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MeeGo Handset Guidelines: More details and screenshots of MeeGo Phone UI

June 30, 2010 27 comments

Freshly pressed from the MeeGo site are developer guidelines. It’s a very interesting read about the Brand New MeeGo Phone UI. Cheers for heads up Andre.

  1. Introduction
  2. MeeGo Basics
  3. Designing your Application
  4. Theming
  5. Appendix

These are only some of what the document includes.

Check out multitasker. Linear N8/Pre like then N900 like grid. WIN. Also check out that 4*4 grid icons (not 3x4 like in the screenshots)


Linear view doesn’t seem to just scroll left or ride, the panels flick across. Pinch zoom for grid view (up to 3×3). Very nice as it gives the option of the more eye catching linear view and the more functional grid view. These thumbnails are live (not sure how live, like Maemo Live where  you can see videos playing, flash loading, photos rotating?)

The multitask/switcher button is on the screen at top left corner (i’d love a multitask button please, ala shortcutD n900).

To exit, click the X. I wish we had Palm Pre like swipe away.

A host of gestures:

The “new” Lock screen.

It’s new in a way that you move the lock BUTTON up into the wallpaper. That’s kinda cool and new in a way. I hope maybe you could drag the lock button anywhere (and not just linear up) otherwise it’s just a slide up with invisible track. Only when left in a certain area should the screen unlock.

Video: MeeGo Phone UI

After Meego’s spectacular world official unveiling (sarcasm :-)) the team also unveiled a short video of a disguised device (I think) running the OS

Meego looks very promising and I like all the colourful background, I hate the icons too much Samsung touch wizzy thing going on but I am hopeful they will sort that out. But is has nice TRANSITIONS YYEEESSS !!!! 🙂

Now I don’t have a clue what the device is but my first guess was the N900 now I am not so sure but anyway enjoy the video

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MeeGo 1.1 Day 1 (MeeGo Phone UX)

June 30, 2010 12 comments

Today, the MeeGo project announced and presented their Day 1 release, a developers’ preview of their upcoming OS and UI for mobile devices.

The Day 1 release is the first taste that the community at large has to view, interact and provide feedback on the newest Linux-based OS to hit the block. Given that this isn’t even remotely close to a finished product there are quite a few bugs associated with the release that will obviously be dealt with in due course. I’ll reiterate that this isn’t something for Average Joe’s that just so happen to own the N900. You’ve been warned!

Those interested can download ROM images for the new OS for their Atom powered  netbooks and/or handsets or for their N900’s at the following link.

There are a view screenshots of the  OS available  right now from the MeeGo blog itself and it’s expected that videos from persons that have downloaded and used the OS will obviously come along as time goes by.

An image taster and link to the MeeGo blog are provided below.

Note that these pictures are of a concept device.

Nokia N900 Vuvuzela App for Maemo 5

June 30, 2010 3 comments

@benjezzy has created his first ever App: “Vuvuzela” for the Nokia N900. This infamous droning sound has (dis/)graced your TV screens whilst you watch the World Cup. YouTube’s even added a Vuvuzela button to celebrate it, masking out any audible video sound with what appears to be a tsunami of bees. It’s not the most loved of “musical instruments”, but certainly one of the most memorable. (Symbian users can buy alternative Vuvuzela App for £1 on Ovi Store)

You can change the colours of the vuvuzela and background…why? To match your team colours of course.

On Benjezzy’s to do list for this app:

-And a menubar with an about button….
-Give possibility to change the image of the Vuvuzela
-Maybe add more sounds?
-Add a “Pause” button?
-Definitely look into a portrait solution

There’s more chatter on about this app – why not let @benjezzy know what you think of it?

You can download it from the App Manager but you’ll need to have Extras Devel (soon just Extras) catalogue to find it. Click here to find out more about these catalogues.

(Will update with own screenshots later when I find out why my catalogues aren’t refreshing)

What a dog thinks of the vuvuzela.


Video: Unboxing of the Nokia E73 with tnkgrl – “it puts your BlackBerry to shame -it’s that good. It’s the best non-touch business phone money can buy”

June 30, 2010 7 comments

Tnkgrl has posted her unboxing and thoughts on the Nokia E73 Mode.

  • Differences with E72: MicroUSB charging on E73 vs MicroUSB and 2mm Nokia port – front soft keys are plastic instead of metal like E73; keyboard is curved and not flat; designed to operate on T-mobile’s 3G
  • Camera is really amazing – taken some incredible shots with E73. Don’t write it off as JUST a business phone. This is a really impressive camera, “probably the best I’ve seen on a business phone”
  • Box contents: MicroUSB car charger, Nokia microUSB AC adapter, headphones, short microUSB cable, Eseries carry pouch and manual
  • 70USD on contract – it’ll put your blackberry to shame, it’s that good. It’s the best non-touch business phone money can buy (tnkgrl is a very trusted mobile geek and uses all platforms, not just those on Nokia. e.g. her last post on her blog is unboxing of iPhone 4.
  • T-mob haven’t screwed up the software (have not added their usual lovely bloatware and killing Nokia services) – Ovi services there, like Maps (hence car adapter/charger.)
  • You can easily go for a week on standby with E73 battery.
  • Looks and feels like E72 and that’s a good thing. Feels really premium.

