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Video: Stay in the Loop – with the Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-5

December 3, 2010 1 comment

I love this video from Nokia Conversations. It shows Nokia’s commitment and passion to connect all people.

In recognition of the annual United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities we have this lovely video about a Nokia Accessory called Wireless Loopset (LPS 5) for people with hearing difficulties.

It helps those in particular with hearing aids and cochlear implants to use mobile phones.

NokiaUser’s very own Micky Fin has noted that he’s started wearing a hearing aid and a similar solution he’s found at the hospital is at least twice as much in price as the LPS-5. (112GBP).

The LPS-5 has an additional feature in vibrating to signal where your phone is as well as filtering out background noise.

In the video below you’ll meet Katya Vis who has been using the Loopset for about a year.

She notes that the loopset has improved her self-confidence.  Being able to phone has made her life so much better and easier as she doesn’t need to travel to that person to explain herself properly.

Read more…

Video: Unboxing of the Nokia N8 Mobile Holder CR-122 – Stay safe and hands free

November 10, 2010 14 comments

Compliment your N8’s award winning Sat-Nav prowess and position your Ovi Maps machine perfectly in your car with the Nokia N8 Mobile Holder CR-122 (how teleshopping speak was that? :p)

But seriously this is a great accessory for drivers and sat-nav phone users in general. If you haven’t got a phone mount, this is really one to consider.

  • Detachable suction pad with adjustable ring to maintain that vacuum and keep it stuck to your windshield.
  • The grasp mechanism to hold your N8 is pretty cool too just widen to let your N8 in and just squeeze it closed again.
  • If I understand correctly (I don’t speak Russian, just guessing from the video), you get a sticky pad which has a surface that the mobile holder itself can stick to. This means you don’t necessarily need a perfectly flat attachment. Perhaps the dashboard itself, or even the back seat
  • Not just for Sat-Nav. In car enttertainment – sort of.
  • You can connect your N8 over bluetooth if your car system has it or just simply STREAM over the FM Transmitter.

Now this isn’t just useful for SatNav. Stick the N8 to the backseat for your kids and let the N8 playback a movie.  Though it might have helped if the arm was a little longer (not sure if that sticky pad itself can attach to material of the head-rest/back seat).


This retails for around 15GBP UK.


Pics: Original Nokia N8 Silicone cases CC-1005 for 4.99GBP (Black N8 unlocked for 449.99GBP?)

June 18, 2010 3 comments

Blog-N8 has found a pic of the silicone cases, official accessories for the Nokia N8 called CC-1005. Now the N8 has already passed scratch tests due to it’s super durable anodized aluminium casing, but just in case you wanted that added bit of protection or just wanted to give it a different look.

The official Nokia page calls them a second skin. Perhaps if you can’t decide which N8 colour N8 to get, there’s always the possibility of changing them with official and third party skins! Like if you’re getting a rebellious green but you’re in a professional setting – hide it with the black silicone case. Or vice versa, you’ve got a black N8 and want some colour on it :).

These cases surfaced a couple of weeks ago on coming in yellow, black, blue and pink and can be bought for £5 each (via Mobile Review forum member, though I forgot which one)

CHECK IT OUT on (no not being paid by, they’re just the only ones with a price listing)

They’ve got all four colours as well as other N8 accessories (cases). They’ve even listed the black N8 for £449.99 Sim Free. In comparison, a year old iPhone 3GS is 599.99GBP.


Video: Nokia N900 and BH-505, music controls and pairing instructions.

May 15, 2010 1 comment

Hey. Super quick video again, didn’t have time to edit this one. [Man I forgot it was Saturday. What a day to have exams >_<]

I received a few emails asking whether the music buttons actually worked and how to go about pairing it.

