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Video: MeeGo handset UX on Joggler (and 17″ MeeGo touch Display)

December 7, 2010 3 comments

This video is from a few months back but we’ve not posted it here yet. It shows MeeGo Handset UI on Joggler.

Joggler’s O2’s little touch screen device meant to organize you and your families’ lives. Or something like that.

It works quite well and I can see how MeeGo would be better placed in this situation that whatever the Joggler was originally running because MeeGo could integrate into your whole entire household of products. Car, phone, TV, PC fridge etc.

I don’t know what’s being said as I haven’t got headphones to plug into the uni pc. (Uber busy day today).

Whilst you’re here there’s another video of a MeeGo display. Again I’m not sure if there’s anything important being mentioned.

Read more…

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Cooler touch screen than the iPad or iPhone? Nokia Research Lab and the world’s first Ice Touch Screen

November 19, 2010 6 comments

So we’ve seen how Nokia can turn any screen into a touch screen. What about something that’s not even a screen to begin with – what about a block of ice? That’s exactly what’s been occurring in Tampere, Finland at Nokia’s Research Lab.

Check it out in the video from New Scientist (cheers dsmobile for the heads up!)

“This was a playful experiment, but one that we think showed interactive computing interfaces can now be built anywhere,”  Jyri Huopaniemi, Nokia.

How does it work?

Like Microsoft surface, this uses a technique called rear-diffused illumination. Infra-red light (or pretty much) is beamed behind the ice screen and placing a hand in front of the ice reflects that light back towards a camera which in turn helps a computer to calculate the hand position and thus direct a projected image near the hand.

New Scientist via Kotaku

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Video: Twilight Nokia Nuron Commercial by David Lehre

Based on the demographic of this blog, the last thing you’d expect to see is the parading of the tween hit books/movie series Twilight.

But this time, the star of the show is not erm (imdb check), Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner.  It’s the Nokia Nuron! (Not that any of them are actually in the video)

davelehre directs a spoof commercial whereby that chick (Bella) finally picks which dude (Jacob), all based on the fact that he has a Nuron and Edward has a beat up old phone.


Still don’t understand the appeal of emo vampires? The alure of an overly muscled boy-child-come-bearwolf? Or why millions want to be the queen of indecisive teen girl angst?

Here’s the Oatmeal to explain it for you

Technical Specifications: New Nokia C3, C6 and E5 announced. Welcome to the Nokia QWERTY-messaging family!

April 13, 2010 7 comments

Here’s what came out of the Nokia Virtual event…

The Nokia C3, C6 and E5! You have probably seen them all in one incardnation or another through rumours, screenshots, FCC sketches. Well here they are.

New additions to the QWERTY messaging family

E5 is the new single digit Eseries. Seen around and rumoured as the Nokia mystiq.

More E5 goodness over at Nokia Conversations


This one we’ve already seen before, the touch QWERTY hybrid E6.

More C6 goodness over at Nokia Conversations

220 EUR

This was seen just before April fools day. It’s my favourite out of all of them for the simple fact that it could be really appealing to the younger audience. It’s like a teenager friendly blackberry. And what a star for 90 Euros! Oh and it plays back video with quite a wide range of codecs so less conversion needed: H263, H264, AVI, mpeg-4, and .wmv! (Info from Q&A)

Oh, and it comes in SIX colours!

More C3 goodness over at Nokia Conversations

90 EUR

Oh hey, we’re on the Nokia page ^_^

The New Nokia C6 – the best keyboard from a Nokia touch/QWERTY hybrid?

March 14, 2010 6 comments

3.2" touch screen, 640x360. 4 row QWERTY keyboard.

On Friday, a touch-qwerty hybrid from Nokia’s Cseries surfaced. The Nokia C6.

I wasn’t expecting anything like this from the core series. I thought they’d at least be non-touch like the recent C5.

The C6 seems like a QWERTY/Touch hybrid for the masses. This is exactly the reason why Nokia’s range of smartphones might have a significant proportion that’s technically ‘underpowered’ compared to the competition. (I’m assuming it doesn’t have 1GHz processor)

NOT because they are helplessly lagging behind as Ovum’s recent “report” suggested.

