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Video: Nokia N8 event

August 24, 2010 11 comments

Here’s 4 videos about a Nokia event promoting the Nokia N8. Of course all these videos are recorded with the Nokia N8. Enjoy!

There’s also a hands-on by Endgadget Chinese. The only thing new in this hands on is the demo video and thats about it. If you wanna check out pictures of this event click here.

via: phonedaily on youtube, jansen923 on flickr ,and Endgadget Chinese on youtube.

Event: Something Big Happening With Nokia Tomorrow? New Nokia Messaging Solutions. Virtual Event Invite Inside.

April 12, 2010 6 comments

You might have seen the news that on Tuesday 13th April (tomo) Nokia will be unveiling some new messaging solution.

Here’s an e-invite from the PDF file I got sent. The link is and the virtual event starts at 9am GMT.

And on the second page there was this messaging/conversation icons

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Event: Going to Barcelona for the weekend?!

March 18, 2010 1 comment

I’m still not exactly sure what I’ll be doing, WOM’s Katie is keeping it all quite secret. 🙂

The itinerary is supposed to arrive in the morning so I’ll update when I get that.

But essentially I’m going off to Barcelona (home of, amongst many things, MWC!) Friday evening, with WOMWorld’s Lydia and Adam along with SymbianWorld’s Norman John, S60 Inside’s Roman Schweigler, (and another person from Coventry, I forgot who it was sorry >_<).

What are we doing? Again, I don’t exactly know. There was mention of something about behind the scenes shoot for an advert….how people use technology…something like that. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the hands advert down in Middlesex last week with Nokia/WOM (That one, apparently my hands could have been in a video but I was otherwise engaged with Uni stuffs…)

Boarding passes are printed, passport ready, bag kinda packed.

I’ve just got a few meetings to go to tomorrow and work to submit then I’m heading over to Bristol Airport for a 5 something PM flight.

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What on earth is happening Tomorrow on Thursday, 21st January 2010?! What’s Nokia/Ovi got cooking?

January 20, 2010 4 comments

As you may have undoubtedly heard, Nokia’s got something going on with Ovi on Thursday, 21st January 2010, 09:45am GMT.

Events are being held in London, as well as NY, Moscow, Paris, Mexico City and Berlin with an invite looking like the one below:

If you head over to you’ll see a clock ticking down Continue reading this article

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London Loopback project and Nokia N85 unboxing

January 12, 2010 6 comments

On Friday I got a call from Katie and Dominic from WOMWorld about a possible project this Thursday in London. It’s called Loopback, and as the title implies it’s about going back to something. In this case, the Nokia N85.

What will we do with it? Well with Chris (from we’ll be working with a school showing the teachers and pupils how to use the N85 for capturing video/pictures and using services like Ovi Share and PC Suite.

WOM have sent over the N85 to familiarise myself with it… Continue reading…

Hurry! eBay bargains: N900/N97 mini and round the world trip for 1$ buy it now in next 24 hours – official Nokia promo.

October 29, 2009 4 comments

As a follow up to this post: Nokia Wedding: Stay online as this wedding happens!

We have these two videos:

As well as being a promo video for the #onlineasithappens campaign for the N97 mini and N900, there’s a little bit more with the whole wedding theme.

Check out – the whole theme has changed

nokia 2

If you check our the video description of the second video [Hi Boys Remember Me], you’ll notice:

What’s so special about it?

I’m selling an around the world trip and 4 Nokia Nseries phones (e.g. N900) during the next 24h starting from 10.00 a.m. GMT on thursday. All just $1 each with buy it now. See why:


I have coveted the N900 for so long, there’s a side of me that says I should keep quiet about this promo to maximise my chances! haha. Would be the smart thing! But do go check out for a chance at nabbing some awesome gifts of possibly a N900/N97 mini/round the world trip for 1$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Event: Nokia Signpost London – Good Things attendees

October 29, 2009 3 comments

This is obviously me there with my Lion. Haha. It's actually one of the statues at Victoria Memorial, London

Here are a selection of photos of the attendees on last week’s Good Things event in London, courtesy of WOMWorld.

There’s a gallery at the bottom as wordpress might break if I try to insert all the photos individually.

