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Gallery: The Real Angry Birds Seasons – Angry Bird Plush Toy out in the snow (by Nokia N8)

December 21, 2010 6 comments

I had to pick up my package which got delivered to the wrong house. On the way back I took some photos of the little critter that snuck in with it (Cheers WOMWorld!)

It’s a cool little plush toy of the famous rouge vigilante – Angry Birds. If you pull the slingshot it makes the infamous angry birds sounds!

Actually, I planned to take my actual digicam out for some snow pics, but alas, as you do, I forgot it. Luckily I always have a phone and fortunately that’s the Nokia N8 which is born to take photographs

Below are some shots with the Nokia N8 (though compressed because my TMOB connection will NOT let me upload such 9mp files 😦  )

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Gallery: Early Nokia E7-00 Low Light Camera Samples appear on Flickr

November 23, 2010 1 comment

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog has found a bunch of Nokia E7-00 sample photos on Flickr. Mostly low light and mostly titled “Slutty” something or other, e.g. Slutty Chicken, Slutty Zombie and Slutty Lady Bug :o.

Low light and people moving…hmm..possibly not the best combination to show any camera potential. The images are from pre production E7-00, in low light and NOT full sized.  It’s not camera centric like the N8. No auto-focus, No Carl Zeiss, No dual LED as opposed to XENON… I think it would be better with autofocus but that was omitted to keep the E7-00 slim. For real low light (or heck any light) prowess, you should check out the Nokia N8. See these samples from Halloween. Fingers crossed it does better when lighting is more favourable.

Flickr Gallery is available here or click below to see the Gallery in case as Mark says, the flickr one is removed.
Click to see the gallery below as well as E7-00 proto 720p video which is actually quite good.

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Video: Nokia N8 multitasking and new samples

August 31, 2010 6 comments

I’m sure you have seen other videos about the Nokia N8’s multitasking but this one is recent (august 27 ). In this video the N8 multitask 15 applications.

Here’s a new sample video, thank you Keith for the tip.

I’m guessing these are video taken with the Nokia N8. TheSheridan01 on youtube and sheridan01 from flickr do look alike and appears to be the same person. It’s about cats too. So i’m pretty sure these are taken with the N8.

And here’s some new(taken on august 28)  full (4000×3000) 12mp photos samples from sheridan01 on flickr.

via: nokiaru on youtube, ringhkdemo on youtube , sheridan01 on flickr and TheSheridan01 on youtube

Fun tip:  I knew this tip a month ago and only now it crossed my mind that I could share it here. Some of you might know it, some might not

To play Snake(famous game that I used to play on Nokia cell phones) on youtube. Step1: find any video, Step 2: click on the video, doesn’t matter if it pauses it or play. Step 3: hold left arrow and a snake will appear. Rule of this game : eat as much dot as you can without eating yourself or hitting the edges

Pics: Nokia N8 Photo Samples

June 22, 2010 10 comments

[update; More samples here and here]

Here are some sample photos by the Nokia N8 uploaded by Camb078 (the more colourful photos) and apyykko.

The one below is a full 9MP image. According to the Exif (image data) this was taken at 10pm with the Jenga photo around 11pm. PM?

Crop of the chair (with MS paint so artefacts most likely gained). This is from a 9MP image, you would have gotten more to work with of course cropping from 12MP but for me, I prefer these 16:9 shots made for viewing in widescreen.

apyykko’s photos are probably just every day photos (NOT ‘artsy’ photos like NokConv’s samples designed to show case the camera capabilities by composing a shot that make the subject more interesting)

That said, I’d really love to see how a photographer or budding enthusiast would push the N8.

I mean, just take a look at what Ralph Higgo does with the Nokia N97.

We first wrote about Ralph in our post prior to N8 launch in April:

“Ode to Nokia N82′s successor – the upcoming Nokia camera phone king; killer of the digicam.”

For the most beautiful photography, the biggest determining factor is the eye and talent behind the lens. That’s not to say any phone camera will do. Nokia CZ Cam phones have great picture quality and so much versatility compared to its rivals. JeeBus phone is only just getting freakin digital zoom this summer!

The potential of these Nokia devices as tools for serious photography is showcased by the phenomenal work of professional commercial photographer, RALPH HIGGO who is based in Cape Town, South Africa.  His portfolio on using just the Nokia N97 (yes N97!) is absolutely unbelievable

Where camera phones win over digital cameras and even bulky D-SLRs is that they’re always with you. In your pocket. When an unpredicted, beautiful scene presents itself to you out of the blue, you won’t have time to go back home for your camera. But as mentioned, you’ll want to maximise getting those great spontaneous photos by having a great camera phone.

The Xenon flash gives more situations where the N8 can be useful, being able to capture your friends in low light and freeze the action into digital memory. You can see a demo of N8 with and without xenon flash here, (as well as samples of how well N82 performed against LED rivals)


Nokia N97 Low Light Photo Samples! (and N82 extreme low light photos)

May 31, 2009 10 comments

We’ve seen sample pictures from the N97 before, e.g. here and here. But we haven’t really seen it perform under less than optimum conditions, i.e. poor lighting, with people posing in poor lighting – mostly relying on the flash for additional illumination.

The following samples from the N97 don’t seem to be using the Dual LED flash, but in these circumstances (except the last photo) you don’t really need it.


This first one, the distance would have been too far even for Xenon flash, and the N97 seems to cope well.


Looks a little pale here.



These wine glasses would have been obliterated with reflections if Xenon were used.


Not sure if the Dual LED flash was on. If it was me and the N82 there, you would be able to see those people's faces.

Without actually testing the Nokia N97 under extreme low lighting conditions (virtually no lighting), I still cannot  say I can give up the N82 as my phone/camera for nights out and use the N97 instead. Carrying a compact is an option, but then you’re gonna have to carry that in addition to your phone. Alright for most girls as they’re used to being lumbered with bags, but not the best option for guys who just have pockets. Subjectively, with alcohol, the less things to worry about, the better.

Take a look at these random selection of photos taken by the N82 (please ignore the repeat N97 ones), nearly all of which would have appeared pitch black just like the last photo above taken by the N97 had it not been for the Xenon Flash. These were some of the only ones safe to put up outside facebook.

Blog-N97 Via The Symbian Blog