’ switches between fullscreen (I couldn’t see another way out),
‘right’, ’space’ ,’return’ go to next page,
‘left’ goes back a page,
‘3′ goes back to the beginning of the book (quite annoying when you’re half way through…)
‘2′ is something to do with annotations…
‘1′ or ‘delete’ go to the book select page
‘8′ goes to settings.

To download MobiReader, either go to

  • on your browser (select S60 3rd edition)
  • Click here and then send to your phone.

Oh yeah, this may sound blindingly obvious but Mobipocket requires documents to be in the Mobipocket format.  You can get content via:

  • the eBook store from Mobireader
  • Mobipocket compatible catalogue sites such as Project Gutenburg
  • Or simply convert your existing files via the mobipocket creator.

Mobipocket Creator

To download Mobipocket Creator, click here. <<It’s free too.

It converts HTML, Word Documents, Text documents and PDFs – all into the mobile friendly Mobipocket format.

It’s very quick and easy – drag and drop your file, click build (select no compression), open the newly made folder for your file, then send to your phone.

If you send Mobipocket files via bluetooth, once you open them from your inbox, MobiReader opens it and creates another copy in the Mass Memory “eBook” folder. Nice touch.

Mobipocket creator

Win a copy of SmartMovie! 5 SmartMovie licences to give away – DivX/Xvid/AVI/FLV/MP4/3GP player for your S60 phone

August 23, 2009 65 comments


The creators of SmartMovie, Lonely Cat Games, are giving away 5 licences for the video application SmartMovie (21.99EUR).

SmartMovie is an excellent video player, that allows you to play MP4V/FLV/3GP videos. It has a slick looking UI, with kinetic scrolling, extensive video settings and shortcut keys.

For more details on SmartMovie check out the text/picture review and the video review .

Now onto the SmartMovie giveaway.  I’ve not done one of these licence giveaway things before so bear with me …

How to win?

In my video review of SmartMovie below, just name one movie/video title that was played back using SmartMovie on the Nokia N97.

How to Enter?


  1. There are two ways to enter. You can either leave your answer as a comment in this post, or email your answer to MyNokiaBlog[at] with the subject “SmartMovie”
  2. You can enter multiple times, but each time must be a different correct answer (the more films/video titles you can name that was played back on the N97 using SmartMovie in the video review, the more chance you have of winning.)
  3. 5 winners will be chosen by a random number generator from the correct entries until we have 5 individual winners.
  4. Your number will be defined by the order your comment/email arrives in my GMAIL inbox.
  5. The winners will be picked from correct entries received by 31st August, 3PM GMT and announced later that day.
  6. You’ll need to have a valid email address as I’ll contact the winners via email as asking for your IMEI
  7. Winners will be contacted with their licence code

Good Luck 🙂

If you haven’t tried out SmartMovie yet, there’s a free trial at

Freeware: Counter Touch – Clicker Counter for Nokia N97/5800/5530 Samsung i8910

August 5, 2009 1 comment

Clicker Counters….remember this?

From the Ovi Store, here’s Counter Touch – a touch screen Clicker Counter for your S60 5th Edition handset.


It works best when you’ve got screen vibration turned on, as it reinforces the “click”. (Go to Settings>Profile>Personalise>Touch Screen Vibration)


  • Counts up to 9999
  • Can deduct (for miscounts)
  • Remembers last count when you exit, only resetting when you’ve pressed the reset button.
  • Reset gets you back to 0000

It works really well as a clicker counter – now whether you have a use for a clicker counter is another thing. A couple of examples…e.g. a club bouncer or a teacher on school trips. What about counting some Steve Jobs? (see video below for explanation/demo of Counter Touch) 🙂

To download search “Counter” in Ovi Store, either from or from the Ovi Store app on your phone. (Sorry, no way to directly link to ovi store at the moment)