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Video: Stunning video shot and edited on the N8 – with solution for close up macro! (+more macro samples)

October 1, 2010 17 comments

Thanks to Manpreet Jagpal for the heads up to, here below is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen shot on a phone – and it’s edited on it too.

What’s more, you may be suspicious that there are very clear close up shots with blurred background. But the N8 has a fixed focus video meaning everything is clear except close up shots. This was achieved simply and cleverly with a magnifying glass! Neat! Have you tried that out? I’m gonna want to try that. 🙂

Also pretty important but not often shouted about is the ability to record precision audio in stereo. It really helps give that sense of being there – that sort of holophonics experience – especially over good speakers/headphones.(I literally shivered when the “wind” blew across my ears)

I’d happily listen to an hour recording of plain running water recorded by the N8 – You know, like those nature sounds tracks. It would be so easy to make your own with the N8 – perfect for relaxing/revising and sharing.

The location is Suolijärvi Lake, Tampere, Finland – it looks so picturesque.


for more examples of macro mode via magnifying glass:

videos uploaded by topolino70

Video: Nokia N8 event

August 24, 2010 11 comments

Here’s 4 videos about a Nokia event promoting the Nokia N8. Of course all these videos are recorded with the Nokia N8. Enjoy!

There’s also a hands-on by Endgadget Chinese. The only thing new in this hands on is the demo video and thats about it. If you wanna check out pictures of this event click here.

via: phonedaily on youtube, jansen923 on flickr ,and Endgadget Chinese on youtube.

Video: New video sample from the Nokia N8

July 31, 2010 10 comments

Here is a video sample taken with the Nokia N8. This is another proof of what Nokia phones are capable of. It was uploaded to show how better the quality is compared to the iphone 4 or htc evo. They are good phones but not good enough.

In other news, fonearena spoke to Nokia India and said that the Nokia N8 will take more than 4 weeks to arrive. According to the Italian Nokia website, the N8 is in pre-order for 469 euro(it’s more than what was announced but it will surely change after it’s release) and will start shipping by the end of September.

The Nokia N8 takes a while to be released but hey it’s better than a buggy N8 that people are gonna complain about.

via: MaPee1982‘s youtube channel, Nokia italy, fonearena

Low light Video Sample: Nokia N8 at Rihanna Concert

June 1, 2010 11 comments

This video of a Rihanna gig (I think in Tel-Aviv, Israel) is supposedly captured on a Nokia N8 according to uploader, Tal Tetievski.

  • The video is in 720p and recorded in stereo audio.
  • Stereo separation is obvious but this probably isn’t the best scene to demonstrate it.
  • Considering how loud concerts are, the N8 performed extremely well picking up the audio without too much harshness (only audible on left side -seems to be more wind blowing rather than inability to record extremely loud audio which most camera phones fail beautifully at)
  • Lots of changes between quite dark to lots of light and N8 handles transitions extremely well.
  • Quality is quite impressive as this isn’t optimum lighting conditions for video, look at the confetti and the richness of the colours at certain scenes.
  • Check out the usable digital zoom, which is actually worth using compared to most digital zoom that just blows up pixels.
  • Shakiness is an issue, but then again the recorder is at a gig, thus jumping up and down, waving their hands about often results in shaky video.
  • Video looks sufficiently fluid. No jerkiness, the frame rate looks smooth.
  • Wide angle for widescreen 16:9 video looks fantastic, capturing more of the scene within the frame.
  • People at Rihanna concert should be banned from bringing umbrellas. Yes, we get it. Man, so many eyes that could have been stabbed out! -_^


YouTube Version:

@TalTet VIA @picassoc

Video: HD Video Sample of Nokia N8 real Digital Zoom (user Proto N8)

May 2, 2010 4 comments

Here’s another sample of the N8 video (taken from Amhed360’S post before it was removed)

It’s not by Nokia, it’s from a user.

The other one I’ve seen (N8 on a plane ) that no one else managed to see matched the quality of Nokia’s official video sample.

e.g. if you look at that post, all the dials and the text on the plane’s dashboard are readable.

Check out the digital zooming action. Just like the N86, we have proper working digital zoom.

Normally, when camera phones zoom in on a 640×480 video, all they do is make those pixels bigger. Hence why digital zoom is almost always blurry.

Basically with proper digital zoom, you take all that 4000×3000 pixels, and just move the 1280x720p frame around. This maintains much of the detail better.

e.g. check out this image below

But look how far away it actually is. It’s the best solution to making do without the bulk of optical zoom.

via burakb

Nokia N900 Low Light Video and Live Band Fantastic Audio Quality Samples

December 1, 2009 2 comments

These are some short clips taken by the Nokia N900 to show low it’s performance in really low light and handling extremely loud audio recording (by the guys from “Platform Six“. The speakers were pretty much above the N900.

