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Nokia’s successor of N800 due very, very soon

October 17, 2007 1 comment

Although no concrete press release or official news from Nokia is here (yet), more pictures of the long awaited N800 have emerged. Thanks to Internet Tablet Talk for the pics. The device is supposedly going to be known as the N810 and looks very similar to the N800, apart from one major difference in form factor, it is a slider. Nokia seem to have grown a passion for slider devices recently, what with the N95 range and the N81, they have turned their interest for sliders from phones to internet tablets. Here are a few pics of the device, thanks to Internet Tablet Talk:  Now, although the device is rumored to be a Internet tablet only, it does appear to have some common features of a mobile phone. For instance, the front facing camera, which is common on 3G phones like the N95 etc, and it appears to have a earpiece speaker which is interesting. However, saying this, it could well be that they are just for VOIP and Video calling over instant message programs like MSN and AIM, over wifi. I don’t own an N800 at the moment, but I know that Jay does and he loves it, so lets hope this is something that will be just as good, if not better then the N800, and hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one after launch. The WOM world team are in San Fransisco with Thoughtfix from The Tablet Blog, Reggie from Internet Tablet Talk and Jonathan Greene from Atmospheric Endeavours, all of whom I met in LA and are really nice people. They are at the Web 2.0 summit, and the N810 is set to be announced there within the next couple of days. Watch this space, its about to be very interesting….

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My Nokia Blog’s latest addition, Christian

October 9, 2007 8 comments

Well hello there everyone. I thought I would use this time to introduce myself to everyone on here. As you may have noticed, Jay said in the post below that there will be a new co-writer soon, and thats me! I’m Christian, or most commonly know as chaslam around the net. Im on various different forums such as the forum, Mobile-Review and occasionally MobileBurn and Howards Forum. Many of you will also recognise me from the Nokia LA event, which I attended late september.

You probably remember me, as I was one of the only people from the UK there (as well as the WOM world team, James Burland from NokiaCreative and Jay himself). Anyway, I’m going to be Jays new co-writer on My Nokia Blog. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the blog and having a place where I can vent my thoughts without taking over threads on forums. Expect to see me around on here in the next few months :).

Here are a few pics of myself, just so you can put a face to the name.
Me with Jonathan Greene’s iPhone
Me with Jonathan Greene's iphone
Me in front of the Hollywood Sign
Me infront of the Hollywood sign

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Jazz Man at Santa Monica Pier, LA by N93

October 9, 2007 2 comments

Footage of Santa Monica Pier’s Jazz Man, filmed by the Nokia N93, mounted on a DT-22 tripod.

The N93’s form factor makes it a brilliant video camera, and the tripod gives it the stability to show off what the N93 can do (i.e no jelly wobble that Nseries video taking devices seem to suffer from).

The DT-22 I’ve found also works as a counter balance boom, so that when you’re on the move, it sort-of keeps the N93 steady whilst giving extra reach and odd angles. The most useful part of the DT-22 is just the vice-grip bit. This can be attached onto any other tripod with the universal size screw bit, my favourite of tripods being the gorilla pod as that can attach anywhere, literally.

Mr Burland of the Nokia Creative and his editing skills will be doing something special with this footage along with some he’s taken himself. Look out for this soon.

As for me, there should be one final personal post about the Nseries aftermath, aka day after stuff and then seriously back to Nokia news, rants and reviews. Oh, and there’s gonna be a new writer. Discussed it during the Nseries LA event with this guy but should be able to sort this out within this week.

Thanks for reading My Nokia Blog!

Recapping: Nseries LA event

October 5, 2007 6 comments

(Picture by robbi)

Phew, been away from the mobile world a bit to concentrate on the realms outside. Whilst I have my first batch of free time, I’m gonna recap on the Nseries LA event – the actual evening – before I continue the Nokia blog posts.

1: Journey to the Mansion:

Off the bus, onto Nokia Nseries buggies! These were equiped with GPS, and travelled across a very narrow, dangerous road with no side barriers so a missed GPS lock signal could have lead to our deaths.

They played the most overplayed song ever, Moby’s In My Heart.

The Nseries Mini:

Nseries Mansion:

Intro/Welcome thingy:

Nseries Box: I really like that white BH-501. Hmm, I wonder how the N95-8GB would look in iPod white?


Oh the wonder…N800s galore!

Multimedia Room

Checking out the competition, Big screen stylie

More TV Out and Web Browser:

Creatures of the Depp at the games room:

The Kitchen:

Served some wonderful mini kobe beef burgers, delish chicken, some odd cheese cup thing and a host of deserts.

In the time it took to take this shot, 10 burgers were swiped from the scene.

(Picture by robbi)

The Lounge

Just Outside, photo sessions:

Strike a pose!

The moody look


Nseries GPS Equiped Ferrari

(Picture by robbi)


kloves2fly, Ade:

Robbi (Right)

Coolest way to order drinks, ever! N800 orders, barmaid arrives a couple of minutes later! No waiting in a queue, no pushing around at the bar ^_^

I want one of those shirts! lol

Clinging onto Big Daddy:

Donna, Moi and Darla!

The Pool

GPS table…I was actually trying to take a picture of the persistent low battery warning.

Press Conference with Product Managers

BL-6F apparently NOT fitting into N95

Oh, But it does.

Love that N95 8GB.

I thought I took way more photos than this. Everytime someone took a photo, I thought I took one also. You’ve probably more or less seen these shots already but here’s my perspective of it.

The night was a success, lol, for the majority of it it was really cool. Felt a bit deflated after a few things one I’ll mention being no product launches (N82, where art thou?).

Thoughtfix, Dan, was doing some fantastic dancing, can’t find any pics of clips though, but he certainly got the attention at the dance floor.

I met up GWAPZ and Kevlarman only on the bus back, lol, didn’t realise they were who they were. Kinda fell asleep aslo on the shoulder of Mobile-Review’s Eldar on the journey back. Feeling real tired now like I did on that night! haha! So, pics of remaining WOMWorld attendies will be up on the next post.