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Video: Qt QML Based QuickFlickr on Nokia N8

December 27, 2010 3 comments

Neat little video found by Jim of a very cool Flickr Viewer for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices.

This video demonstrates QML based QuickFlickr i.e. Flickr client running on Symbian device (N8). What you see on the video is not the final product and it lacks many features, graphics and it still has several bugs.

Current set of features:
– Authentication with Flickr (doesn’t work on symbian device due the QtWebKit problem with developer packages)
– Latest uploads from contacts,
– Photostreams of your contacts and your own photostream
– Photo details (favorite,views, comments, add comments, description, etc)
– Contact list
– Navigation between different pages

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Qt Contest: Port a desktop App to MeeGo/Symbian handheld for Ovi Store and win EUR 10,000!

December 23, 2010 5 comments

Word from Jim is that a couple of days ago a competition launched for Qt Developers.

Take your application from the desktop and port it to handheld devices, be it for MeeGo or Symbian via Qt, ready for Ovi Store consumption!

There’s either a new phone “or even 10,000 euros” as a prize.

The competition runs until the 28th February 2011. However, an early bird competition finishes on the 31st December 2010. 5 winners will be selected, each winning a Nokia N900!

The main competition prize is EUR 10,000 (10 thousand, I know how sometimes . is used instead of , and 10 euros might not seem such a cool amount :p) and will be awarded to the app which has been found by judges to be the best ported application. Then there’s supposedly 5 more Nokia N900s to give out.

And you get something too just for taking part! You’ll be awarded a gift bag, with a T-shirt and “other merchandise.”

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Video: iOS like Drag and Drop Grid with QtQuick

December 21, 2010 4 comments

In iOS (e.g. iPhone) when you long press the icons, they start shaking about meaning you can move them. You can then drag and drop icons into place and the other icons shuffle around.

You’ve always been able to move icons with Symbian, but needing to go Options>Organize.

“Written in Qt Quick. The entire project is just 70 lines of code!

Runs on Symbian, Maemo, Meego, Windows, Linux, Mac and other Qt Quick supported platforms.

Full source code available on the DevNet wiki:…”

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Video: Super Mario demo with pure QML from Web Developer new to QML/Qt “very easy to learn”.

December 11, 2010 10 comments

Here’s a video from that Jim found showing the product (Super Mario) of a web developer who moved to the Qt/QML environment. They found it very easy to learn which is great since MeeGo and Symbian apps will share Qt based apps.

Here’s a game I made with pure QML (no C++), costs around 4 days. QML is very easy to learn, I was a web developer and had no experience whatsoever with QML or Qt, but made this game while I learn the languge. Very easy and pleasant. The video is a bit laggy because of the recording software, the game itself runs smoothly. PS: The game has a small bug of detecting platform, you will see in the video.

Controls by left, right, z key. Not counting graphics and audio it’s 7 QML files which sums up around 12KB.


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Video: Nokia N8 Time Lapse with Qt App “Lapsed” presents – “Fox in the Snow”

December 2, 2010 2 comments

Saw this on WOMWorld’s blog page. You may remember that the brilliant Iain Wallace has been working on a Qt Sequence app/stop motion application called Lapsed.

I saw the icon on @Whatleydude’s phone a couple of days ago and was jealous of this app that Iain’s developing.

With the recent snow, Iain’s taken the opportunity to create a stop motion called “Fox in the Snow” as will become apparent when you watch the video.

Quite impressive actually, I didn’t even think about making any other snow creature except the 3 sphered snow man.

I can’t wait for this to come to Ovi Store ^_^

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Videos: Qt-based homescreen on Symbian

November 25, 2010 16 comments

Now we’ve seen 5800 “hacks” where Symbian has been modified to have different UI, e.g. HTC Sense, Windows XP, Maemo 5 etc (using GDesk). Here are some Qt based UI modifications that Jim has come across. You may have seen them before (they are dated Feb/March of this year) but they’re still pretty cool.

There are three videos. A couple show a similar S.E. Android Rachel UI and the third is a touch-wiz esque.

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Videos: NOMOVOK Qt Quick Tablet and Phone UX

November 12, 2010 2 comments

Here are a couple of other videos showing the NOMOVOK Qt Tablet UI Concept that we saw a while ago. Thanks for the heads up, Jim!

This NOMOVOK UX concept is implemented with Qt Quick / QML to demonstrate possible user interface for tablets and mobile phones. Desktop in the concept is a big canvas which can be freely panned both vertically and horizontally, containing widgets and launcher icons. User interface scalability is one key aspect of the concept, for example top panel scales into different screen widths and changes its appearance accordingly. Portrait and landscape modes are also supported seamlessly. Animations and effects have been selected so that performance remains optimal with and without OpenGL hardware acceleration. This current version just grasps the possibilities of the concept and Qt QML, the beauty of QML is that it makes rapid UI development and prototyping easy while being a platform also for real user interfaces.




