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Gravity 1.5 hits alpha

December 23, 2010 7 comments

Earlier this year I wrote a post talking up the progress being made with Jan Ole Suhr’s hit application, Gravity. Just in time for Christmas it seems that Jan has let loose an alpha version of the upgrades coming to his application. Key among them, and probably the most significant is the inclusion of a brand-new portrait QWERTY keyboard. This in addition to a somewhat rounded UI elements and improvements to the Facebook integration.


Full Changelog and link to download after the break.

Tweets Sent from Nokia N9 and Nokia N9 Widget?

December 10, 2010 29 comments

This is from @davidgilson's Gravity app taking a screenshot of @SimonLR's tweets.

I don’t know what this is about but Adnan sent in a screenshot from @SimonLR who’s twitter says he’s tweeting from Nokia N9 and Nokia N9 Widget.

  • -WOW
  • -I’m just going to leave this tweet here and see what happens
  • -There’s home screen widgets
  • – This keyboard is spacious
  • -Ovi Store doesn’t work

Simon’s friend, @MikeMacias: says:

I don’t know if @SimonLR got his hands on N9 today but don’t think he’d kid. Simon resigned from @mobile_fanatics and TMF doesn’t have it

Those tweets aren’t up any more. But plenty of people have seen it. Twitter fault/masking?

update: The original batch of tweets still there, sent 13h ago (hence why not in recent block of tweets).

Additional details:

  • Nokia fans, save your money for the next few months
  • Android and iOS don’t have shit on this. Not even close
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Video and screenshots: Trill on the Nokia N8 – Excellent Twitter App for S60 and Symbian^3 – Available for FREE at Ovi Store

November 24, 2010 5 comments

Twitter user? Yes? Then here’s another great alternative to the almighty Gravity. This folks is “Trill”. It’s FREE at the Ovi Store and offers quite a lot of functionality and looks great too. (yup FREE. Load on as many handsets as you like at no charge)

  • Fast start up. Loads all previous tweets.
  • Very fast at fetching tweets, even on slow connection. 3G not needed (as was the case with being entirely browser based)
  • Swipe left/right to navigate between timeline, replies, DMs etc
  • Big finger friendly buttons when tapping tweets
  • Search within app
  • Tag links/search
  • Cute little bird animations during search load (and initial twitter connection)
  • Profile viewer
  • Trending topics viewer

It’s available to download for FREE for S60 and Symbian^3 from the Ovi Store.

Click to see demo video and features/screenshots not seen in the video

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Video: How to: Uploading Photos and Videos to Twitter and YouTube directly from N900’s Gallery and Camera App

January 17, 2010 3 comments

I’ve only started using Ovi Share on the N900 and I was surprised by how flawlessly it worked – find/take a picture/video, share, done. Maybe edit title/description tags along the way. Otherwise, it’s online in a few clicks.

I wanted something like that for Twitter, as at the moment, it’s a little difficult to send a picture through the browser as you have to go through file browsers and scroll through files etc.

Some plug-ins became available at the Ovi Store that allows N900
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Witter on the Nokia N900

December 19, 2009 1 comment

Previously we looked at Mauku as a twitter app for the N900. I liked the look, but it lacked ability to read tweet replies and direct messages.

Witter might just be the twitter application to try out as it does allow you to read mentions and direct messages. There’s a simply bar at the top for timeline, mentions, direct messages as well as search and friends. If you open up Witter’s settings, you’ll even notice a “TwitPic” option – though it’s a little cumbersome to use, particularly since you can only see the file name.

However, at the moment, you can’t interact directly with the tweets like you could with Mauku (or Gravity or Browser based twitter).

Video: Twitter on the Nokia N900: via browser versus via app (Mauku)

December 11, 2009 3 comments

This video was made a couple of days ago and was initially just to show Mauku running on the N900. It’s a very simple, fast and easy to use twitter application, getting you to your twitter feed and sending out tweets quickly – respond/retweet and check out other people’s posted links.

To get Mauku,

  1. Go to the App Manager

  2. Click Downloads
  3. You’ll find Mauku either from “Internet & Networking” category or from “All”
  4. Just click “Mauku”, check “I understand and agree” and “continue” (Another great thing about the N900 and Maemo 5 is that it’s so easy to install an application. No deciding whether to install on Memory card, phone or mass memory, or having to accept certificate after certificate…Click install – Done.)

Whilst it’s fantastic that the N900 can load up websites like your computer does (check out N900 with YouTube – just fantastic!), some sites like do need a little work around for mobile and the smaller screen.