  • As you can see in this button, yeah, all the music buttons do work.
  • Music buttons also control video
  • The only one that doesn’t is the voice dialling because N900 doesn’t have this. HOWEVER
  • [forgot to mention in video] but you can accept calls and then end the call by using the call button. You just can’t initiate one using N900.
  • Other voice dialling capable phones, (e.g. N97) this is fine. I’d have included it but none of my other phones are charged up.
  • Pairing with N900 is super simple. Just find the BH-505 connect. DONE.
  • Connecting back up to the N900 is super simple.  Just turn BH-505 on, it’ll find N900 and auto connect. DONE.

Will get around to doing more demoes and such after exams. Thanks for your emails/questions/suggestions!



Also forgot to say that the BH-50 makes a chime when you turn it on and a different one when you turn it off.

Also when you reach max or min volume it also bleeps to let you know.

Nokia Original Accessories Bumper Unboxing from WOM! BH-505, MD-9, Wigs and Sprinkle snow!

May 5, 2010 2 comments

ZOMG. I feel really bad. These couple of weeks are really important for me exam wise and I shouldn’t even be blogging. ha :p

Let’s call this a sneak peak…I’ll find the time to cover it a bit more.


Today, I have just received a couple of packages today from DHL guy.

Both from WOMWorld. One was the Ovi Bag (that I was informed yesterday was being sent over! Thanks Lyd!) and the other was a rather suspicious box.

Thanks Nokia/WOM!

In the white box was:

  • Two wigs
  • Nokia MD-9 speakers (looks like air freshener. Takes AAA which I haven’t got so I can’t test it)
  • Nokia stereo headset (one that comes with X6? I forget the model number)
  • Nokia BH-505 (ZOMG…I just tried them. They’re amazing! They’re so snug and they won’t fall off my head no matter how much I shake it! Great for running! They’re really, really comfy and could say one of Nokia’s best headsets ever….I’ll see how long battery lasts…)
  • Sprinkle Snow
  • An apron
  • An arm band
  • A3 jotter pad
  • Plastic flowers
  • The lid has a barcode which sent me to … might be a barcode reader problem.

I’m sorry I haven’t gone and done a proper unboxing and taken decent photos but I’m absolutely pressed for time.Sooo much stuff I still need to revise 😥

I have done a quick video and taken some snaps though to share with you guys. [YouTube failed the upload twice so I’ll update YouTube decides to let that upload]

What’s it all about? Well the Ovi Bag was a Barcelona gift, and the Box I think is connected with the Nokia WOM event going on next week (14th May) where it’s about Nokia Original Accessories. Remember that mynokiablog interview with Nokia’s Antti Kujala about Nokia Original Accessories?

Unfortunately due to exams, I can’t actually attend that event and I think the box might have been specifically for participants. Just been told it’s not connected with the May 14th meetup and this is completely separate.

OK. Going back to revision :(. From May 17th service will be back to normal. I just got to do well in these exams as I need to get a certain grade to do this thing in Sept. ANYWAY…that’s it for now.

UPDATE: BARCODE leads to this:

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Video: Laser Cut Stand for the Nokia N900

February 14, 2010 2 comments

We’ve seen photos of the Laser Cut stands for the N900, now here’s a video.

  • Demonstrates how to assemble stand
  • Shows the improved viewing angle
  • Tilted N900 can now be used without falling over
  • Differences between the wooden and acrylic stands
  • Stress/Break tests


Custom Laser Cut Acrylic and Wooden stands for the Nokia N900!

February 7, 2010 3 comments

Weapon Stand - the stylus is set like a mighty SAMURI sword! In the right lighting it looks like it's floating.

The Maemo Community isn’t just about software. From one of the users is creating custom cut stands for the N900!

Now, the N900 already has a stand, but you might want to enhance the angle a little more. Plus,

  • this one has a rest for the stylus,
  • is more stable on both sides [you can press the screen and it move about as much]
  • it would look marvellous on the office or home desk!

Pricing? Where to get one?

The wooden models will be priced as follows:

One for $10. That includes shipping.
Two for $15. (The “home&office” set)That includes shipping.
Three for $20. That includes shipping.

Clear acrylic stands will cost:

One for $17, shipped
Two for $30, (The “home&office” set) shipped.

