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Nokia NAVTEQ buys Reach Unlimited, acquires crowdsourcing “TRAPSTER” (and other apps)

December 14, 2010 5 comments

You may have heard the snippet from Reuters about Nokia NAVTEQ acquiring Trapser. Trapster is a cross platform app that enables crowd sourcing, allowing it’s current 9.4 million users to share traffic/speed trap cameras/road hazards data. Currently, over 3.5 Million traps have been reported.

According to Autoblog, five companies were interested in acquiring Trapster, resulting in a bidding war amongst the top three. Well we know how that ended.

If you’re a Trapster user, your service apparently should remain. But for users of NAVTEQ products (e.g. Ovi Maps) expect integration of traffic, road hazard and police data stands to increase.

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Future of Ovi Maps with PixelActive’s 3D expertise?

November 20, 2010 7 comments

A couple of days ago, NAVTEQ (subsidiary of Nokia) bought PixelActive who specialize in the creation of 3D buildings, roads, highways and cities. They have a city builder tool that you can use to create your own city (or recreate a real one).

Alex68 (cheers for the heads up) says that the PixelActive video has been removed. I don’t know what the content was but there are similar videos of other folk who have created some neat cities with PixelActive.

How cool would Ovi Maps look with this type of 3D mapping? We know NAVTEQ’s already working on their own BETTER version of Google’s Street View. Would they still have the option to work offline?

Click 720p please to see the video more clearly.



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Mobile Choice Awards crowns Nokia N8 As Best Sat Nav, beating gigantum Dell Streak, iPhone 4, Garmin Asus Navi Phone and Desire

October 26, 2010 25 comments

Thanks to Alex68 for the heads up to on this post from Mobile Choice UK. They’ve awarded the N8 the title of Best Sat Nav.

And here’s their reason why:

Nokia announced this year that its excellent Ovi Maps would not only no longer cost a penny, you could also utilise your Nokia’s navigation no matter where you are in the world. With the Nokia N8 this means, users can enjoy detailed maps on the vibrant 3.5-inch display complete with voice guidance to their destination, stopping off at any number of points of interest, whether travelling by car or on foot. With an array of features including the ability to record your own voice guidance instructions, as well as a host of Lonely Planet Guides preloaded, Ovi Maps latest trick, ‘Check In’ lets you post your GPS location with a message and/or picture to social networks including Facebook and Twitter.


In my experience with the N8, GPS is fast and accurate – maintains the signal once locked (which is quick thanks to the three points of connection, GPS, A-GPS and WiFi positioning). Combine with Ovi Maps and it has always let me find my way out when I’m lost. It’s really pleasing to see Ovi Maps and Nokia Sat Nav graduate to a level where they’re just really reliable and not just some gimmick.

Let’s take a look again at the upcoming version of Ovi Maps from Vaibhav at the HandHeld Blog

Mobile Choice UK

Video: Nokia N8 UK – weapon of 1)Papparazi 2)Rock Band 3) Olympic Boxer

October 15, 2010 2 comments

Here’s what you could say are mini documentaries showing the Nokia N8 as an integral part (well at least being quite useful:p) to the lives of these three individual sets of people.

1)London’s No.1 video paparazzi

Nokia UK follows London’s best known video paparazzi, Brett Andre as he uses Ovi maps on his Nokia N8 to navigate between Celebrity hotspots. With his only chance to get the perfect shot, Brett captures vital footage in 720p HD resolution with the Nokia N8. Using the built in editing suite, Brett cuts his celebrity footage into perfect video clips on the go. At the end of a busy day, Brett plays back his 720p videos on a HD TV via HDMI out from the Nokia N8.


2.Kill it kid

We follow the band ‘Kill it kid’ as they tour around the UK using Ovi maps on the Nokia N8 to navigate their way around the UK. During rehearsal, the band make use of their Nokia N8 to capture 12MP images and 720p HD video to prepare for live gigs. As the band tour the country with limited space and time, they use the Nokia N8 smartphone to send updates to their fans on Facebook and Twitter replacing the need for a computer.

2.Future Olympic gold medalist

Battersea based Wole puts the Nokia N8 through its paces as he makes the smartphone work out as hard as he does. Winner of BBC’s ‘The last man standing’, Wole is aiming to walk away with the Super heavyweight gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Watch Wole use the Nokia N8 smartphone to review his boxing technique and to play back his favourite music on the run! (pre

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Video: Sat Nav Comparisons – Driving with the Nokia N8, Ovi Maps, City Guide, Navitel and Garmin.

October 2, 2010 11 comments

Here’s a test of some Satellite Navigation solutions for the Nokia N8 as demonstrated in a little car trip (hopefully the N8 not be plagued by inconsistent quality of GPS connectivity – it does now support A-GPS, Satellite and WiFi positioning for improved location awareness and stability)

Audio seems a little harsh on the Ovi Maps video recording.

n8 and City Guide

N8 and Navitel

N8 and Garmin

Another in car feature – (well not just for cars) The built in FM transmitter. No need for bluetooth set ups, just tune your car to the N8 or vice versa and stream your music from the N8 over to your car’s stereo system.