Nokia N8 GPU compared, again

June 30, 2010 26 comments

The OpenGL ES Benchmark is a benchmarking application written to test the abilities of a mobile device’s2D and 3D graphics rendering capabilites as it relates to speed/efficiency of use OpenGL ES API’s.

Open GL API’s are used in a large number of consumer electronics including but not limited to mobile phones & consumer gaming systems. Due to their use in a number of mobile operating systems as the official graphics rendering API’s it allows a significantly higher degree of cross-platform/device comparisons to be made in lieu of  OS-to-OS differences.

Through my regular forum hopping, I chanced upon an image showing a comparison between a number of currently available devices and other devices still awaiting release. The image clearly shows that the N8 is definitely among the top contender with regards to graphics capabilities. However, just looking at the GL benchmark homepage and top 5 available, one would be inclined to believe that the N8 is eclipsed only by the Samsung I9000.

Fortunately, drilling deeper into the results data as shown in the image below shows rather clearly the N8 leading and handily beating the I9000 in a number of different tests comprising the overall benchmark. One may argue that this is due to differences in resolution, but given that the resolution difference between the two is equivalent to a factor of  5/3 or 1.66667 times more pixels that the I9000 has to push compared to th N8, some of these tests indicate almost a doubling of performance with the N8. Given that the I9000 running a 1GHz “Hummingbird” applications processor and a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU widely accepted as top of the current class, it must be said that signs look promising with regards to rendering capabilities of the newest Nokia imaging king.

Of course, benchmarks alone don’t determine the speed at which the UI will run or even what the user’s experience with the device will be. This sort of performance of the  GPU though would play handily into Symbian’s favor with its GPU accelerated UI, something which  Android seemingly lacks. Hopefully Nokia and developers can both capitalise on this promising piece of HW.

Another thing to note would be that the GPU has been confirmed yet to be a broadcom GPU most likely the same BCM2727 being bandied about the internet as evidenced by the following screens. Note the line GL_renderer which mentions “VideoCore III HW” the same core found in the BCM2727.

More information on the Broadcom GPU/VPU can be found here.


Thanks Ahmed360


The Iphone4 has been added to the GL Benchmark site as of today iPhone 4&D2=Nokia N8

The iPhone is better at textures by a noticeable margin than the N8 but seems worse at skinning and lighting.

Caveat: There are quite a few Extensions and optimisations for the Iphone 4 when compared to the N8

Results page and large images

Video: Nokia N8 Demo again – Kill Switch and reboot demo (unintentional, but hey there we go)

June 29, 2010 9 comments

Here’s yet another Nokia N8 hands on by V3. And not a recent one at that, but taken two weeks ago at the London Event. Since then we have seen many, many N8 demoes where there is definitely a positive growth in performance of S^3, which is worth noting since this particular N8 didn’t perform as well as we have seen (most likely not being on the same firmware).

  • Opening up music player seemed quite quick.
  • No transitions by default (most likely you have to activate this in settings). Seriously, why?! Put the transitions on by default Nokia.
  • Another example whereby Nokia have inconsistent demonstration devices. To be fair on Nokia, this media demo in London was not expected to this volume (many additional N8 and N8 personnel were called up) but having said that, the previous N8 crashing demo was in the main Singapore event.
  • Note that in this demo, visual multitasker DOESN’T work.It’s big ass ugly icons. I can’t stand just having icons for multitasking. Good thing this was an isolated incident with this N8.
  • Scratch test demo again (same guy that did the Shiny Media scratch test. Poor guy seemed to have forgotten the screen resolution of N8)
  • Demo of the Kill button (since we can’t whip out the battery, you just long press the N8’s power button – he says for 30 seconds, Nokia said 8. After then it will vibrate 3  times. )
  • Bootup takes about 30 seconds from Off to visible homescreen


MeeGo Q&A with Valtteri Halla – All MeeGo devices can use AppUp & Ovi Store; Future Synergy with Android; Linux to dominate Symbian

June 29, 2010 4 comments

FierceDeveloper’s Mike Dano had an exclusive interview with Director for MeeGo, Valtteri Halla.

Some very interesting keypoints:

MeeGo vs Symbian: MeeGo geared for high end, beyond handsets.