Mauku is great for getting your tweets out quickly on the go and interacting with your feeds, but it doesn’t offer the same functionality as Nokia’s favourite Twitter app: Gravity. E.g.

  • cannot view replies from people you don’t follow
  • cannot view direct messsages
  • cannot twitter search
  • cannot upload photos.
  • cannot have drafts

I’d love to see Gravity for the N900 or Perhaps another Twitter App, perhaps an updated Mauku or a new one that offers the same functionality as Mauku.

Whilst we wait, because the N900 does have a powerful browser, it can load web clients for twitter. So it’s just a case of how well the site is optimized to be as simple and intuitive a user experience as possible.

  • Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog showed us Hahlo, which looks great on the N900. It’s one of my desktop bookmarks now.
  • TwitHive and twitter gadget are a couple more examples.

Do you know a better web client for twitter that’s better than Hahlo?

Maemo 5 Screenshot(s) from the Nokia RX-51? Announcement and Mobile-Review’s Preview coming soon?

August 18, 2009 4 comments

Update 22:50: Mobile-Review’s Nokia RX-51/N900 Review


Though a single screenshot about a phone shouldn’t be worth a blogpost, this one is from the unannounced  Maemo5 running RX-51

This afternoon, Mobile-Review’s Eldar apparently sent a tweet asking how to get a screenshot from Maemo 5 (on the RX-51)

I say apparently as I wasn’t really sure it was him. Since I don’t speak Russian, Eldar Murtazin could be a name with the equivelant ubiquity of John Smith who also just happened to be talking about maemo and the RX-51…or a complete twitter-imposter >_<

Anyway – the screenshot:

  • Interesting status dock or whatever you call it. Hopefully you can access these quick settings from every/most window view (a bit like the clock and connection settings on the N97)
  • As a N800 user, I love how the battery indicator tells you in terms of hours how long you have left, dependent on the context of how you’re currently using it. i.e. 3/4 full may mean 20 hours of radio but 1 hour of heavy multitasking with web/music/background apps etc. It better be anyway – 1 hour battery life standard use at 3/4 charge? pfft! update: Battery life currently at 2 days standby or 6 hours active use. How active is active? 🙂
  • Profiles – we’ve seen the sim slot already but just more confirmation that it is a phone (and not just a tablet)
  • Something has been blurred out by the bluetooth section..NXX. N98?N00? Is that the device name or what it’s currently connected to?
  • What’s the bottom left? Its shrunken  bar seems out of place.

status dock? Hopefully just quick access settings and not the main one.

We should expect Eldar’s first look preview review of  the RX-51/”N900″ soon, with more specification details on announce date. In a couple of weeks time perhaps (at Nokia World). update: Yes, confirmed. September 2nd.


via eldar’s livejournal

Update 09:15 GMT 19/08/09 : Eldar’s been posting even more information on his twitter. Announcement date confirmed – 2nd September, battery life at 6 hours, and amazingly – Eldar’s already been using Rover for several months! (I hope it keeps the name Rover, or something more memorable than a borg-like product designation)


Update: 2nd screenshot – Maemo5 On Screen QWERTY

  • Different to S60 5th edition (5800/5530/i8910/Satio’s QWERTY keyboard but exactly the same as previous Internet Tablets.
  • It’s a good set up and layout -(very efficient on the N800)  the only thing that hinders it is responsiveness (Fingers crossed for capacitive – no point hoping for multitouch though).
  • It’s nice to have the option for either Physical QWERTY or on screen. For long, faster text input – Physical QWERTY, for occasional text input when you want to keep the phone closed – virtual QWERTY.


VIA Eldar’s livejournal

Clue Number 4: Search For N…

May 31, 2009 20 comments

Clue Number 4 for the search for N has just emerged from

1st Tweet:


2nd Tweet2

3rd Tweet:


4th Tweet


5th Tweet



When you reckon you’ve solved the fourth clue, go to:

where you can check your answer and hopefully get your fourth green tick. Solving all 5 clues correctly and you might get your hands on a Nokia N97! For the previous three clues, see the posts below.

The 5th Clue will be released on Tuesday 2nd June 2009.


(Note: the answer sheet on does not seem to be open yet for the fourth clue. Maybe they just haven’t managed to “unlock” that bit or there’s more to the twitter clue  – if so, this post will be updated accordingly or you can check them out at )

All’s set – thanks guys! Good luck with Clue Number 4 (and Number 3 as well if you haven’t got that yet :D)