The order form is filling up: Click to head over to and see what it’s all about.

I guess it would also fit other phones, like the 5800?

Video + Photos: Nokia BH-905 Unboxing (Image Heavy)

December 14, 2009 3 comments

I’m not a proper audiophile, but I do really appreciate good quality sound that’s uninterrupted by outside noise. Thanks to the crew over at WOMWorld, we’ve received the daddy of all stereo bluetooth headsets to try out, the Nokia BH-905 with active noise cancellation.

I’ve been exciting about the BH-905s ever since hearing about them in June. Possibly on paper, it is the best stereo bluetooth headset.

  • 10 microphones, 8 for active noise cancellation, 2 for picking up speech
  • Can be used wireless as standard, or you can even attach audio cables to use with devices that don’t have bluetooth. (Great for saving battery too – you can listen via BH-905s when the batteries are dead)
    • Comes with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, 1/4″ and aeroplane jack adapters, as well as extension cable.
  • Pretty long battery life, up to 40h with noise cancellation when wired, or 16h wireless [though must see what they’re like myself]

I got to try them ever so briefly in September during a OneDotZero detour to the Nokia Flagship Store (R.I.P.). Above right is WOMWorld’s Robbie modelling the BH-905.

But now I can have a proper go at trying them out. Here’s our unboxing of the BH-905, photos and video:

“Listenin via nokia bh-905 is a little like the first time I tried sound isolation earphones. Stunning how it blots out outside sound!” a tweet sent whilst listening to music from the N900 on the BH-905. They’re also pretty loud.

Accessories: Cable Tidy from Proporta – tidy up your (N900’s) earphone cables!

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you but my earphone cables are always in a mess. When I’m travelling and set up a “gadget bag” the cable tangles are horrific.

In general day to day use, my earphone cables always manage to spontaneously knot themselves.

Here’s one solution – Proporta Cable Tidy. It’s a neat little double ended magnetic clip that ties your cables [not just earphone variety] together.

It would have been perfect had they been slightly longer so they can wrap around longer bundles of cables. However, you can stick two together to get around some extra girth.

Check out my video overview below, tidying up the cables of the Ultimate Ears Superfi 5.EB and the Nokia WH-205 that comes with the Nokia N900.

If you remember just over a week ago, we received the Cable Tidy along with other Proporta Accessories so stay tuned as we’ll be covering them soon.

Proporta [Nokia N900] Accessories – Teaser unboxing of TurboChargers, Cable Tidies and Beach Buoy

December 3, 2009 2 comments

I made a comment in a post about N900 photo samples on Friday how my Proporta charger wasn’t working*. I would have loved to have used it last weekend when I was testing the N900 in London, instead I was plug-socket hunting and siphoning electricity whenever I could.

The Proporta owners saw that post [thanks to All About Symbian’s Steve Litchfield], informed me that Proporta do offer 2 year warrantly of electrical accesories and long story short they’ve sent over a replacement as well as some extras for reviewing (arrived yesterday).

I’m snowed down with some deadlines at the moment but here’s a “preliminary unboxing” just to show what accessories I’ll be covering soon.

  • Turbo Charger 3400mAh – Absolutely essential accessory for mobile users (especially power hungry models like N900 and N97) who travel, holidays, road warriors, site seeing, just long day out and about away from sockets…
  • Turbo Charger 1200mAh – business card sized to be even more pocketable
  • Cable Tidies – keeps my headphones from being tangles
  • Beach Buoy – waterproof pouch for when going to the beach or swimming. Waterproof for up to 5 metres.
  • A few extras  didn’t anticipate – car USB and world USB chargers.

* It turns out the white charger was working and I just happened to have tested it with 2 defective cables. Initially the cable had worked when charging via pc, then didn’t via charger. Now the cable doesn’t work at all. Conclusion – the fault lies in the cable.

The main charger is absolutely fine (though none of the chargers can charge up N900/N97 using Nokia micro USB cables)