Nomovok video seen a while ago


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Video: Qt Quick on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPod Touch 4G

November 9, 2010 13 comments

Here’s Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab from CuteHacks (What a name 😀 – btw how do you pronounce Qt?) with Qt Quick.

“Shows Qt Quick, aka QML, running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android) by Ole-Johan from Devinco – and some help from Cutehacks :)”

CuteHacks via @aas

Oh on the related videos section there’s QML/Qt Quick on iOS powered iPod Touch 4G.

Ian says this is just proof of concept and needs more work.

Qt cross Platform. Really just build once and be everywhere.

cheers Jim


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Video: Nokia N8’s new browser and the new lag free, draggable homescreen!

October 28, 2010 127 comments

UPDATE: Nokia has filed a copyright complaint on this video and it has been removed. With the channel potentially being deleted too. Nice.

This video comes from alex68 who sent it in to What we can see are two cool things

1) Homescreen swiping works with drag kinetics! It appears that the swiping delay is gone WITHOUT having to tamper with settings and remove theme effects like in this post.

The lag on the homescreen has been criticised heavily, but fortunately (or not) it was part of the UI design and NOT a limitation of the N8 hardware.  Now that perceived lag is gone and it is said to be smooth and responsive.

2) New browser has got rid of that stupid ugly fat bar at the bottom it seems! Hurray! I have wanted that ugly fat bar (my affectionate term for it) to die since S60 5th. At least now, slowly but surely it’s disappearing.

  • The address bar is now at the top.
  • It appears that works like the awesome bar/N900’s address bar where you can type in url or search terms.  Check out the “G – Search for”! Brilliant stuff.
  • More of the screen is visible!
  • You can see the freaking keyboard AND the screen behind whilst typing on a touch screen.
  • Browser loads instantly without going to the bookmarks page (I’m assuming it loads a selectable home page – unless the link was already a bookmark, but then the icon )
  • Easy copy/paste/cut on the address bar (not sure if this is possible with web text itself)

The demo of browser is just for showing the UI and functionalities that were missing from S60v5 browser. However it is a still very much evolving and developing product, any arguments about performance and interface might not be fair for the time being.

Great news for Nokia N8, C7, (and future C6-01, E7, Symbian^3) users!

Many thanks to alex68!

Whilst we’re on talk of the browser….(and with the note about this product still in evolving stage)

  • When clicking BACK or at least perhaps with a multitouch gesture (e.g. two finger swipe back) could the web page just go back? Often I just want to go back a page and not have to go through the carousel.
  • Tabbed browsing. Need it and must have easy UI switcher for it.
  • Generally be as good as MicroB as noted at Nokia World (that new browser would be as good as the mobile browsers of the competition – unless MicroB should not even be considered as a mobile browser as it’s so good).

What are you hoping for/looking forward to in the new browser?

[btw is this the new Qt one? It looks massively different from the latest build as seen on C7)

Symbian^3 users – no need to wait for Symbian^4 – you’ll be getting the new UI too! No more talking S^3/S^4 – it will be one constantly evolving platform

October 21, 2010 58 comments

And what ever improvements the Symbian platform receives – UI is just one of those things you can download for your device. Awesomeness! That means new interface for N8, C7, E7 and C6 users! Hurray!

The whole S^3 to S^4 has been someone of an unclear story, with most leading to a “NO” on the upgrade. But it appears is that the whole coyness of Nokia staff whenever asked this question was possibly a signal that that is not the important question to ask. But whether S^3 handsets will get all the Symbian upgrades of Symbian^4 which is YES.

S^4 Qt based UI is a major overhaul. And it is VERY significant that current and future S^3 owners will be seeing and experiencing it on their own handsets. There is the longevity we have been waiting for.

In fact, something even odder,

“In fact, we will no longer be talking about Symbian^3 or Symbian^4 at all – it will be one constantly evolving and constantly improving platform.”

This means upgrades will appear once they’re ready (like the browser) and not part of a major OS update. Also this signifies that S^3/S^4/S^5/S^6 no longer exist. They are all just the one Symbian that will grow and evolve. Like your Android flavours. Now this should FORCE Nokia to put more RAM and even more powerful processors to ensure such longevity (or at least upgrades within 1 year to act well without m/any performance issues. Like 2g/3G IOS 4 breaks).


“Nokia will embrace the emerging HTML5 standard for Web content and applications for Symbian and MeeGo platforms, both through in-built support in Qt and through the browser.”

Via Nokia Conversations

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