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Video and screenshots: Trill on the Nokia N8 – Excellent Twitter App for S60 and Symbian^3 – Available for FREE at Ovi Store

November 24, 2010 5 comments

Twitter user? Yes? Then here’s another great alternative to the almighty Gravity. This folks is “Trill”. It’s FREE at the Ovi Store and offers quite a lot of functionality and looks great too. (yup FREE. Load on as many handsets as you like at no charge)

  • Fast start up. Loads all previous tweets.
  • Very fast at fetching tweets, even on slow connection. 3G not needed (as was the case with being entirely browser based)
  • Swipe left/right to navigate between timeline, replies, DMs etc
  • Big finger friendly buttons when tapping tweets
  • Search within app
  • Tag links/search
  • Cute little bird animations during search load (and initial twitter connection)
  • Profile viewer
  • Trending topics viewer

It’s available to download for FREE for S60 and Symbian^3 from the Ovi Store.

Click to see demo video and features/screenshots not seen in the video

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Video: Unboxing of the Nokia E73 with tnkgrl – “it puts your BlackBerry to shame -it’s that good. It’s the best non-touch business phone money can buy”

June 30, 2010 7 comments

Tnkgrl has posted her unboxing and thoughts on the Nokia E73 Mode.

  • Differences with E72: MicroUSB charging on E73 vs MicroUSB and 2mm Nokia port – front soft keys are plastic instead of metal like E73; keyboard is curved and not flat; designed to operate on T-mobile’s 3G
  • Camera is really amazing – taken some incredible shots with E73. Don’t write it off as JUST a business phone. This is a really impressive camera, “probably the best I’ve seen on a business phone”
  • Box contents: MicroUSB car charger, Nokia microUSB AC adapter, headphones, short microUSB cable, Eseries carry pouch and manual
  • 70USD on contract – it’ll put your blackberry to shame, it’s that good. It’s the best non-touch business phone money can buy (tnkgrl is a very trusted mobile geek and uses all platforms, not just those on Nokia. e.g. her last post on her blog is unboxing of iPhone 4.
  • T-mob haven’t screwed up the software (have not added their usual lovely bloatware and killing Nokia services) – Ovi services there, like Maps (hence car adapter/charger.)
  • You can easily go for a week on standby with E73 battery.
  • Looks and feels like E72 and that’s a good thing. Feels really premium.

Gallery: Nokia X5 pink (and black/purple?)

June 24, 2010 5 comments

A collection of high res photos of the new Nokia X5 was uploaded by cssinsight on Flickr. It comes in pink, yellow, blue and purple, but above you can see what looks to be a black one, though it may just be the purple looking black due to the lighting/angle.

Whilst the pink looks frightening, the black (and well all the other colours) are actually quite ok, the black one looking great.

The Nokia X5 is a positively square phone, with a sliding qwerty keyboard. It features a rounded metal back that can be spun on a flat surface to change music tracks. Hmm ok.

It runs S60 3rd edition and packs a 5MP camera. It’s like a funky Eseries.


Video: 3 minute Hands on with the New Nokia X5 (and promo video!)

June 14, 2010 1 comment

Today may be a busy day on the Nokia side of the Blogosphere.

tinhtevideo. greets us with a 3 minute hands on of the just freshly announced Nokia X5!

  • It looks like a (chunky) Eseries from the back (something very 7650 about it)
  • You can spin the X5 on a flat surface! haha! It looks like it’s break dancing!


Official video from Nokia Conversations below

More X5 Video

Memory Lane, Part 2

June 10, 2010 5 comments

Following on from part 1, as a new addition to Jay’s team here, here’s a look at what the second half of the last decade looked like for me, in terms of Nokia devices and the evolution of their specifications.

