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Official YouTube App available for Symbian^3

December 8, 2010 10 comments

Kraistus from Finland has emailed us ( with some screenshots of the new Symbian^3 YouTube App!

Want it?

Here are Kraistus’ instructions:

Download instructions:

1. Use the phone’s native(!) WEB-browser, and go to: (For example Opera Mobile won’t work, you won’t have the change to select Youtube)
2. You have to choose a language which is supported in the app(!). Choose for example: English(US)
3. Choose the Youtube icon to download the app to your phone
4. Install and enjoy!

I have not tried this yet but Kraistus says it’s better image quality than previous mobile web youtube (though still needs improvement).

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Freeware: Nokia Custom Dictionary Word List Organizer V0.02(2) for S60 3rd and 5th Edition [Experimental]

February 2, 2010 2 comments

Here’s a neat application that you would have thought was already in your phone but isn’t. What’s great about it is that it will allow you to edit your custom dictionary. Normally you can only add words, with less frequently used “added” word being phased out. Here you can edit/delete them if you want (say, if you’ve accidentally spelt it wrong). Great when you’re using predictive text and it keeps inserting the wrongly spelt word!!

  • Open it via the app (not via message editor)
  • Words added via QWERTY (when prediction is on) appear in T9 too and can be edited/deleted (note, you’ll need to restart the app to see newly added words via message editors)
  • Edit by Language (it’ll ask which language at start up)
  • View all the words in your custom dictionary
  • Add new words to the dictionary via the app.
  • Edit and Delete existing words via the app
  • Check the total number of words
  • Export the words from your dictionary (as an XML file)
  • Import words from an xml file
  • Scan text files to import all the words
  • Transfer your dictionary to another phone

To download, head on over to Beta labs. Note, that it’s at experimental stage and you’ll Click to continue reading about Nokia Custom Dictionary

Games: Airport on the Nokia N900

January 15, 2010 5 comments

This is a really simple but quite a catchy game that’s free on the Ovi Store for the N900. It’s called “Airport”.

Basically you’re an airport controller, and you have to safely guide the landing of the planes.

You get two types of planes, the big commercial passenger plane and a small properller style.

The big planes go into the top horizontal landing strip and the little planes go into the vertical landing strip.

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Freeware: Egg Timer for S60 5th edition

January 2, 2010 1 comment

Got something simmering in the stove or roasting in the oven? Need to leave it for a while, but need a reminder to make sure you won’t forget and let your cooking burn? No timer on the cooker or timer is only on the cooker itself?

You should get Egg timer for S60 5th Edition. It’s free at the Ovi Store.

  • 59 minute analogue timer
  • Metallic finish
  • Use touch screen to turn the dial. Time automatically counts down.
  • Remaining time displayed below
  • Better than alarms, you don’t have to work out number of minutes + current time.
  • Vibrates per each minute you turn the dial
  • Mechanical sounding alarm
  • You can leave it in the background


Video: Wormux on the N900 (Free Game)

December 17, 2009 4 comments

A fan of the game series – WORMS? Have a N900? You’ve got to try Wormux!

This is a free touch/keyboard-combo game to download and it has all the game play aspects of the original Worms franchise.

But instead of worms, you’ve got [15] teams based on open source software (at least that’s what Wikipedia says ) i.e.. Gnu, Tux, PHP, Firefox, OOo, Spip, Pidgin, Snort, Wilber, Konqi, SuSE and Workrave, Thunderbird, Beastie and Nupik.

If you don’t know what they are, it doesn’t matter (I’m only familiar with half of the teams). Just pretend they’re just random animals.

Below is a short 4 minute video just to demo some of the settings, controls, maps and weapons of Wormux for the N900.

It’s a really good game but it does suffer from random lagging. Sometimes the load takes a while or some animations don’t play out properly – other times it’s fine.

Something to try: it is advisable that you restart your N900 after installation – mine performed slightly better (quicker loading).

Video: Super Tux on the Nokia N900 – reconfigure keyboard to have “D-pad” on the left for gaming.

December 13, 2009 3 comments

This is a quick 4 minute video to show the game “Super Tux” on the Nokia N900.

This game uses the N900’s QWERTY keyboard, with arrows for navigation and predefined letters for jump/power/duck.

Now, the N900 doesn’t have a D-pad like the N97, but you can change the controls so you can still have your “D-pad” on the left and other action buttons on the right, like most traditional gamepad controllers.


Some might prefer to use the arrow-buttons on the right others might want to have a reconfigurable d-pad going on in the left. I’m in the latter, and I’m glad Super Tux gives you the option (which I hope would become standard in future games using the keyboard/arrow buttons)

And in general, Super Tux is a fun game that you can download really easily and for free from the App Manager in the N900.

In terms of gaming prowess, the only game at the moment[in the catalogue] to demonstrate what the N900 is capable of is Bounce Evolution.

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Video: Nokia X6 playing Dance Fabulous – Trailer

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Dance Fabulous – a dance coordination game shown on the Nokia X6.

It doesn’t look half bad for a S60 5th Edition Game.