  • Companies can mix and match what they want in MeeGo – Nokia will have their proprietary applications suite.
  • Nokia are positioning MeeGo as an Alternative to Android
  • Nokia are NOT worried about fragmentation as Qt will mean apps for Symbian will be available for MeeGo and vice versa. Similarly any apps from any platform made on Qt will be compatible. Android, WebOS, Windows – as long as Qt is involved.
  • Intel AppUp is the universal MeeGo store. Each company may have their separate store. Nokia have Ovi Store. Halla says any MeeGo device can use any of these (Ovi Store or AppUp).
  • MeeGo is for consumer market first but will have great opportunity too for business
  • MeeGo is VERY carrier/network friendly. Apple’s App Store is not friendly to operators and Android Market more focused on running Google services. MeeGo provides more choice.
  • Nokia see three players in OS viable for operators: Android, Apple iOS and MeeGo  (not  WebOS, WP7, Bada or even Symbian)
  • In next 2-3 years MeeGo apps shipping hundreds of thousands of applications. Some specific to device category, some general to all categories.
  • Basic group of 10 or more device manufacturers shipping MeeGo into HANDSETS (similar groups in other areas)
  • Nokia sees Linux taking over the smartphone (over Symbian) – and high end market  which Linux? Their MeeGo?
  • There will be a certain cooperation and convergence between Android and MeeGo, sharing commonalities and compliances over time to drive their synergy with Linux at the high end.

via FierceDeveloper

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Video:Nokia Video Cuts – Automatic Keyframes for super quick searching within videos. V. cool Experimental prototype

June 29, 2010 4 comments

An experimental app from Nokia Research Centre, Beta Labs allows the automatic splitting of your videos into key frames thus making it really easy to find the thumbnail of a particular scene and quickly jump to it, instead of having to aimlessly drag the seek bar.

Whilst this would of course be useful for movies (though it doesn’t read .avi) this is even better for your own videos. If like me you may have a load of random videos on your phone, it’s hard to tell what’s actually in the video. This helps a lot by giving you a bunch of action thumbnails that happens within each video. Plus you don’t even need to open the video, as you can see in the screenshot above

The player itself, thumbnail scrolling and switching scenes is VERY fast.

You’ll need an Ovi Account to download it from Nokia Beta Labs

  • At first start up, it’ll compile videos you have on your phone. The time it takes will depend on the number of videos (and possibly how long they are).
  • Next start up is faster
  • Video browser page works in landscape or portrait but player is understandably in landscape
  • Player can automatically go into full screen, but just touching brings up the keyframes (video still plays) you can scroll and quickly switch to a new frame.
  • Not sure how it decides to split videos. I thought longer videos would have more splits but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe it works out different looking scenes? Makes more sense this way.
  • Newer videos are at the top, when you scroll down a bar at the top moves like a seek bark filling up as you descend your video collection. Nice alternative to a scroll bar.
  • Has a somewhat strange scroll where if you scroll down and don’t touch it, it automatically scrolls back up. For some reason it has now switched to always scrolling down. hmmm….

Screenshot didn't get the player (came out black)

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Video: Lady Geek TV Episode #1 – New Mobile App Show. Ovi highlights + chance to win a Nokia X6.

June 29, 2010 7 comments

A new mobile app show has popped up on YouTube starring a couple of ladies. These girls aren’t just pretty faces – they’re tech geeks! Lady Geeks.

I’m unfamiliar with Debs (on the right – who sounds Welsh :D) but Rhiain Morgan (who’s definitely Welsh 😀 – yay Wales!) is an ex T3 editor and true tech geek. Debs is the main presenter for the next 12 weeks and she’ll be joined by many other Lady Geeks, such as Rhiain and Maggie Philbin (BBC Radio/TV presenter)

This is a very professionally done Mobile App show with a very straight forward aim explained below in their blurb:

The Lady Geek App Show aims to break down the cliches of the gadget industry by putting smartphone apps to work in real women’s lives. Each show will showcase the latest and greatest apps for the leading smartphone brands and was devised following YouGov Sixth Sense research- which showed that more smartphones were bought by women then by men in the past six months, but twice as many women have still not downloaded a SINGLE app.

“Women told us they were frustrated with the sheer volume of apps available and struggled to find apps which made a genuine difference to their lives.’s goal is to show how apps can help with every-day tasks so that people can get the most from their smartphone” said Belinda Parmar, Founder of Lady Geek. will showcase the very-best apps, on all platforms – there’s something for Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and Android customers.

The U.K. market strongly leads in growth of smartphone adoption over the past year and there are more than 11 million smart-phone users in the UK – a growth of 70% according to comscore.

The Lady Geek team will be giving weekly give-aways to participating audience members, including the latest Nokia smartphones such as the X6 and the stylish E72 in white. We will also invite women and men to tell her what their favourite apps are for our app wall of fame.

The show will be hosted here at Lady Geek TV or you can download our videos directly from the Ovi Store

In their first episode, there is a mini spin off for just Ovi Related things, Maps and App Store. The girls do a navigation test of Paper vs Ovi Maps and show case some useful apps on the Ovi Store.

The full show is below which also brings in devices from other platforms.

Interestingly, one of the first “women useful apps” they review here is a toilet finding app, Sit or Squatt on BlackBerry or iPhone.

Touch Note is another cool app where you take a photo, add a caption and a message and this can be transformed into a Physical postcard that will be mailed to your chosen address. Neat service.

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