But because Nokia is catering for mid-low end consumers who may want a piece of the smartphone pie but can’t or don’t want to pay high end prices. (Eventually those high end features trickle down, take the 5800 – Nseries grade circa 2008). This might be big if it hits 150-240GBP range.

Superficially, the C6 appears to be one of Nokia’s 5800 with a side slider QWERTY keyboard. However, it has the tiled homescreen interface reserved for Nokia’s N97/mini/future Symbian^3 devices.

  • Is it Symbian^3? It’s using the Symbian^3 style theme/wallpaper (and some other slight changes).
  • But to have Symbian^3, it would need to have processing power much higher than the N97/mini right? (If not, great news for N97 users if it means you might get S^3).
  • So could this be the first 600MHz Symbian touch phone from Nokia and NOT the fabled X10?
  • That dialpad is more reminiscent of S60 5th Edition rather than having those “dot indicators” of which homescreen you’re in.
  • Most likely, it is S60 5th.

Anyway, onto the keyboard. It seems a standard Nokia fare at first but there are some marked improvements.


  • Love it or hate it, the C6 has a D-Pad which eats a lot of space that could have been better served by having more keys. (Potentially 8 more – see crude paint job below)
  • I don’t know what Nokia has against having a dedicated numbers row.
    • When they have a 3-row, an extra row would bring numbers row with secondary symbols as standard keyboard layout, but no.
  • However, Ignoring the dpad/arrows, C6 has the most buttons on a Nokia touch/QWERTY hybrid keyboard.
    • More than the N97 (33), N97 mini (34) and N900 (34) as C6 has 39 buttons!
  • It has two shift buttons for toggling caps lock, one on the left, the other on the right.
  • It retains the symbols button to get additional symbols (easier than maemo 5’s silly 2 button combination)
  • There’s a Control button. It seems it can also put the phone into silent mode. Control might be for easier copy and paste.
  • Function button. The diagonal arrow suggests this is for secondary keys (like N900).
  • Basic punctuation keys have dedicated buttons so you won’t need to press a button first to activate full-stop, comma or apostrophe .,’ This was a silly flaw in the N97, slowly improving with the N900/N97 mini (though it was still stupid to have apostrophe on the M)
  • The Spacebar is in the middle (technically) when you’re holding the C6 (again see crude paint job below)

The only uncertain thing is the tactile feedback which I can’t glean from images alone. But if it’s on the same level as the N97 mini or N900 (fingers crossed, better) the C6 might potentially have the best keyboard from a Nokia Touch/QWERTY hybrid.

That’s not to say it’s the best out there (hello Touch Pro 2). Nokia is slowly getting the idea that if it’s worth putting a QWERTY keyboard, there should be investment in making a really good one (as opposed to just ticking a box). Ideally I’d have something like the N920 concept keyboardor this N900/n92o keyboard mashup but that’s just me.

Not shown as it would take too much time...A dedicated numbers row could be achieved if the QWERTY shifted one key to the right (like N900) so you have Function/Control/Symbols on one side, freeing up the bottom row to take the z-m row of letters. The spacebar would then move to the right like Nokia likes.

Review: Nokia X6

January 10, 2010 9 comments

Ok now for the review I’ve been promising (Sorry for the delay…had a couple of issues!!)

I’m sure you have already seen my previous 2 posts…if not check them out:

Nokia X6 Unboxing (Stop Motion)

Gallery: Nokia X6 vs N900 vs N97

I’ve had the X6 now for 4 days and honestly I was split about it until i started to write this review and realised what this phone can really do! I love the look and feel of the phone, it’s comfortable and easy to hold, a bit of weight so you know it’s there but not so much that it feels like it’s weighing you down. I’m not going to bore you with a full list of everything it has as you can see that on the Nokia Site, but it does have a lot, like 5mp camera, A-GPS, capacitative screen (but no multi touch 😦 …yet), 32GB memory, so with all this you can’t go wrong (or can you!).

