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The Mapsters Game (Prizes to be won!)

September 11, 2008 3 comments

There’s an addicting game over at that tests out your knowledge of world geography; and if you’re good enough, your high score could get you the Nokia 6120 Navigator, Navigation Licence to unlock the full potential of your Nokia Maps software and even some mapster toys! Maptor’s my personal favourite already, haha.

The game is actually on the bottom right of the screen. I clicked select Mapster at first and just got confused as to how that was addictive, but the actual proper game itself is quite fun. A name of a city appears and you must, against the clock, get your map pin centered as close as you can to where you think it is. Then submit your score along with your email and you could if your score is high enough get a prize. The more times you play, the more city locations you’ll (hopefully) remember.

Below you’ll see my shocking 3641km miss of Moscow. Hey, at least I was still in Russia. :p

I have 2 hours left to do a day’s worth of packing as I’m moving out to Uni again, but gonna play some more and try and get Maptor! Aww, look at that tail!