My upgrade opportunity in 2007 was well-timed for the arrival of the iconic N95. Until this point, Nokia had a habit of picking and choosing features for different handsets, but for the first time they brought together most of their best hardware and functionality into one place. Here’s a look at it in comparison with the N70…

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Memory Lane, Part 1

June 9, 2010 11 comments

If I had to guess, I suggest that very few readers of this blog would expect to come across a low quality image of an old Psion Series 5mx at the top of an article. Of course, we should never forget that Symbian, at the heart of so many modern Nokia devices, has its roots in the EPOC operating system running on the Psion palmtop devices, and that’s where this article begins. But first, a little about me…

I’m Andy Harsent, a self-confessed mobile geek from the south-east of the UK and one of Jay’s newest additions to his team here at My Nokia Blog.

In the future, I plan to bring a number of small tricks, tips and ideas for N900 users out there that may have been otherwise missed or overlooked, including drawing attention to web sites that function as excellent web applications for the device thanks to its similarly excellent web browser.

For now though, I thought I’d start with a trip down memory lane to offer some background for my experience with Nokia devices, taking a look at some of the specifications and features of devices I’ve owned and used, and how times have changed over the years to where we are now. As an added treat, I’ll throw in some images that look like successively less ancient photographs

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Competition: Win the Nokia E73 Mode (Or Nokia E72) in an online scavenger hunt!

June 9, 2010 4 comments

In case you missed it, Ovi Daily App are running a fantastic competition where by you have a great chance of bagging yourself the latest Nokia E73 Mode or the Nokia E72 (if you’re outside US)

Remember the exciting search for N competition last year? This is a little bit like that!

Every (business) day from last Thursday (3rd June) to Next Wednesday (16th) you will have to scavenge for clues/answers in order to be eligible to win a Nokia E73.

How To Enter:

  1. You’ll need to have a Nokia Ovi Email account. It’s easy to get one and pretty useful as you’ll be using this Ovi account to access a host of Nokia’s services from enhanced Ovi Maps, Ovi Store, Calendar, contacts etc. Click
  2. Head over to to find out the task for the day. Remember  you have to complete ALL 10 tasks, so head over to the previous ones you’ve missed and keep checking it until the 16th! (Might help to bookmark it!)
  3. Email your answers (via ovi account) to

Previous Tasks

1. The Hunt is on for the Nokia E73 Mode Smartphone! Are You Ready to Win?

Complete the following sentence: The Nokia E73 include a ___ MP camera.

2. Scavenger Hunt for the Nokia E73 Mode – Task No. 2 is Waiting for You

Name 3 applications in the “Ovi for Business” channel in Ovi Store (hint).

3. Scavenger Hunt to Win the Nokia E73 Mode – Task No. 3 Requires Expert Guidance

The new Nokia E73 comes preloaded with Ovi Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation, and guides by ____________.

4. Scavenger Hunt to Win the Nokia E73 Mode – Task No. 4: Say ‘Cheese’

Using the Nokia E73 Mode and the HP I-Print Photo app, you have “Fun and easy _____ photo printing.”

Remember, send your CORRECT answers to via your ovi mail account.

Another task will be published some time today so make sure you check out

Video Ads: MOFILM finalist – Nokia, Making the impossible happen (And 5 other Nokia MOFILM FINALISTS!)

April 23, 2010 1 comment

John Billing and Olof Gudmundson’s contribution to Mofilm Tribeca 2010 ad contest is an advert for none other than, Nokia.

What is MOFILM?

Mofilm helps aspiring film makers make ads for big brands.

These videos are displayed on mobile, online, social networks and traditional marketing channels

The video has a range of Nokia handsets, some classic, some current.

CHECK out the first Nokia that makes an appearance. That alone = WIN.

The subject is about Nokia making certain ‘impossible’ things happen.

I really like this video, especially that rather inspirational music (by Dreamix, Mattias Thunell) specially composed for the video.