In the Box

  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia Battery (BL-5J) – 1320mAh
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-8)
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable (CA-101) – normal length cable, not the mini one.
  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-701) – In ear with incline controls.
  • User Guide
  • Mini DVD
  • Comes With Music leaflet – This has your CWM activation code on it.
Nokia X6 - Accessories

Nokia X6 - Accessories

You get a decent set of kit in the box, and I’m liking the new(ish) WH-701 headphones, not only are they in-ear, they also have all the controls you would expect on them, such as call, volume, play/pause, next track and previous track, and so it’s not pulling down on you, it has a clip on the back to hold it in place. I did notice that on the proper product page it shows that it comes with the WH-500 headset, the UK shop does show the WH-701, but I checked the Finland shop and it says it has the WH-500! – I think I prefer the WH-701 but know some people might have wanted the WH-500.




OK I’ll start with the software, it is basically the same Symbian S60 5th OS that you see on the 5800 and 5530. There is kinetic scrolling in most places like option lists, contacts, etc., but annoyingly there are also a couple of places without it, i.e. in the main menu. Not sure why Nokia decided to do this, but might just bug me more then anyone else because I had the N97 where they put it quite literally everywhere when they finally added it!

This is Nokia’s flagship X-Series phone and as such they finally put the long awaited Capacitive screen on it, which is a joy to use, but I think Nokia forgot one key thing…where is the multitouch??? I have heard speculation that it’s not got it because of apple parents, but then how can palm, HTC, etc. launch phones with it, so lets just hope this is something coming in a future update.

X6 Music - Main

X6 Music - Main

With the music player, it is the standard now that Nokia have set, so you get the album arts, if they are available, the option to change several settings, such as equaliser, shuffle, balance (make one side louder – can be useful for when you connect to external speakers), loudness (Bass booster effect), and Stereo widening.

X6 Music - Equaliser

X6 Music - Equaliser

X6 Music - Setup

X6 Music - Setup

One of the things I was disappointed to find was that there was no FM Transmitter, which I think is a shame, as this is a Music phone, and it is something the phone should have!!

The phone does have support for e-mail via IMAP, POP and even Mail for Exchange, but i’m sure that a lot of Nokia fan’s have noticed this in the all latest Nokia smartphones. To pass the time you also get a few games which are pre-installed on the phone which are: Spore, D Mix Tour, and Asphalt4 which all appear to be full versions.

The phone does auto-rotate into landscape mode in almost every place, such as contacts, gallery, maps, even the main menu, and I have read a quick review from someone else which says it’s slow but I personally have not found this to be the case…it takes about 1/2 to 3/4 of a second for it to switch which personally I think is right, any quicker and I think it would just switch over when you don’t want it to. (I will have to admit to you guys that one of the main reason’s I didn’t have this review done earlier is because for some reason my auto-rotate stopped working after a day…it was probably something I did or just the S60 5th playing up, but after a quick reset, all is well! – I will update you if it happens again).

One of the key places this auto rotate is used is for texting or any sort of text input, where in portrait mode, you have the Alphanumeric keypad, and the only way to use the qwerty is by rotating it into landscape, and it makes sense because having a capacitive screen and therefore not being able to use a stylus, trying to fit a qwerty in portrait mode would have been a huge mistake. The only things that are missing from the input methods are predictive on the qwerty and handwriting mode, but I suppose the latter is missing because of the lack of stylus use and honestly I doubt many people use it (although it does have full screen hand writing mode for Chinese text input!)

Alphanumeric vs qwerty

Alphanumeric vs qwerty

When I was reading through the specs on the Nokia site, I noticed 2 things straight away, it said it had a image and video editor on the phone so I had to check this out as the video editor has been missing from soo many of the N-Series phones lately…strange they would add to a music phone! (this doesn’t mean we want you to take it off Nokia!) Firstly the image editor, which was exactly what you had seen on the N97, etc, you can crop, change brightness, contrast, resize, etc.

Image Editor

Image Editor

Now for the bit I really wanted to check out, the video editor, it seems you can do a few very useful things:

Video Edit Options

Video Edit Options

  • Merge with another video or image file (shows image for about 2-3 seconds before or after the clip!)
  • Change sound – Replace the audio with a music file or a pre-recorded audio commentary, etc.

    Insert Sound Clip

    Insert Sound Clip

  • Add Text (Shows for about 3-4 seconds before or after the clip) – i.e. if you want to add a title or credits!
  • Cut the video (remove some of the start and/or end of the video)

    Video Cut

    Video Cut

  • Take snapshot – this is actually in the  cut menu, just move the top blue/purple bar to where you want and click Options –> Take snapshot

To give you an idea i have shot a video on the x6 and edited it in several ways and saved it separately, you can see results below:

Original Video taken on X6 – Unedited

Edited Video taken on X6 – (Text and image added to start, 8 seconds cut off end, and audio track changed)

As you can see it’s easy enough to edit on there and I love this feature, so please Nokia don’t remove it from future smartphones!



