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Nokia N8 – timing, price, upgrade, where it will be sold

July 31, 2010 29 comments

According to a blog post by Eldar Murtazin, the Nokia N8 timing, price, and other info are apparently as below:

  • Price: 420GBP (iPhone 3Gs on play at 599GBP)
  • Release: Late September (September 25) – hmm, what about those August 25th rumours? Apparently due to revision of the cost, as told by Nokia PR director back in may
  • Asian markets will get free stylus. Russian markets apparently have a free silicone case. Eldar says N8 looks much better without the case. Seriously though, what manufacturer of phones that makes a beautiful aluminium handset puts a coloured casing to hide it huh?
  • Further changes into N8 firmware, with DivX being installed (hence why DivX probably wasn’t confirmed/denied during launch interviews, only in later posts from NokConv)
  • New firmware (to be flashed mid August). Stability improves significantly week on week, but still with some niggles (perhaps right now, not the final sales piece?)
  • New browser supposed to be coming Sept, but now Oct (Rafe has always said new browser was coming Oct, no?) N8 first to have new browser – will it be MicroB grade?
  • Hardware changes final


Video: Nokia N900 Flash 10.1 with Froyo Android 2.2

July 31, 2010 3 comments

Flash 10.1 has been much awaited on the Nokia N900 and here it is – albeit with Android 2.2 and not Maemo 5 yet.

Officially, there isn’t support for flash 10.1 yet for N900 but in the next video from October last year by Adobe, you’ll see Flash player on Maemo 5 and suggestion of 2010 release. Perhaps when N900  gets MeeGo? 😛

As much as El Jobsio fritters on about Flash, the full web really isn’t the full web unless you have flash (at this day and age any way).

via nicocreation

Video: Nokia N8 hands-on

July 31, 2010 9 comments

Here’s a short video showing how fast the Nokia N8 scrolls and go through menus.

It looks pretty smooth to me, but it’s still a prototype so maybe the retail version will be faster.

via: 3BEPbEnokia‘s youtube channel

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Video: New video sample from the Nokia N8

July 31, 2010 10 comments

Here is a video sample taken with the Nokia N8. This is another proof of what Nokia phones are capable of. It was uploaded to show how better the quality is compared to the iphone 4 or htc evo. They are good phones but not good enough.

In other news, fonearena spoke to Nokia India and said that the Nokia N8 will take more than 4 weeks to arrive. According to the Italian Nokia website, the N8 is in pre-order for 469 euro(it’s more than what was announced but it will surely change after it’s release) and will start shipping by the end of September.

The Nokia N8 takes a while to be released but hey it’s better than a buggy N8 that people are gonna complain about.

via: MaPee1982‘s youtube channel, Nokia italy, fonearena

Nokia C7 leaked again

The Nokia C7 has been leaked again in an what looks like a genuine feature in a Hong Kong IT magazine called “Hi-Tech Weekly” issue 615:

Looks like the Nokia C7 is very close to launch since they are already making ads for it. As you can see it runs Symbian 3 it has a 3.3 inch multitouch display.

Key features:

  • Symbian 3 OS
  • 3.3 inch multitouch display
  • Resolution of 640 x 360
  • 3.5mm head jack
  • microUSB
  • 8 Megapixel autofocus camera with HD video recording
  • Wi-Fi and GPS will probably be included

According to Fonearena it already has been handled by people and they say the device is easy to use and quite fast which is nice to hear.

My opinion on this is if this is so close to release which it is considering that they are already making ads for, that means the N8 should be available in August now thats just my speculation.

My personal opinion on this phone is that there are a ton of features that would make most high end smartphones cringe and considering this is a mid range smartphone is should be solid device for the average consumer

What do you think are you looking forward to this phone, let us know in the comments

Thanks to Amanda for the heads up


via Fonearena

Gallery: Nokia Store Philippines – Any Nokia Stores near you?

July 30, 2010 18 comments

Hello All. Apologies for my lack of posting, I’ve been travelling and couldn’t get my mobile internet to work. Fortunately we’ve got an incredible group of guys here at who have kept things running smoothly (thanks guys!).

Yesterday afternoon, my cousin and I went for a stroll at the nearby mall to find a broadband stick and in the process came across a couple of Nokia Stores. (Ha, uber geek moment) There were many other places selling Nokias, either exclusively or with other phones but these stores might have been official Nokia ones. I haven’t seen a proper Nokia store since the flagship one in Regent Street, London. They have (small) one at pretty much every mall in the Philippines.

Prices for the same handsets vary, with as much as 27K PHP (around 400GBP) to 22K PHP (300GBP) for an unlocked N900.

I wish they used the N900 to demo that N900 video below.

Something I found really cool was what appeared to resemble the 1000heads logo.

At the adjacent mall there was another similar Nokia shop (similar design) but with a Nokia Care point right next to it.

Are there any Nokia-only stores near you? What stores do you get to see Nokia handsets on display?

I should be getting a broadband stick later to get some speedier web browsing so I can get some Nokia “news reporting” done. I’ve got the N900 at the moment which is superbly acting as my modem – but Globe only has a 2G signal where we are (though miraculously and annoyingly becomes 3G as soon as we step off our property :p) Not a antenna issue, it’s the same for my cousin’s Sony Ericsson phone.

The Nokia people recommended I go with Smart for mobile internet but they were on the floor above and globe was on the same floor, so we just got some 3G mobile goodness from them instead.

I’m quite surprised how well 3G performs in general in the Philippines. Especially as since many people yet do not use mobile internet as avidly here as they do in Britain, so the internet tubes aren’t so clogged and the speed with 3.5G is quite respectable (I’ll have to get some speed tests done)

I was really happy that skype was working flawlessly over 3G. I set up Skype (downloaded from Ovi Store) on some S60 handsets of my friends and family back home so I could contact them from phone to phone. Much cheaper than paying for international calls, no (not paid a cent so far except for the internet, which is pretty cheap for a short stay thing)

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Photos: Two new Nokia N8 sample pictures

July 29, 2010 7 comments

One photo on a cloudy day and one photo of the uploader. By the way, these samples are not in full resolution (4000×2248 instead of 4000×3000). This is still a Nokia N8 prototype, so the quality can change until retail version.

via: Uploaded on flickr and taken by Robert Webbe

Photos: Nokia N8 vs N97

July 29, 2010 15 comments

Here’s some recent photos (taken on Monday) comparing the Nokia N8 and the Nokia N97.

via: Uploaded on Flickr by Mario Villamil Arguelles

Nokia N8 Schematics Confirm Broadcom BCM2727 GPU

When the N8 was first unveiled a lot of people were left disappointed and questioned the choice of powerplant to power the  N8, there have been a lot of confusions and arguments between the media and now Nokia have confirmed that the N8 will  use the Broadcom BCM2727 GPU which according to Broadcom will

for ‘high-quality multimedia features for mobile phones and advanced media players while retaining long battery life’.

In this case, long battery life means up to three hours of 720p HD video capture on your Nokia N8. Anyway the N8 showed impressive GPU performance as reported way back when by Jay here

And here is a close up picture of the GPU

Thanks to Andre for the heads up


Nokia Ovi browser is real !!! part 2

Seriously what is Eldar’s problem with Nokia or maybe Google translate needs some work on its Russian. Anyway Nokia have taken the wraps of it newest beta labs creation and all it is a browser is a new web browser for S40 phones thats its, no desktop browser (alright maybe later on).

Although I do think Nokia will rename all browsers in their phones Ovi makes sense to get the name out there and bring public awareness

you can see more here

thanks to tecfre for the heads up