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Nokia Beta Labs now brings Nokia Software Updater (NSU) 3.0.223 Beta

December 4, 2010 3 comments

Hey all, it’s LLAADD again!

It looks like the people over at Nokia Beta Labs are really working hard to get us all some nice things before x-mas as they have just churned out yet another update and this time it is in the form of Nokia Software Updater (aka NSU) 3.0.223 beta which has minor updates from the previous NSU 3.0.156 back in October.

Before I tell you about the changes I just wanted to say keep up the good work to the people over at Nokia Beta Labs as this is the third thing this week and 7th thing in the last 2 weeks which is a jam packed fortnight in the world of software!

OK back to NSU, this update will help to fix some of those bugs with trying to update applications on the N8  as well as the way it helps you to recover your phone if the unfortunate happened and update failed. A full list of updates is below Read more…

Connectivity Analyzer from Nokia Beta Labs!

November 28, 2010 7 comments

Hey all, it’s been a while since i’v properly blogged on “My Nokia Blog” but as I no longer have time to post as much as i’d like to on my own, I thought Jay wouldn’t mind me posting here!

One of the recent creations from the people over at Nokia Beta Labs yet again helps us to solve an issue that I’m sure we have all had at one point or another…”Why won’t my phone connect….AAAGGGHHHH”.

“Connectivity Analyzer” from Nokia Beta Labs does exactly what it says on the tin, it tries to figure out well (or not so well) your phone connects to either a Wireless LAN in your home or somewhere else, or Packet Data connections through the mobile network of your choice.

Here is what the developers have to say about it:

Read more…

An Interview with the Nokia C7 Lead Designer

October 28, 2010 1 comment

The Nokia C7 is one of the sexiest devices launched this year, actually it might be the best looking device launched this year and It was a hard choice for me between the C7 and the N8, but the N8 won in the end with the you know what mega feature. Anyway the guys over at the official Nokia blog interviewed the Lead designer of the C7 Tomas Ivaškevičius, in the video he goes through the design process off what I call the hottest looking phone of the year.


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N8 dummies at Vodafone

Absolute beauties 😀

While I was strolling though the city centre I spotted that Vodafone had N8 dummies with a coming soon label next to them in store and had to have a quick look and DAMM the devices feel AMAZING and they are only DUMMIES !!!! I wonder how the real devices must feel, I cannot wait to get my hands on a real device still deciding whether to sell the trusty E72 and go for this, after the bad news with the N9 possibly not coming this year my mind has changed a bit and I am again considering this device and the camera decision, decisions…..

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Nokia N8: So advanced its not available yet

This morning on the way to Uni I was flipping through the Metro and found this Tesco ad about the N8 and just had to chuckle and share this with you all 😀 The Nokia N8 so advanced its not even out yet !!!! 😀

BTW the price isn’t bad either £25 per month although its for 24 months


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Nokia N8 TV adverts

Web tv


Ovi maps

Ovi store

I reall like the direction Nokia is going with these ads my favorite one is the Ovi maps one


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Nokia N8 excitement and lines around the world

No your are not looking at another iPad line this is the lines of people from around the world hoping to pick up the new Nokia N8 pretty impressive I say for a company that allegedly cannot compete with the guys over at cupertino……

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The Nokia N8 is shipping !!!

September 30, 2010 107 comments

reminds me of fast food place 😀

Yes folks Nokia early this morning (why on earth I am up this early 6.30 am !!!) announced that the Nokia n8 is shipping just before the Q3 cut off date, so technically they did manage to release it on time. Devices have left China and Finland to be flown around the world to people that have pre ordered (maybe I should have :-() anyway Nokia goes on to say this is the highest pre order of any Nokia device before so I am thinking that people that have not pre ordered might be waiting a considerable time longer, I guess time will tell.  They also go on to provide pictures from the factory.

One of those beauties could be yours

let us know if you have received your device

via Nokia Conversations

Nokia N8 apparently not delayed (Updated)

September 21, 2010 54 comments

Nokia today denied that the N8 has been delayed, they expect the N8 to start shipping at the end of the third quarter and that hasn’t changed, Nokia’s explanation is that customer pre ordering from Nokia directly will get the N8 at a slightly different time then to people getting the N8 from their choosen network. So basically networks will be shipping devices at different times to people buying straight from Nokia. It seems the delay comes from shipping the large amounts of N8’s around the world rather than an issue with the N8.

That report seems to  reflect that from a statement from Nokia’s official blog.

Nokia conversations, Nokia’s official blog posted an update on their website clarifying the reports that came from Engadget saying the N8 has been delayed for a few week’s.

ESPOO, Finland – There have been a few stories this morning about the N8 availability which we feel need clarification. As we have previously said, we still expect to start the shipments by the end of the third quarter. As with every global launch, when the device reaches the hand of the customer will vary by market and operator.

We have received a record number of online pre-orders for the Nokia N8. We had targeted our online pre-order customers to receive their N8s by the end of September. As it can take time from the beginning of shipment to arriving at their doorstep, in full transparency, we have advised our pre-order customers that they should expect their new Nokia N8 in October.

Update It seems the delays are in fact true according to some of our readers, Rewes mentioned that it was confirmed that the N8 will be delayed in Netherlands and another reader ekngee also has said both pre orders and normal sales have been pushed back for mid october in Singapore. I just want to reiterate that no one knows what is going on so stay tuned we are still getting both sides of the story and mixed messages it is obviously a bad day for the PR department :-D.

I am gonna stick to my theory and say the N8 will not be delayed for Nokia’s more important markets and in some country’s it will be delayed.

thanks to Endaf for the heads up

via Nokia conversations & Straits times

Nokia’s new hire Peter Skillman talks

September 19, 2010 6 comments

Peter Skillman Nokia’s newest high profile employe after Steven Elop gave an interview to the guys at ZURB to talk about Mobile Experiences before jetting off to London to begin his new role with Nokia. He certainly said some very interesting things and he seems to be a very passionate outspoken guy that actually wants to do something new rather than going the safe route. He criticised both Apple and Motorola on their interfaces and also gave some points on how to make a Mobile experience perfect. From what I have seen this guy should work well with Elop considering Elop is a software guy and Skillman is obsessed with the getting the software experience dead on I mean look at the picture of him, he looks like a typical designer obsessed with things that normal people will find odd trust me I have meet a few not Skillman of course but people like that a good 😀

Some of the interesting highlights from the interview include :

  • Many smartphones have too much junk loaded on top of OS — a good example of this is Motoblur on top of Android.
  • Different functions in companies don’t talk to each other — most organizations feel like they are a university with a separate math, physics, and english departments which don’t talk to each other. Talking is where most of opportunity lies for design.
  • It’s very easy to copy a mobile phone — it takes about 8 hours to take apart a phone and laser scan the whole thing. It will take another 2 to 3 weeks and mimic and build any phone out there. The bar for delivering reasonable hardware has really come down.
  • Of my favourites that should also shut up the american skeptics

    Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity.

    Another good one

    4 Must Haves

    Peter casually mentioned that if you’re missing one of these you’re dead:

    • Delicious hardware
    • Cloud services
    • A rich user interface
    • Developer ecosystem

    You can actually read the whole interview and listen to the audio podcast here

    via ZURB

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