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Video: Bluetooth RC Mini cooper via Nokia N8

November 24, 2010 4 comments

BeeWi recently released an app on the ovi store that allows you to use your Nokia (compatible with Symbian^3 & S60 3rd & 5th editions) to control and drive a BeeWi bluetooth Car. Of course like in every RC toy u can control left,right,up,down, but now with this you can also use the motion sensor to drive your bluetooth car.

Here’s the link to the free application BeeWi Control Pad and click here for more specifications and details about the RC Mini Cooper. Obviously, you will also need to buy the RC car, you can buy it here. The retailers are mainly in Europe and the price is 59.99EUR which is a little bit expensive but for those of you who like to have fun, the price don’t matter

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Video: Coverflow, Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4

October 4, 2010 10 comments

On this video, symbianfrance found out that the Nokia N8 is faster than the iPhone 4 at browsing from albums A to Z. For example on the iPhone 4 you would need to scroll with your fingers like 15 times or more (depending how many albums you have) just to reach the first or last album on the list. But on the Nokia N8 that amount can be reduced to 4-5 scrolls because the Nokia N8 has another way of managing coverflow. So if you have a lot of music this can surely help.

via: symbianfrance channel on youtube

Video: Nokia N8 multitasking and new samples

August 31, 2010 6 comments

I’m sure you have seen other videos about the Nokia N8’s multitasking but this one is recent (august 27 ). In this video the N8 multitask 15 applications.

Here’s a new sample video, thank you Keith for the tip.

I’m guessing these are video taken with the Nokia N8. TheSheridan01 on youtube and sheridan01 from flickr do look alike and appears to be the same person. It’s about cats too. So i’m pretty sure these are taken with the N8.

And here’s some new(taken on august 28)  full (4000×3000) 12mp photos samples from sheridan01 on flickr.

via: nokiaru on youtube, ringhkdemo on youtube , sheridan01 on flickr and TheSheridan01 on youtube

Fun tip:  I knew this tip a month ago and only now it crossed my mind that I could share it here. Some of you might know it, some might not

To play Snake(famous game that I used to play on Nokia cell phones) on youtube. Step1: find any video, Step 2: click on the video, doesn’t matter if it pauses it or play. Step 3: hold left arrow and a snake will appear. Rule of this game : eat as much dot as you can without eating yourself or hitting the edges

Video: Nokia N8 commercials

August 26, 2010 13 comments

After the Nokia N8 event, some new commercials appeared on the internet. They were in different websites. So I uploaded all of them to youtube. There you go. Enjoy!

There are two other videos, one here and second there. They are not in English. But if you understand their language or just wanna see the N8 then go ahead and watch.

For those of you who are a fan of Tron Legacy, I got good news. Apparently Nokia have new trailer of Tron Legacy exclusively for the Nokia N8. Here’s a glimpse of it.

via: youku and and joeteh on youtube for the hdmi tron legacy preview

Video: Nokia N8 event

August 24, 2010 11 comments

Here’s 4 videos about a Nokia event promoting the Nokia N8. Of course all these videos are recorded with the Nokia N8. Enjoy!

There’s also a hands-on by Endgadget Chinese. The only thing new in this hands on is the demo video and thats about it. If you wanna check out pictures of this event click here.

via: phonedaily on youtube, jansen923 on flickr ,and Endgadget Chinese on youtube.

Photos: New Nokia N8 sample pics

August 15, 2010 23 comments

Here’s seven Nokia N8 photo samples. Remember that this is taken with a N8 prototype, the quality may change until the N8 hits retail.

via : dsmobile on mobile-review forum

Video: Winners of the FX studio app for the Nokia N8

August 7, 2010 1 comment

Framestore announced the winners of the FX studio app(Reminder). The 3 best ideas are the Magnet Man(1st), Alien Tripod(2nd), and Raining Goo(3rd). Here’s a video about some of the ideas that were submitted for the competition. Magnet Man is at 0:13, Raining Goo is at 0:18, and the Alien Tripod at 0:19.

[VIMEO= 13911534]

Note that these effects are made by the same team who worked on movies like Avatar, Prince of Persia, Clash of Titans, Sherlock Holmes, and more. If you wanna know more info about this app I recommend checking out their facebook . Personally I think this app will be very entertaining and fun, with this type of camera it’s should be amazing.

via: thenokiablog

Photos: Recent Nokia N8 photos samples

August 4, 2010 5 comments

Here’s some photos samples, all taken by John Karakatsanis with the Nokia N8 last Monday (August 2nd) according to the Exif data.

via : John Karakatsanis’s Nokia N8 set on flickr

Video: Nokia N8 comparisons

August 4, 2010 3 comments

The first video is about free RAM. Nokia N8 vs Samsung Omnia HD. Note that the N8 had one full page of widgets and two half-filled pages of widgets. So if you want to maximize your free RAM on your N8, you might wanna remove some widget on your homescreen.

The second video is about screen comparison. A short video comparing the screens of the Nokia N8 vs Samsung Omnia HD vs Motorola Milestone. Note that the N8 and Omnia HD have AMOLED screens, while the Milestone has an LCD screen.

Here’s a bonus video, nothing new, just a quick hands-on of the Nokia N8. The video is not in English, it’s in greek.

via: finestfones uploaded by Parttimereviewer and uploaded by johnkarak

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Video: 2 new Nokia N8 video samples

August 4, 2010 7 comments

Here are two video sample recorded from the Nokia N8.

via: via  johnkarak and via dailymobile member Ahmed360, uploaded by vdslr

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