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Video: Nokia C6-01 Unboxing and Hands on

November 20, 2010 6 comments

Here’s an unboxing and hands on video with the CBD Nokia C6-01. All the usual stuff with the box contents. Ear phones are just that – the standard Nokia ones (not the slightly nicer in-ear ones – though that’s a personal preference).

Seems that despite those remarkably long nails the C6 is still quite easy to use.


Video: Sexy Nokia C7 Hands On

November 2, 2010 7 comments

Here’s a video hands on of the very sleek looking Nokia C7 by mobilearsenaldotcom. There’s no speaking of any language during the video but you do get some funky jazzy soundtrack.

It’s all pretty much the usual Symbian^3 stuff as seen in the N8. PhoneArena notes that it’s pretty much just hardware/appearance changes with N8 in their video. (Note, all S^3 phones right now have same GPU/CPU/RAM and hence should perform as equally well as each other – if they were all on similar/same firmware. How is that going to go about anyway…one firmware update for all S^3 or like S60 5th with many different firmwares)

mobilearsenaldotcom not sure what the main site is as I get linked over to something else.

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Video: MeeGo WeTab Startup time (and 5 minute hands on – live multitasker)

September 7, 2010 2 comments

Just a quick 30 second vid showing the startup time of one of the upcoming MeeGo powered tablets, the WeTab. It’s a pretty decent start up speed, no?


This is followed by a 5 minute hands on. You’ll notice the live windowed multitasker, slim, svelte design and pretty fluid interface.

Uploaded by MobileLivingRoom

Video: Nokia N8 hands-on

July 31, 2010 9 comments

Here’s a short video showing how fast the Nokia N8 scrolls and go through menus.

It looks pretty smooth to me, but it’s still a prototype so maybe the retail version will be faster.

via: 3BEPbEnokia‘s youtube channel

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Video: New N8 hands-on

July 14, 2010 30 comments

Here’s another Nokia N8 hands-on video. This time the N8 appeared in Switzerland.

The N8 looks fluid. It looks like this one has plenty of music albums and still no lag. The photos took a bit longer to load (two to three seconds). Once it loaded, going into folders was fine and took a second to load all the pictures. The pinch to zoom works fine. A few seconds later the video folder appeared randomly which I suppose wasn’t expected.

But anyways this is only a prototype, there are still weeks until final (retail) product.

Update: Translated by skills : ”We listened to our customers, we improved the speed added pinch zooming and so on. The device will appear on the market in fall. The cowerflow runs at 60 fps.”

Video uploaded by lioninside

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Gallery: Nokia N8 vs Nokia N900 vs Nokia X6

June 27, 2010 7 comments

For your easy Sunday viewing, we have Michael who has Hell has taken some comparison pics of the Nokia N8 (Blue and silver) with the N900 and X6. For the full resolution pics, visit  HellMichael‘s flickr page!

The N8 is already Nokia’s slimmest touch screen at 12.9mm, but that tapered end makes it look even thinner.


Where was Lola Aca in her final moments?

Videos: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 5800 (in 6 Nokia N8 hands on videos).

June 26, 2010 13 comments

MForumRu has a host of Nokia N8 videos for you to look at. The one that’s worth noting is the N8 vs 5800 video (Screen comparison)

  • Obviously the difference is more clear in person, but even over the video you can see the richer, higher contrast, more vibrant AMOLED display from the N8 vs the TFT of the 5800.
  • Panning of the photos in the N8 is significantly smoother.
  • Zooming with pinch and zoom is of course a big plus over 5800’s tap/zoom bar
  • Also wider viewing angle from the N8 with AMOLED

This next video covers homescreen, menu, SMS, but you’ll also notice another comparison with the N8:

  • New icons (though 5800 is on non standard theme)
  • New QWERTY Keyboard


Camera and Video

  • Brief comparison of N8 and 5800 camera UI





Physical Overview