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N82 vs N95 camera face off

December 15, 2007 12 comments

Since ive come back from Amsterdam, ive decided to take the plunge and buy an N82. I loved the camera on it so much, but I didnt realise how much better then camera actually was. So, I decided to take a few pictures. Here is only 2 of them, but I will post some more as the days go by. First lets start with a past moving picture. These pictures were taken in a reasonably well lit room, and the fan was on full speed.N95 is the top photo, N82 underneath. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYou dont have to be a photography expert to notice the difference. The N82 camera is far better at handling the lighting, shutter speed and general quality of the image.Next is a colour test. This was taken off my macbook pro during a freeze-frame of Family Guy. Again, N95 on top, N82 underneath.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAgain, it looks as if the N82 has beaten the N95 in the change of colour on the screen. The blacks are blacker, the reds are reder, and its just an overall better picture to look at.I will post some more pictures as I take them, so keep watching this post.

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Special edition podcast from Nokia World: Uncut and behind the scenes!

December 8, 2007 6 comments

You’ve listened to the podcast, now check how it came about behind the scenes.

See the faces behind those voices/blogs and all the bits that got removed from the podcast and more.

The video was too big for YouTube so check it out on Stage6 (You will need to install the dedicated player)


This was filmed in Amsterdam at our Hotel (above) on the final night using the N82 and at times DT-22 tripod (second picture).

Instead of the Tripod being used only to stand firm on a table and steady the video, it was also used as a boom to extend the reach and angle of the video being captured.

My Views on Comes with Music…..

December 7, 2007 1 comment

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNow, im sure you have read all around the web about comes with Music by now. If you have been living under a rock and not heard about it, its basically a service that when you by a Nokia phone you get a years worth of music for free from the Nokia music store. At the moment, Nokia only has a contract with Universal for this service, which is confidential, so no one knows any details about it.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNow, I personally feel that this is the step forward, but I really hope that by the time they release the service and its rolling out with new handsets, that they have made deals with the other major labels. I can imagine it  getting really confusing and people getting very annoyed only being able to download certain songs of certain record labels. The only way that people would be able to differentiate between what songs they can and cant download would be to orgainse the songs by record labels, but then it would still be frustrating for consumer and can get pretty confusing looking for a song. Also, I didnt really feel Nokia had announced the service right. They gave very little detail about the service, basically just saying it works on 3 devices, was free and was universal only. They didn’t say what happens after a year, when it will be release and what handsets it will be available with (By that I mean will it be only with specific Nokia phones, or all the ones that support music playback?).I think if Nokia advertise and promote this right, it could be a huge itunes Killer. The same if they add more record labels before launch which I think they are planning. Also, like I was discussing with Rafe from AAS in Amsterdam, it will be interesting to see if they release a device for this Comes with Music, or if they will just add it to existing handsets. Our view was, that with the announcement of S60 touch, there could be a phone in the works that could compete against the iphone, and Comes with Music will coincide with the launch of this.

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Back from Amsterdam: N82 slightly confused.

December 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Yes, we’re back from Amsterdam. I’ll be filling you in tonight, after I finish my exams which I have not done as much revision for as I would like, and over the weekend of the events and the highlights at Nokia World 2007.

As you can see from the picture above, (taken yesterday, 6th December 2007 at Cardiff Airport) the N82 was slightly confused and thought I was still in Amsterdam. Rest assured, I am back in gloomy Wales (Maps quickly resolved itself after zooming in and out)

I do however love how quickly the N82 locks onto the satellite. I know I’ve said it multiple times, but the N82 has been performing extremely well making its GPS feature (at least the locating where you are bit) very useful and reliable. As soon as you make the first initial lock (aided by giving some network usage such as a WLAN network) subsequent locks are much faster, ranging from almost immediate 4 seconds to about 30 seconds. No more waiting in frustration, wasting battery to use GPS.

– ok, back to revision.

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Join us in the official Nokia World 07 Pub Quiz!

December 5, 2007 Leave a comment


Me and Jay will be participating in the offical WOM world Nokia Pub Quiz hosted by none other than Stepfan from and Darla from It sees 3 teams pitted against each other in a winner takes all battle to the death! Well, not quite that extreme, but nearly! Me and Jay will be representing MobileBurn, and we will be pitted against the freaks themselves, the guys from Symbian-freak, and also All About Symbian team.

It’s going to be one tough challenge, but it should be fun and I think we will be in with a good chance. You can catch all the action LIVE, YES LIVE from The quiz kicks off at 8PM Amsterdam Time, which is 7PM UK time. If you miss it you can watch a recording of the live event at anytime on the WOM world website. Come support me and Jay (or whichever team you would like to win).   

Yeah – we’re late cos we’re posting this up. See ya soon!

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Arrived in Amsterdam!

December 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Still very pleased with the consistently quick satellite locking times of the N82. I was able to get it out in short bursts on the way to the airport just to check where the driver had been going (I swear he went past the same museum 5 times).

Amsterdam – lovely place, quain, almost English architechture. Lots and lots of people on bikes though; and it seems exactly the same type of bike… and everyone rides with no hands on the bars (one on the phone, the other in the pocket) haha. Met the whole Amsterdam-WOM group – everyone’s awesome!

Got through quite a few interesting presentations today, actually arriving in the middle of media Porn business (yes, I too thought, wtf, but it had a lot of relevancy to the whole Nokia marketing strategy…well it made sense at the time), then Nokia UI vision: Point and Find, MobiYouTube, and Swipe and Pay mobile wallets. More on this is future posts.

I also finally got to play with the N810. Super quick initial thoughts…I hate the wobble on the slider, and the buttons on the face. But other than that, it’s really nice. Brighter screen, touch screen is way more responsive (I was able to draw without lagging unlike the N800 even on latest firmware) and of course the qwerty keypad. It was nicer to input text on that I thought, and perhaps with some practice it would get easier to use.

Anyway, must dash, everyone is leaving again for the party tonight!

Nokia World 07 starts here!

December 3, 2007 2 comments

Nokia World 2007 - Share more. Experience more. Well, after a very suprisingly short flight, I have finally arrived at Nokia World 2007! I arrived with the WOM world team here about 20 minutes ago, and im just going to go downstairs to meet everyone and have some lunch, as im starving! Jay arrives tomorrow at about 10ish, so I should be able to have a chat with him then. On another note, Donna wanted me to take a few N82s in my suitcase, as she was a bit nervous about taking so many Nseries devices on with her through customs, plus her very heavy bag. Its the first time I have seen an N82 in the flesh and used one, but I can confirm what Jay has been saying. All I can say about the camera is WOW. Will get some more infomation up as soon as I get it, and will keep you updated with whats going on.

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