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Clue Number 4: Search For N…

May 31, 2009 20 comments

Clue Number 4 for the search for N has just emerged from

1st Tweet:


2nd Tweet2

3rd Tweet:


4th Tweet


5th Tweet



When you reckon you’ve solved the fourth clue, go to:

where you can check your answer and hopefully get your fourth green tick. Solving all 5 clues correctly and you might get your hands on a Nokia N97! For the previous three clues, see the posts below.

The 5th Clue will be released on Tuesday 2nd June 2009.


(Note: the answer sheet on does not seem to be open yet for the fourth clue. Maybe they just haven’t managed to “unlock” that bit or there’s more to the twitter clue  – if so, this post will be updated accordingly or you can check them out at )

All’s set – thanks guys! Good luck with Clue Number 4 (and Number 3 as well if you haven’t got that yet :D)

Nokia N97 Low Light Photo Samples! (and N82 extreme low light photos)

May 31, 2009 10 comments

We’ve seen sample pictures from the N97 before, e.g. here and here. But we haven’t really seen it perform under less than optimum conditions, i.e. poor lighting, with people posing in poor lighting – mostly relying on the flash for additional illumination.

The following samples from the N97 don’t seem to be using the Dual LED flash, but in these circumstances (except the last photo) you don’t really need it.


This first one, the distance would have been too far even for Xenon flash, and the N97 seems to cope well.


Looks a little pale here.



These wine glasses would have been obliterated with reflections if Xenon were used.


Not sure if the Dual LED flash was on. If it was me and the N82 there, you would be able to see those people's faces.

Without actually testing the Nokia N97 under extreme low lighting conditions (virtually no lighting), I still cannot  say I can give up the N82 as my phone/camera for nights out and use the N97 instead. Carrying a compact is an option, but then you’re gonna have to carry that in addition to your phone. Alright for most girls as they’re used to being lumbered with bags, but not the best option for guys who just have pockets. Subjectively, with alcohol, the less things to worry about, the better.

Take a look at these random selection of photos taken by the N82 (please ignore the repeat N97 ones), nearly all of which would have appeared pitch black just like the last photo above taken by the N97 had it not been for the Xenon Flash. These were some of the only ones safe to put up outside facebook.

Blog-N97 Via The Symbian Blog

Clue Number 3: Search for N…

May 30, 2009 241 comments

Third Clue for the Search For N…

Note: Clue three is a 4-part collaborative clue, i.e. has part one of the four parts required to work out the clue. You have to find part two, three and four in order to work out the third clue.

I’ll update this post with the other parts when I find them:

Thanks to those who’ve located the last part of the clue. Here’s all four of them, slightly slowed down.

There appears to be a common theme in all parts of the clues. 🙂

When you think you’ve worked out Clue 3, go to: to check your answer, and hopefully get your third green tick.

Only two more clues to go, so keep an eye out for them, as well as the previous two clues that have already passed. Solving them all may get your hands on a Nokia N97!

Previous Clues:


Clue Number 4 will appear tomorrow (Sunday 31st May 09) on

Clue 4

Video: Nokia N97 Disassembly

May 30, 2009 2 comments

Want to see the guts of the Nokia N97?

It’s not a pretty site, as the N97 is torn down systematically to its innards. A bit like what Iive in Anatomy to cadavers, it’s interesting to see exactly what and where the parts of the N97 are located, e.g. I’ve always wanted to know where the connection point was between the screen and the main body was (you can see it at 1:00)

If for some reason you wanted to replace a part of the N97 (others used similar videos to replace covers/microphones/keypads on other Nseries devices, e.g. N95/N82) I would not recommend at all that you do this yourself. Bring it along to a Nokia repair centre instead.

The Phones Show: Episode 81

May 29, 2009 2 comments

The latest episode of The Phones Show, (known before as the Smartphone Show) with All About Symbian’s Steve Litchfield.

I’ve just left my exam early and posting from the Library computers (whilst I wait for everyone to finish) which has no speakers :(. However, Steve says this show covers:

  • News from Mobile World
  • Interview with Raj Singh, from the makers of Skyfire
  • and Teaser for Steve’s Nokia N97 review

Via 3lib

Hello Satio! Idou released as Sony Ericsson Satio

May 29, 2009 3 comments

sony-ericsson-satio-13.5″ Screen, Symbian Foundation, 12MP with Xenon flash – a combination you’d expect from Nseries devices, yet this is being brought to us by Sony Ericsson. Known by many as the Idou, Sony Ericsson now officially launches ther flagship device as the Satio.

Expected in Q4, this multimedia marvel is a worthy rival to both Samsung’s i8910 Omnia HD and of course, Nokia’s N97.

Which phone is best, depends on what’s best for you, i.e. what fits your needs. I’m pretty smitten with the form factor/keyboard of the N97 and plan to do a lot of mobile blogging when I get that device.

Why not get a device that’s more QWERTY based then? e.g. HTC Touch Pro2. Well I also want the balance of multimedia features which those lack – whereas, although dated, you get a decent 5MP camera and widescreen VGA video recording, 32GB on board memory and widgets.

I’ve mentioned this a million times, but had the N97 been endowed with Xenon, that would have given it more flexibility as an imaging device. After all, megapixels isn’t everything; it’s how effectively you use those pixels.

via mobile gazette

Clue Number 2: Search for N

May 28, 2009 18 comments

Here is the next clue for the Search for the N:1


Can you tell what it is yet? These images seem to be pretty random, but they appear to be symbols: e.g. More code for dots and dashes, Binary for 010101 and Semaphore for the flags. Or that could all just be wrong and they are just random. 😀

When you work it out, be sure to post your answer

Be sure to also  check out Clue Number 1 if you haven’t got it already: here


Side Note: The answers which you can check on are NOT for the riddles that are appearing on other blogs. That is an entirely different Search for N. (Confusing, I know, but hey, more chances to get your hands on a Nokia N97)