The gallery consists mostly of four destinations:

  • first the boat that was privately hired to cruise the Thames, have some drinks and dinner
  • Cityhall for the press launch of Good Things with Alexandra Burke and the Press Machine
  • Site of the Ovi Good things arrow – the main reason for the entire event
  • Ends with a trip to the Nokia Flagship Store and a photoshoot with the Nokia CityMan Antitheft.

If I get the chance, I’ll edit up the videos taken during the event too.

The event was fantastic; what WOM and Nokia planned out was brilliant. But best of all, it was an absolute blast to meet these guys.

On the boat – final destination of the Good Things Hunt! Left to right: Jon, Michael, Roman Taimas, Katie, Jay, Christian, Ibrahim, Varun, Jerome, Lydia, Glenn and Dominic. I’d like to say Tom was taking the photo but he was actually downstairs (only realised when he came up after everyone disbanded) – this was held by the Gorillapod, wrapped around that silver pole.

Sexy safety gear at the site of the Good Things Signpost arrow, London. From left to right, Tom, Jerome, Varun, Christian, Roman, Michael, Jon, Taimas, Lydia, Safety guy, Ibhrahim and Dominic in foreground

The attendees

[Below] Glenn – @gletham


Michael – Hell’s Blog @xmichaelsfx


Ibrahim – @thenokiareview


Christian – @chaslam500


Taimas – @dailymobile


Jon Choo – @jonchoo


Varun – @fonearena


Jerome – @mapperz


Roman – @s60inside


Moi – oh and X-factor 08 winner, Alexandra Burke! lol. Michael and Dominic in background!


The WOM/1000heads Crew:












Below should be a photo gallery of the the attendees at the OviGoodThings event.

Nokia Wedding: Stay online as this wedding happens!

October 29, 2009 1 comment

After an exceedingly busy day yesterday, an evening nap before a blogpost turned into an 9 hour snooze.

What happened 9 hours ago that needed a blogpost? Well, something about a Nokia Wedding:

Invite Jay

From WOMWorld: Stay Online as this wedding happens: Hey Jay, If there’s one wedding you go to this year make it this one – you can attend virtually and it’s definitely something you’re not going to want to miss 🙂 See you there, Tom

So – the details:

  • Mr and Mrs Nokia
  • Marriage of their daughter
  • Sally Powell
  • to
  • Mr A.T. Noon [an anagram?]
  • at
  • North by North West Chapel
  • Connecting couples since 1971*
  • on Thursday 29th October 2009
  • at 10am GMT

Also, if you’ve been following on twitter: @SIGNPOSTLONDON, you may have seen this:

Nokia Signpost London

So make sure you tune in at 10:00:00 GMT at

Coincidentally, there’s an actual website about North West Chapel (not related to Nokia and Maps, but their main page photo is of a map and compass)


*First commercially operated mobile phone network in Finland went online in 1971, as a result of Nokia’s work with Salora Oy – thinking too much?



It’s a video in the series of #onlineasithappens N900/N97 mini ads. Love them! update 2: it’s not just that – there seems to be more to this campaign

Check out the other videos:


Update 2:

Video: Nokia Signposts – Behind the scenes of the arrow and crane (Part 2) The Control Centre

October 27, 2009 1 comment

Following yesterday’s post on the behind the scenes of the site of the Good Things Arrow and Crane, this second video now takes a look at the heart – or be it – the brain that’s sorting out all those messages that appear on the arrow itself.


Nokia Event: Good Things starting today!

October 22, 2009 2 comments

If you’ve been following a few posts [here, here and here] about the upcoming event in London, you’ll Good Things 4know that some Good Things are starting today!

  • I’ll be tweeting away so check out @jaymontano for coverage on what’s happening – they do get pretty odd/random if I’m not actually in the middle of anything Nokia specific.
  • I’ve learnt this time to keep one phone specifically JUST for twitter so I’ll leave some other device do the filming/photo-taking (perhaps N82/other N97/Camera) leaving a steady stream of tweets that hopefully won’t be hindered by being occupied with filming or battery death.
  • I’m going to be leaving Cardiff at 8:55 arriving at Paddington around 11, getting to Glouster Road at XX and meeting everyone at the hotel, hopefully around noon to start getting to the Good Things at 1pm.
  • That’s if I can catch myself some sufficient ZZZZs first!

Remember that on Friday there’ll be a session with the X product manager (I’m not 100% certain what model X is). If you have any questions, please fire away.