Video by jenjaman/theultimate-111

Video: Nokia N8 and Ovi Maps 3.06 with multitouch pinch and zoom and check-in for facebook and twitter.

September 24, 2010 22 comments

Thanks to N#O#R#U#L#E#S for the heads up at Here’s a look at Ovi Maps 3.06 with the Nokia N8.

Ovi Maps has truly graduated as a powerful and convincing service from Nokia and NAVTEQ. Everything works a little bit nicer, slightly fewer button presses, with now pinch and zoom and smooth map scrolling as well as the ability to check in and place pins on Ovi Maps to share your location over twitter and facebook.

Being S^3 this will be the same experience on the C6, C7 and E7.


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Video: Super smooth Pinch and Zoom in Ovi Maps demoed in 25 minute Nokia N8 Truck in Hamburg

August 28, 2010 38 comments

In all the Nokia N8 demoes we’ve seen thus far, Ovi Maps has only been shown to zoom with the zoom bar. Multitouch is available on the N8 but it was not yet working for Ovi Maps (though it was mentioned to be coming soon)

In this 25 minute video (Skip to 24:05) you’ll see firstly, a very, very smooth panning of the maps and more importantly, super smooth pinch and zooming of the maps. There are no reloading of the maps/obvious rescaling – just quick pinch and you’re zoomed in.

Thanks to bharadwaj for the tip. If you have any stories you’d like published at, send us your tips/links here or email

Via BestBoyZde

Video: Own Voice Competition: How good is your accent? (Your own or impersonation!)

Nokia conversations are running an Accent Competition to celebrate their new “Own Voice” App to record your own voice packs for Ovi Maps Voice/Turn by Turn Navigation.

Check out this cool video above.  At first, the lady (Amy Walker) came across as pretty crazy (wasn’t expecting such contrast of accent, thought she was going loopy!), but after a second watch I found her really charming.

Amy has more youtube videos (from her own account amiablewalker and from Nok Conv)

I’m a sucker for foreign accents. I love listening to different accents and even attempting to impersonate them. When messing about in public, my friends and I have even been confused as natives of the accents we’ve been impersonating (even though my face sorta supposed to limit me only to the asian regions :p)

Totally love the variety of how spoken words even in same language (English) sounds so new with different dialects, be it between cities, counties or countries.

What accent do you have?

What accents do you love the most?

Can you impersonate any accents?


  • You’ll need the Own Voice app. Download from Ovi Store.
  • Once you’ve looked at the videos, or if you’re feeling confident enough, head straight over to Own Voice to get cracking on creating your Voice Pack.
  • On Friday we’ll be picking the top ten, and find out who is the Foreign Accent Cup Champion.
  • The prize? Oodles of Nokia goodies and the knowledge that you’ve mastered the art of accents.

A bit of housekeeping, when you submit a voicepack make sure you include ‘Accentcup’ in the description  and,then leave a note in the Conversations comments with your Twitter username, or alternatively send an email to, stating the name of the voicepack in the subject line. Bonza.

Amy Demo Reel:

Nokia conversations

Video: NokiaNav – Luxury Sports Cars + CK200 + Ovi Maps = WIN!

June 3, 2010 1 comment

I didn’t get a chance to blog about this or even attend the final NokiaNav meetup when NokiaNav was happening as I was in the middle of some really important exams. (Shame as there was a huge collection of Nokia folk at the meetup 😦 )

It was so hard to avoid as you’ve got 5 unsuspecting bloggers being given NokiaNav branded sports cars (Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche 911, Audi TT, BMW M3, with the lucky !”£(!”£ Chris Stobbs getting a freakin Aston Martin DB9 Convertible!

Waaaah! Totally Jealous! Seriously, I was looking at “synapse formation and cellular degeneration of neurones during senescence” and my mouth just dropped when I took a break to look at the NokiaNav tweets.

Check out the video for the full story. Great Job 1000heads/WOMWorldNokia. This is certainly one to remember.


Loving the camera work. Very nicely done WOM, very nicely done. 🙂

Awesome App: Record your Own Voice for Ovi Maps – Free at Ovi Store.

May 4, 2010 1 comment

You might have read this already, but in case you haven’t this is a must to check out.

Possibly one of Nokia’s best home grown apps.

  • “Own Voice” – an ambiguous name, lets you user your OWN voice for Ovi Maps turn by turn directions!
  • Brilliant! And of course, it is free from the OVI Store.
  • Once your done, you can even share it on Nokia’s servers for others to enjoy or download voice packs from others.

Share and download voices is awesome.

Imagine finding the AAS team’s voice on there. Steve, Rafe and Ewan have very Podcast friendly voices.

It would be cool if Nokia would organize these voices into categories – Like location or accent.

Maybe you fancy listening to a melodic Irish accent, an Ozzie or Canadian folk?

This app is also great for voice impressionists or just for laughs for a friend, loved one, whatever.

Though I doubt many would actually want their wife/girlfriend/significant other giving them directions. Ha.

I guess you could even prank your friend and confuse the commands, so instead of “going left”, it’ll tell you to “go right”

via all about symbian

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