The video above took 4th place for the Nokia category. I can’t find the other videos on youtube but they are available directly from mofilm:






This one’s really clever. Remember the Sixth Sense project where hands are used instead of physical phones? (e.g. make a frame box with your hand to snap a picture)


This one I guess is a comedy. The punchline is that “it’s not the technology, it’s what you do with it

Hopefully Nokia will churn out some pretty awesome, memorable viral ads this year. Hasn’t really been one for quite a while now.

Ode to Nokia N82’s successor – the upcoming Nokia camera phone king; killer of the digicam.

April 22, 2010 6 comments

Everyone must have heard the rumours of the N82 may finally get a worthy successor.

Whilst not commenting directly on any specific rumours, here’s an ode (poem, whatever!) to new camera phone king; the supposed N82 successor, “the Nokia”, celebrating the possible return of dear beloved xenon, maybe higher MP and even high definition video. It has been on everyone’s wish list for over a year now, so let’s hope it comes true.

This is also a kind of response to the news of some mighty daayuum cool camera phone from Nokia supposedly gonna be killing off Digital SLRs and also to Steve Litchfield’s post on Nokia Conversations on the perfect camera phone.

N82’s Successor

A telephone is what you are
just by my side, never too far
but a camera you pack inside
a frame so small where does it hide?

Twelve million is your pixel strength
Such sharp, wide angle beauty
A dream we have waited at length:
replace N82’s xenon duty

of being true, real lightning flash
not L.E.D., what worthless trash
you bathe in light the darkest rooms
bring vibrant colours when others gloom
about their blurry lifeless snaps
yours bright as day, theirs dull and crap

cos memories you freeze in time
suspend animation whatever the weather
precious moments lasting seconds yet I’m
gonna remember them forever

what’s more, videos you also shoot
in glorious high definition
sound so compelling, others you might as well mute
this is a smartphone on a mission

to fly the flag of imaging;
show others how it’s done
the compact cam’s no competition
box it back up, the Nokia has won

because this phone is with you always
in your pocket, just close by
to capture those spontaneous moments
cameras in drawers will miss whislt I

with the Nokia, i have the magic
of a mirror looking back at time
reflecting memories most nostalgic
the smiles from past moments most sublime.

Take note of this photo: After a long 3 year reign, can N82 finally rest up and retire in 2010?

I  guess apart from certain exact features, the whole “capturing a memory” could go for much of Nokia’s imaging line up, particularly those equipped with Carl Zeiss Optics. Properly implemented xenon (not just tickbox features, xenon that actually works) gives even more situations that a cameraphone could be useful.

In terms of “taking over DSLR” I’m not entirely convinced they literally meant feature for feature a Nokia CZ phone would outgun. More that if you are specifically going out somewhere to take a photo, these higher end Nokia cam phones are sufficient tools for the job.

For the most beautiful photography, the biggest determining factor is the eye and talent behind the lens. That’s not to say any phone camera will do. Nokia CZ Cam phones have great picture quality and so much versatility compared to its rivals. JeeBus phone is only just getting freakin digital zoom this summer!

The potential of these Nokia devices as tools for serious photography is showcased by the phenomenal work of professional commercial photographer, RALPH HIGGO who is based in Cape Town, South Africa.  His portfolio on using just the Nokia N97 (yes N97!) is absolutely unbelievable (via WOMWorld!)

[RALPH has an alternative professional page for his commercial photography here]

Video: Nokia N86 + Gaffa Tape + Model Airplane.

April 21, 2010 3 comments

SenjaMFK from Norway has strapped his N86 via mere gaffa tape to a Piper Cub model airplane.

Although the propellers get in the way a little, it’s such an awesome view with the Nokia N86 on the RC plane darting around this picturesque snowy white location.

And yes, people can just film with phones whilst on an actual plane, but it isn’t as cool as having front view swerving around the sky with an RC plane (though above cloud vids/pics do look breathtaking).

This video might also remind you of our classic Nseries that were also strapped to RC planes a few years ago. Way before many phones even had video recording.





Lets hope in 2010, someone can make an updated version with Nokia HD ^_^