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Qt Contest: Port a desktop App to MeeGo/Symbian handheld for Ovi Store and win EUR 10,000!

December 23, 2010 5 comments

Word from Jim is that a couple of days ago a competition launched for Qt Developers.

Take your application from the desktop and port it to handheld devices, be it for MeeGo or Symbian via Qt, ready for Ovi Store consumption!

There’s either a new phone “or even 10,000 euros” as a prize.

The competition runs until the 28th February 2011. However, an early bird competition finishes on the 31st December 2010. 5 winners will be selected, each winning a Nokia N900!

The main competition prize is EUR 10,000 (10 thousand, I know how sometimes . is used instead of , and 10 euros might not seem such a cool amount :p) and will be awarded to the app which has been found by judges to be the best ported application. Then there’s supposedly 5 more Nokia N900s to give out.

And you get something too just for taking part! You’ll be awarded a gift bag, with a T-shirt and “other merchandise.”

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Competition: Two more Angry Birds Plush toys to win with @WOMWorldNokia – how many angry birds can you see?

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

You may have seen our post yesterday: “Real Angry Birds Seasons – Angry Birds Plus Toy out in the Snow

If you’d like to win one of these critters yourself, you’ve got until 11am GMT tomorrow (23rd December 2010) to tweet @WOMWorldNokia with how many Angry Birds you can see in the photo below of WOMWorld’s Christmas Tree?

Although Iratus avius does not blend well with green, they’re a very tricky lot (well you have to be to one up those swiney fellows!). So get counting!

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Celebrity Photographer, David LaChapelle to shoot with Nokia N8 in Australia (Subject? Could be you!)

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

You’d be forgiven in mistaking the name for the comedian, David Chappelle – though world renowned Celebrity Photographer David LaChapelle is also known for his humorous style in such daring and unique pieces for fine art, advertising and fashion shoots.

Nokia Australia have teamed up with LaChapelle where you can NOMIN8 yourself and a friend to be photographed. Note: Entry is only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or over. Touch luck if you thought you could have been flown out down under.

Check out

The joint mobile operating system and rants from MIR

September 21, 2010 3 comments

Ewan MacLeod over at Mobile Industry Review in his weekly newsletter (something I think everyone with mobile technology inclinations should find an interesting  read) put together a very long winded, though rather valid argument as to what mobile operators in their attempts to avoid becoming “dumb pipes” have done wrong and what HE believes they could focus on bringing to the table. Can’t say I always agree with his musings but this post definitely deserved to be mirrored here and inevitably discussed by our quite vocal readers. 🙂

One choice quote from the newsletter,

“There is perhaps one more thing that’s worse than a mobile operator trying to innovate in unfamiliar markets: It’s another utility provider, such as your local electricity provider, trying to sell you entertainment services.”

I’m sure you guys can’t wait to read the rest so here’s a link to the rest of it. Leave your views in the comments section!

Competition: 20 Nokia N8s to be won with Snickers Austria

July 19, 2010 9 comments

I think this may be for Austrian residents only but there’s a competition with Snickers where you could apparently win one of 20 Nokia N8.

I think if you register, you’re entered into the draw to win a Nokia N8.

click here

With the Snickers No Limit sport Competition there’s also 17,000 EURO up for grabs, with 10K for first the best team.

Video: Nokia Messaging Diary

You can see the video below:

This is a cool App where users can download the ‘diary’ from the ovi store and share Messages and IM with friends via a proposed diary which I think is a cool way of doing it. This is just proposed concept and I don’t know if this will be released, IMO I hope it does get released it is a very cool concept for staying n touch with friends and family.

[via ZOMGitsCJ]

Symbian 3 review

The ever so popular Eldar Murtizan published his frankly ridiculously long review of the Symbian 3 OS that will be powering the Nokia N8 which you can read here. You have to give it to him despite his frankly hatred for Nokia he has written a long review on Symbian 3 which I bet you won’t find anywhere else.

