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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2009 1 comment


Happy Halloween All! Just finished up with the face paint – it’s a cat of some sort. Not really “scary”. The only scary thing is that is actually my real hair. Also, we’ll have to see the adverse effects of using oil paints instead of just face paints (I left the red face paint at home).

If you’ve got a much scarier picture of you,  you could use that to win yourself a Nokia N97. Check out: [Via darlamack]

I think there are other Nokia related halloween stuffs, but I’m dizzy from the oil paint fumes and can’t remember where it is.


Happy Halloween!

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Video: Droid Advert – or Nokia N900 advert?

October 30, 2009 3 comments

As well as a Nokia N900 advert, this could also be a Nokia N97/N97 mini advert based on how the Motorola Droid is supposed to be “better” than the iPhone.

  • Real Keyboard
  • Running Simultaneous apps (N900 multitasks like no other)
  • Customizable
  • 5MP camera
  • Flash for night photos
  • Removable battery
  • Runs widgets on homescreen
  • Allows open development

Heck, this could have been about a lot of phones. (I’m aware of the differences between the Moto Droid and N900 – but based on the iDon’t video, Verizon’s ad could be talking about either)


The original


As much as comparisons will be made highlighting the improved hardware advantages of phone X over the iPhone, none of it will ever actually matter until someone makes a phone that’s much more usable/user friendly than the iPhone itself. Nokia are slowly getting there with the N900 and Maemo.

[Though, I guess from a non-tech-geek perspective, it’s good to point out the obvious to set your product apart and make it seem different, when really it isn’t. A lot of what iPhone did from the beginning was self hype/great marketing, which kudos to Apple, it managed to live up to.]

Hurry! eBay bargains: N900/N97 mini and round the world trip for 1$ buy it now in next 24 hours – official Nokia promo.

October 29, 2009 4 comments

As a follow up to this post: Nokia Wedding: Stay online as this wedding happens!

We have these two videos:

As well as being a promo video for the #onlineasithappens campaign for the N97 mini and N900, there’s a little bit more with the whole wedding theme.

Check out – the whole theme has changed

nokia 2

If you check our the video description of the second video [Hi Boys Remember Me], you’ll notice:

What’s so special about it?

I’m selling an around the world trip and 4 Nokia Nseries phones (e.g. N900) during the next 24h starting from 10.00 a.m. GMT on thursday. All just $1 each with buy it now. See why:


I have coveted the N900 for so long, there’s a side of me that says I should keep quiet about this promo to maximise my chances! haha. Would be the smart thing! But do go check out for a chance at nabbing some awesome gifts of possibly a N900/N97 mini/round the world trip for 1$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Video How to: Redownload Applications from the Ovi Store (and other content!) version 1.05 (387)

October 29, 2009 1 comment

Redownloading lost content from the Ovi Store was once a major hurdle. From not being able to at all to having to contact support to email you back with a 2-hour window in which you can download  your app.

Via NokiaConversations

Now (as it should have been all along)  you can redownload your paid applications!:

  1. go into “My Stuff” within the Ovi Store app (Left of the recommended bar – this is “My Download History” view of all content; apps, videos, wallpapers, themes and ringtones, Free and Paid) and
  2. just redownload your purchased applications (No longer does it say “Purchase” for your purchased apps, you can redownload your paid apps as you wish.)

You have to make sure that you have the latest 1.05 (387). You’ll get an automatic prompt to update Ovi Store when you start the Ovi Store App.

As you can see from the screenshots below, there are way too many clicks for an update when really it should just be one click.

Do I want to update? Yes? Done.

It would also have been nice to be able to filter out “My Download History” for paid/free apps, but one step at a time, eh, for Ovi Store?

MNB4000034 MNB4000035






Event: Nokia Signpost London – Good Things attendees

October 29, 2009 3 comments

This is obviously me there with my Lion. Haha. It's actually one of the statues at Victoria Memorial, London

Here are a selection of photos of the attendees on last week’s Good Things event in London, courtesy of WOMWorld.

There’s a gallery at the bottom as wordpress might break if I try to insert all the photos individually.

The gallery consists mostly of four destinations:

  • first the boat that was privately hired to cruise the Thames, have some drinks and dinner
  • Cityhall for the press launch of Good Things with Alexandra Burke and the Press Machine
  • Site of the Ovi Good things arrow – the main reason for the entire event
  • Ends with a trip to the Nokia Flagship Store and a photoshoot with the Nokia CityMan Antitheft.

If I get the chance, I’ll edit up the videos taken during the event too.

The event was fantastic; what WOM and Nokia planned out was brilliant. But best of all, it was an absolute blast to meet these guys.

On the boat – final destination of the Good Things Hunt! Left to right: Jon, Michael, Roman Taimas, Katie, Jay, Christian, Ibrahim, Varun, Jerome, Lydia, Glenn and Dominic. I’d like to say Tom was taking the photo but he was actually downstairs (only realised when he came up after everyone disbanded) – this was held by the Gorillapod, wrapped around that silver pole.

Sexy safety gear at the site of the Good Things Signpost arrow, London. From left to right, Tom, Jerome, Varun, Christian, Roman, Michael, Jon, Taimas, Lydia, Safety guy, Ibhrahim and Dominic in foreground

The attendees

[Below] Glenn – @gletham


Michael – Hell’s Blog @xmichaelsfx


Ibrahim – @thenokiareview


Christian – @chaslam500


Taimas – @dailymobile


Jon Choo – @jonchoo


Varun – @fonearena


Jerome – @mapperz


Roman – @s60inside


Moi – oh and X-factor 08 winner, Alexandra Burke! lol. Michael and Dominic in background!


The WOM/1000heads Crew:












Below should be a photo gallery of the the attendees at the OviGoodThings event.

Nokia Wedding: Stay online as this wedding happens!

October 29, 2009 1 comment

After an exceedingly busy day yesterday, an evening nap before a blogpost turned into an 9 hour snooze.

What happened 9 hours ago that needed a blogpost? Well, something about a Nokia Wedding:

Invite Jay

From WOMWorld: Stay Online as this wedding happens: Hey Jay, If there’s one wedding you go to this year make it this one – you can attend virtually and it’s definitely something you’re not going to want to miss 🙂 See you there, Tom

So – the details:

  • Mr and Mrs Nokia
  • Marriage of their daughter
  • Sally Powell
  • to
  • Mr A.T. Noon [an anagram?]
  • at
  • North by North West Chapel
  • Connecting couples since 1971*
  • on Thursday 29th October 2009
  • at 10am GMT

Also, if you’ve been following on twitter: @SIGNPOSTLONDON, you may have seen this:

Nokia Signpost London

So make sure you tune in at 10:00:00 GMT at

Coincidentally, there’s an actual website about North West Chapel (not related to Nokia and Maps, but their main page photo is of a map and compass)


*First commercially operated mobile phone network in Finland went online in 1971, as a result of Nokia’s work with Salora Oy – thinking too much?



It’s a video in the series of #onlineasithappens N900/N97 mini ads. Love them! update 2: it’s not just that – there seems to be more to this campaign

Check out the other videos:


Update 2:

Nokia N97 Firmware V20.0.019 Finally available!

October 27, 2009 5 comments

Firmware update V20 available! (meh I am at mac store and don’t know how to use the magic mouse so this will have to be the content of this post)


didn't know how to print screen on a mac so took a photo, twitpicked it and pasted here.

Update your N97 via Nokia Software Updater