As you can hear, the audio recording is fantastic. Where most other phones (and even dedicated digicams) would have crumbled, giving inaudible, harsh noise, it’s very comfortable listening with the Nokia N900 (and in general, the Nseries range).

Video quality is pretty good too in this extreme low light. Ignore the frantic shaking that happens, the N900 is being waved about the place quite violently.

So, if you’re going to be recording your mate’s band, a high profile gig – you can trust that the N900 will give you great clips to remember.

[Note, N900 cannot use dual LED for video light yet. Not that dual LED for video helps for anything but things within macro distance)

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I love Rock and Roll – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

I Bet that You Look Good on the Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys

Take me out – Franz Ferdinand

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Mix Play that Funky Music – Wild Cherry Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

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Video Sample: Nokia N900 Autofocus Video Test

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

When I tried out the N900 at OneDotZero, I suspected the N900 had autofocus but didn’t manage to check it out. (What I knew was that it didn’t have the ridiculous infinity focus of the Nokia N97 where you can only film things that are miles away)

Mark Guim’s posted a video demonstrating AUTOFOCUS on the N900 with video. Before recording, the N900’s camera adjusts the focus point and the rest of the video will be clear at that original distance.

That’s great if  you want to be doing video blogs, maybe some macro videos (if you’re recording phone screens for video reviews or recording dancing bugs), then switch it up to film something further away. With the N900, you have the flexibility to choose your own focus point.

Unlike some Nseries which allowed you to go macro by smacking the camera, you won’t have to do anything drastic with the N900 as this is a built in standard feature. Plus, you’re not limited to just two ranges…just press the shutter button half way to lock focus and all the way to record clearly at that distance.

Just as another additional plus, I found that the N900 records much better quality video overall than the N97 (which has pretty good video/audio by current standards – although I’m not entirely sure how the N900 handles motion with panning, surprisingly the N97 is surprisingly really good here too). Furthermore, the N900 records in the highest ever resolution available on a Nokia, at 848X480, which is higher than most phones out there except a few like the Samsung i8910.

However, it is NOT continuous autofocus, i.e. it doesn’t adjust the focus during video recording, just prior. Nokia has already done this, albeit, accidentally with the Nokia N93i (as discovered by James Burland).

thenokiablog via thenokiablog (youtube)

Video: Nokia N900 Video Samples (low light – and also a 16:9 photo sample)

September 13, 2009 1 comment

(Low Light) Video Samples from the Nokia N900. Note, the N900 is not yet at final production software. Also, if you’re watching this within the first few hours of me posting, YouTube may not yet have converted it properly yet.

Update: If the video playback appears choppy, it does NOT look like that in the original file. In the YouTube video, I noticed it was choppy until I pressed HQ. After that, even normal quality looked fine.


ok, Wait, here’s the same first video in vimeo (It’s also converting so bear with me :):

Video recording is 848:480 at 25FPS. The original file is 1:30 seconds long and 36.6MB in size. As a reference, N900 performs better than the Nokia N97 in low light.  In conditions where you actually have decent amount of lighting (i.e. not in a cinema) it’s fantastic. Another thing worth noting is that Video in N900 has closer focus than N900. Check out Neil’s (the closest guy) face.

Sorry these are the only two samples – I didn’t capture/transfer any except these because we thought we’d have more time with the N900s. Unfortunately, Jussi had to take them back to Helsinki. 😦 I’ll try and get some more today. Same for photo samples. BTW full screen viewer for 16:9 photos is awesome.


Video Samples: Nokia N97 vs Samsung i8910

June 8, 2009 5 comments

720p on the Samsung i8910 looks stunning, more detail,crisper, at times more natural looking colours. However, the sound is absolutely dreadful, resembling the tinny audio quality of 2004 handsets – this may still be fixed though.

The N97’s video also performs very well, some slight over saturation in parts – it also just doesn’t look right though after seeing 1280 x 720 first then 640×360. On the other hand, audio recording is fantastic and crisp – as it has been on nearly all Nseries devices.

It’s worth noting that both videos do appear better in the original format than after being uploaded to YouTube.

Nokia N97 – [download original 11.98MB]

Samsung i8910 [download original 43.42MB]

Both videos are more or less similar in length, but with the higher resolution i8910 eats up approx. 4 times more memory, so a 10 minute clip would be about 733 MB on the i8910, but 195 MB on the N97.

I guess if you transfer videos to your computer regularly that won’t be a problem. On the N97, that’s less of a need, since the video sizes are smaller BUT ALSO you have 32GB of memory to fill.

tnkgirl vis blog97