I think if you look at the phone, there is no doubt that this is a great looking phone, so far everyone I have shown it to loves the look and feel of it. Here are a few Nokia press photo’s (because I can’t take photo’s to do the phone justice!):

Nokia X6

Nokia X6

Personally I got the Black/Red one as I think it looks better but they are both very nice.

The back case is matt hard plastic which I think feels good in your hand, not cheap or flimsy and still has a gloss finish on the top, bottom and front to complement the capacitive glass touch-screen. There is some metal on either side of the screen which is flush thankfully as I found the raised trim on the N97 and N900 a bit annoying. The only other place you see metal is around the camera which is slightly raised and I assume this is to help protect the camera lens as it does not have a cover.

Something I am glad the X6 has is the mechanical buttons for the call/end call/menu like on the 5800, I was not a fan of the touch ones on the 5530 and the N97.

As I’ve already mentioned, the capacitive screen is great to use, no more pushing down to try to press something, but as it’s just the generic S60 5th software it sometimes seems to register the press (i.e. highlight a link) but it does not actually go to the link I clicked which can get annoying…although that might just be me. Now it’s just missing multi touch so common Nokia!!

The inputs are all at the top of the phone, from left to right you have Micro USB connector (Data only – not sure why they have not made it a charger), 3.5 mm audio/video jack, 2mm charger connector, and the Power button. The left side only has the SIM slot and stereo speaker, right side has volume/zoom key, lock key, and camera key, and the base just has the hole for the mic and lanyard.

Nokia’s standard now seems to be the 5mpx camera, which personally I think is just right for phones, do you really need something that takes pictures bigger then 2592 x 1944 pixels?? and if you want to record video’s you have a decent 640 x 480 and up to 30 fps (which is TV quality) – you can also choose widescreen mode which just reduces the hight of the video to 352 but personally I don’t see the point to this as I’d much prefer to shoot at full resolution and crop later if I wanted to (or edit using the in built video editor I mentioned earlier).


I’ll start off with the storage, you have a huge 32GB to play with here and with the Comes With Music service, you can enjoy a years free music to fill it up, it’s annoying that there isn’t a memory card slot, but to be honest it doesn’t really need it! On top of that, Nokia haven’t skimped out on the C: Phone memory which you get an ample 300mb which I doubt you will fill up!

One of the first things I actually tested on the phone was the GPS, which I love on this phone, it actually picks up (and keeps single) within 5-10 seconds, 90% of the time for me, and that sometimes goes up to about 15-20 seconds when I’m indoors which is probably one of the best I have seen! I won’t go into the navigation as it’s the standard ovi Maps 3.0 but so you know you do get 10 separate days of navigation free (which means you can use any one of those days when ever you want!)

Navigation Licence

Navigation Licence

You get full 3.5G (HSDPA) and WiFi support, so you know you are getting the fastest internet speeds and loading for normal sites seems quite quick, although some flash heavy sites do take a little while but I personally can’t fault the phone for that!


Ok I thinks that’s about it, my personal opinion of the phone is that it’s a joy to use and I want thinking of if I would keep the phone or not, but I think I will…I just can’t get enough of it…and not I have gone completely touch screen as this replaced my Nokia 5310 which was a great little phone! (not that I don’t plan to keep it just in case!!)

If I’ve missed anything you want me test to add or you have any feelings about the phone your self, please comment below.

p.s. I will see if I can do a camera comparison with my N900 asap so watch this space! You can see my X6 vs N900 camera comparison here: Camera: X6 vs N900

Freeware: Candle on the Nokia N97 (and other S60 5th Edition)

September 24, 2009 2 comments

Here’s “Candle” another one of those free apps where it’s just difficult to see any practical use for it. Maybe waving it at a gig? Impromptu candle for a romantic dinner?

