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Videos: Nokia C7 Sample Videos 720p HD Video Tests

October 27, 2010 3 comments

Now before you watch this, I think it’s important to note that like the N8, the uncovered camera glass on the C7 (is it glass? Well whatever it is) is prone to finger prints/smudges/grease which if left unwiped very easily DESTROYS your image/video quality. It takes a second to wipe but remembering to do so is the bugger.

First two by PhoneArena

Next video by RomeoWhiteChannel


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Video: PhoneArena’s Nokia C7 Review

October 27, 2010 3 comments

PhoneArena reviews the Nokia C7 on YouTube. Like the N8 it runs Symbian^3 so expect similar operations. The major differences though are mainly physical.

  • C7 is a fingerprint magnet from glossy fascia, glossy edges and camera on the back
  • Beautiful display, colours very saturated and punchy
  • Similar viewing experience to N8
  • Three softkeys – we really like this. One softkey isn’t as usable on S^3 than other operating systems. C7 might be much more practical alternative to day to day user who wants their phone to be a really usable phone.
  • Really like C7 build quality, feels extremely solid and more streamlined than N8.
  • If you can get passed the fingerprint magnet, we’d really recommend the C7
  • Operation identical to N8

PhoneArena /

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Videos: Nokia N8 Camera School #4, #5 AND #6: Street Photography, Urban Landscapes and Video Story Telling

October 27, 2010 3 comments

Street Photography:

Sneaky, sneaky, stalker! Haha. Actually he’s right. I love candid shots – they bring about something which you can’t get when your friends pose. It’s also pretty funny when you’re fighting over the camera to try and get the WORST photo of each other. Also, the whole random strangers thing – if you get it right, you get to make some really interesting and classy arty photos (ha, based on my wording I’m obviously no photographer)

The great thing about the N8 and street photography is that it’s extremely discreet. It doesn’t seem like a camera due to its tiny size (compared with a digicam/SLR)

Urban Landscapes

Want those perfect “touristy” snaps? Some helpful basic tips of leading lines, rule of thirds (btw your N8 has the grid lines options to help with this)

Story Telling

This is a very helpful video about making videos. Now we’ve seen just how hollywood movie directors and celebrities can make stellar movies fit for the big screen, and with the N8 you can too!


via NokiaConversations

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Video: Nokia N8 Battery Removal and Refitting

October 27, 2010 4 comments

@MickyFin from Nokia Users and Nokia DNA gives us a video demo of how to remove the battery out of the N8. It IS sort of user replaceable (unlike other phones with non-removable batteries) but it’s just no where near as easy as having a removable battery cover. The N8 uses a standard BL-4D battery as seen in the Nokia N97 mini so it’ll be easy to find replacements.

Fortunately the Nokia N8’s battery life is great. If you’re after extending it without having to go through the  cumbersome route – just get yourself a portable charger. E.G. Proporta has a very reliable range of pocketable chargers that could charge your N8 over and over even whilst in use.

But it is useful to know that should your battery lose its charge life, you don’t necessarily have to bring your N8 to a care point (possible 24 months from purchase date)

NOTE: Possible Warranty Void


The Symbian Exchange & Exposition 2010 in Amsterdam is Only Two Weeks Away

October 27, 2010 1 comment

Received this email from Cathy McDonald about the upcoming Symbian Exchange and Exposition which I thought I should share:

The countdown is on to the Symbian Exchange & Exposition 2010 (SEE 2010), which is now just two weeks away on the 9th and 10th of November in Amsterdam. Far from the traditional tradeshow, SEE is a place for the global community to come together and be inspired. This is the only event dedicated to bringing the Symbian world to life and covering the hottest topics around the world’s leading smartphone platform.

The event is free to attend and will be held at Beurs van Berlage, a building at the heart of Amsterdam’s business district and originally designed as a commodities exchange—a place custom built to facilitate the sharing of goods, information and ideas. Symbian is embracing that heritage and hopes attendees engage, exchange and explore the opportunities that being part of the ecosystem offers.

“The purpose of this show is truly to bring the community together. With track sessions, hands-on labs, demos and more, SEE 2010 will provide valuable insights on how to optimize involvement and maximize benefits from being part of the Symbian ecosystem,” said Tim Holbrow, Executive Director of Symbian. “We are very excited that this special event is almost here and look forward to seeing everyone in Amsterdam.”