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Win a Nokia N8: One to win every day until June 30th with Football World Tour on Ovi Maps.

June 18, 2010 12 comments

Every day until the 30th Of June, Nokia are giving you the change to win a Nokia N8! Also out of those who have answered the most questions, there’s a grand prize of around the world flight tickets for two to tour the world of football (I’m guessing where ever all the locations are going to be)

All you have to do is point your mobile browser to and answer the quiz question of the day!

The question comes with Ovi Maps location hints. Just download the POI and it’ll show you a hint of what the answer is supposed to be.

Post your name, and email address to submit your answer. Amazingly, if you recommend your game to a friend and they win, you also win a phone! How cool is that?

Entries close at 07:59 AM GMT. Each day a winner is also announced.

Handset compatibility

Nokia 5230
Nokia 5235
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800
Nokia 6710 Navigator
Nokia 6720
Nokia 6730 Classic
Nokia 6760
Nokia 6790
Nokia 6790 Surge
Nokia E55
Nokia E66
Nokia E71X
Nokia E72
Nokia N97
Nokia N97 mini
Nokia N97 mini GOLD
Nokia N86
Nokia C5
Nokia C6
Nokia X6

Are you tempted…….

Now if your are reading this post right now I am assuming that you are some sort of a Nokia fan like me and all the other amazing writers on this blog, but this preview of the Motorola Droid X for the Verizon network in America(presumably for Europe with another name like the Milestone) by Joanna Stern for engadget got me thinking.

Have you as a Nokia fan been tempted to move away to another platform such as Android, Palm OS , Windows Phone 7 and dare I say iPhone 4 ?

I have got to be honest and say I have, I am really liking what Google are doing with to Android, and tried a couple of them and came away quite impressed. The hardware created by HTC and Motorola are spectacular such as the Droid X(or whatever its going to be called) or the HTC Desire

Are you tempted ?

This week Nokia gave previews of the N8 to bloggers and journalists which Jay has amazingly covered here :

Nokia N8 Sample Pics: With and without Xenon Flash

Pics: Nokia N8 vs HTC EVO 4G, Google Nexus One, iPhone 3GS and Nokia X6 (w/ hands on video showing off animated wallpaper)

3 Nokia N8 Video Hands On: With PhoneDog’s Noah, AAS’ Rafe Blandford and The Nokia Blog (via Ira)

Biggest Nokia N8 Gallery Ever: Blue N8 Overload ^_^

Pic: Nokia N8 vs HTC Evo 4G vs iPhone 3GS Vs Nokia E73 Mode

Video: Nokia N8 Scratch Test with Shiny Media

Pics: Nokia N8 Phone Pile, Silver Green and Orange (Via Slash Gear!)

Gallery: Blue Nokia N8

Video: Nokia N8 720p Video Sample and Green/Orange N8 hands on!

Video: 10 Minutes hands on with Green Nokia N8 at Singapore

Videos: 8 piece Hands videos on with Black Nokia N8! Social Networking, Music Player, Web Browser demo and More!

One thing that was universally mentioned in all of the early previews was that the hardware was amazing but Symbian isn’t, I know its an early preview but the interface gets got slated for being old in all previews, even Jan Ole Suhr the developer for the popular twitter app gravity questioned Symbian 3 long term future in this article here.

Hope ?

Anyway I was just curious if any other folks felt like moving away from Nokia, let me know in the comments and you can also follow me on Twitter @jwf90 🙂

Win a Nokia N8 With Gameloft and Real Football 2010

June 14, 2010 2 comments

Want to win a Nokia N8 courtesy of GAMELOFT? To celebrate the world cup and Real Football 2010  at the Ovi Store, you’ve got a chance to win yourself a Nokia N8. It’s pretty simple and will take mere clicks on facebook.

  • Head over to our Gameloft Facebook Fan Page and click on the tab to enter the contest.
  • Install the application and fill out the form.
  • Click “Like” on both the Gameloft and Nokia Facebook Fan Pages to complete your entry.