It’s a realistic candle that you can put out by swiping, and lighting up by double swiping. It works in portrait and landscape though it would have been preferable if it just worked in portrait (so you’d have a longer candle) and used the accelerometer to change the position and flickering of the flame.

Download it for Free at the Ovi Store

Free Game: Jueguito (Keepy Uppie) for the Nokia N97/5800/5530/Samsung i8910

August 1, 2009 1 comment

Here’s a full touchscreen game for the Nokia N97 and other S60 5th Edition handset: Jueguito

It’s a keepy uppie game with 2 modes:

  1. Free Play: See how many consecutive “kicks” you can keep the football up
  2. Timed: Get as many “kicks” within 45 seconds as possible, even if you drop it.

It’s a very simple, very light (200kb), but very well implemented game (decent, speedy animation and game play). It’s got sound, but it’s a repetitive loop that gets annoying (you can turn it off) and it also currently only works in landscape mode.

Here’s a video demo of Jueguito in action:

Download it from MegaUpload

Via blog-n97

The Phones Show: Episode 82 – Nokia N97 video review/how the N97 could have been improved

June 10, 2009 4 comments

Steve Litchfield of AllAboutSymbian has recently published Episode 82 of the ever popular , “The Phones Show”

Topics covered:

  • iPhone 3Gs announced
  • Nokia Ovi Store – better than “downloads” app but still has a long way to go
  • S.E. Xperia 1 – new firmware
  • Opera Mobile Update – v9.7 – uses turbo which boosts rendering speed as much as 25%
  • Most of the video though is about the Nokia N97 review

In the Video review of the Nokia N97, There’s an overall sense of disappointment which I somewhat agree with. Whilst being a great handset, the N97 could have been the ultimate smartphone (at least hardware wise) had Nokia put more effort. i.e.

How the N97 could have been improved

  • If you’re going to add a camera – give it xenon flash (maybe bump up the MP)
  • if you’re going to add a keyboard, give us an excellent configuration with minimal compromise (don’t cram into three rows where numbers share the top letter row)
  • If the d-pad is for N-gage gaming, give us dedicated graphics processor with more RAM to actually play decent games (maybe even bump up the processor)
  • If you’re gonna want us to multi task, give us more RAM
  • If you’re gonna add a touch screen; optimise it for finger use and give us capacitive display – the whole glove issue/handwriting advantage with stylus is outweighed tenfold by the advantage of having a slick, super sensitive, super responsive touch screen (than can also potentially support real multi touch)
  • [The UI itself requires a completely new post for discussion – as well as a general overhaul]

But such additions would have come at a price; probably a price too steep given the N97’s intended longevity (or lack of) and mass market target.

Nseries (and Nokia in general) have a  habbit of announcing a successor only months after the release of the predecessor. In the UK, the N97 will end up on 18/24 month contracts, which means through the contract route, customers will most definitely meet several N97 successors but (being trapped in the contract) will not get the chance to upgrade.

In this “current economic climate” where contracts are 2 years long, phones should also have a longevity of about 2 years – which the N97 could have achieved, had it actually received the aformentioned suggested changes.

But as long as Nokia want users to regularly upgrade, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Furthermore, with Nokia’s continued strategy of appealing to wide variety of markets, they inevitably lose the focus to create one amazing phone; instead diluting resources and making several “nearly there” killer smartphones.

The N97 is essentially one of the best “Jack of All Trades…” smartphones, giving you pretty good performance in every feature it has, but as the phrase continues, “… master of none”, being trumped by other handsets (HTC Touch Pro2 – better keyboard/Satio – better camera/i8910 – more RAM and faster processor and capacitive display)

via 3lib

Nokia N97 Sample Photos!

May 25, 2009 2 comments

Now the N97 is by no way a Camera oriented device; not in today’s standards anyway (Grrr, Nokia!!) but 5MP Carl Zeiss isn’t too shabby at all.

Below are some image samples said to have been taken by the N97. I say “said” as it looks astonishingly good compared to previous photo samples we’ve seen from N97 reviews. I’d say it’s because it’s in really good lighting conditions, but even the cloudy one [last] with the rainbow looks clear.


I’d be very happy if it turns out that the N97 can make great shots like this – it may make up for the fact Nokia annoyingly took out Xenon Flash.

Someone though please take some indoor shots? Also people shots – indoors?

Via thesymbianblog