Whether a person contributes to the platform or creates applications, there is something for them to learn from the experts that have come from around the world to be part of this event. The full agenda is now available at

Also at SEE 2010 will be an Experience Zone where attendees can play with the latest Symbian-based devices and hottest applications, connect with the community to hear more about ongoing initiatives and check out the Symbian World area for some fun and games.

To honor the efforts of the Symbian ecosystem over the past year, there will be a party on the first night at the Heineken Brewery, where free food and drinks will be provided to all SEE attendees.

To learn more about SEE 2010 visit the site at or to register, fill out the form at

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Video: The Commuter! Film shot entirely on the Nokia N8

October 27, 2010 9 comments

OK – Let’s try this again. This should be perfectly live for your enjoyment. This is the McHenry Brothers film, starring Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance and Ed Westwick – all completely filmed on the Nokia N8.

“The groundbreaking film, directed by the McHenry Brothers, was shot in just four days with the Nokia N8 using no back up cameras, with the streets of London and St Albans providing the backdrop to Nokia’s story about one commuter’s eventful journey to work.”



[Apologies for the lateness, had email from Nokia when this would be up but lack of sleep from previous night caught up with me]

update: Press


Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson and Ed Westwick embrace new cinematic technology for new movie

Nokia’s highly anticipated new short film, ‘The Commuter’ that stars Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance, Ed Westwick and was shot entirely in mobile HD on the new Nokia N8 smartphone premiered at an exclusive screening in London on Monday 25th October.

The groundbreaking film was shot in just four days with the Nokia N8, with the streets of London and St Albans providing the backdrop to Nokia’s story about one commuter’s eventful journey to work.

‘The Commuter’ takes a relatively new concept in filmmaking to the next level because the mobile phone was pivotal to this huge production as there were no back up cameras used, everything in the film had to be shot using the Nokia N8.

The movie showcases the stunning HD 720p 12 MP camera on the N8 and pushed the new device to its limits, from shooting free runners leaping across the roof tops of London’s East End to filming the streets of Soho from the front of a sports car that was just millimetres from the road.

It was one of the first times that such a host of Hollywood talent has come together to shoot a film just on a mobile phone. Also, two lucky competition winners became part of the cast as they starred in a scene with the former Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson and Gossip Girl heartthrob, Ed Westwick.

Dev Patel, star of the Oscar winning film, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, plays the lead role in ‘The Commuter’ and the concept of shooting a film on the Nokia N8 smartphone was one of his main attractions to the project. Dev said: “I’m always interested in embracing new technology in film making and the main reason I really wanted to get involved with ‘The Commuter’ was because it was being shot just on mobile phones.”

“I wanted to encourage the next generation of filmmakers by showing that you don’t need expensive equipment and big budgets to make your own movies. The quality of a camera phone, like the Nokia N8 allows filmmakers to produce amazing HD movies and I hope ‘The Commuter’ shows aspirational filmmakers that you can create a great movie even using a mobile phone.”

‘The Commuter’ was directed by one of the UK’s hottest upcoming directorial pairings, the McHenry brothers, who have just released their first feature length film, which opened the prestigious Raindance Film Festival,Jackboots on Whitehall’, featuring Ewan McGregor, Rosamund Pike, Richard E Grant and Timothy Spall.

John Nichols, Head of Marketing at Nokia UK, said: “We really wanted to find a project that would push the capabilities of the Nokia N8 and we even found out during the initial testing that the N8’s camera has a higher resolution than the professional cameras used on many other films. It was very encouraging that such a great cast wanted to embrace the concept and get involved with ‘The Commuter’.

Available now, the Nokia N8 is designed to intuitively connect to the people, places and services that matter most. With the Nokia N8 smartphone, people can create exciting content, connect to their favourite social networks, and enjoy on-demand Web TV programs and Ovi Store mobile apps. The Nokia N8 boasts a 12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and a sensor rivalling those found in compact digital cameras. Additionally the Nokia N8 enables everyone to bring out their inner film director by recording HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive, built-in editing suite.