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Stuff Magazine’s Nokia X6 Review: For entertainment, music and social networking.

February 12, 2010 2 comments

I don’t know what on earth the reviewer speaks of when she says the 5800 was not the hit Nokia were expecting. I remember that around March/April, Nokia expected to sell 1 million 5800 but exceeded that and sold 3 million (actually already reached 1 million in January). Sales wise, the 5800 is one of Nokia’s most successful phones.

But perhaps the reviewer meant successful in terms of mind share; getting an iconic handset with an agreeable touch UI. This is where touch S60 initially had fallen short of the mark.

The X6 seeks to remedy this, along with a few hardware changes, including Nokia’s first capacitive screen, 32GB (or also 16GB) memory, and a slimmer shell.

Unfortunately, as the reviewer correctly puts, the X6 is still (unbearably) underwhelming. Pausing between loading of apps, freezing in heavy web pages, nonsensical double taps to open folders – overall very laggy for what’s supposedly a premium handset (premium priced anyways).

An important thing to consider maybe the recent firmware upgrade of the X6 to V12, which does sort out some speed and stability (or lack of) issues. It’s a touch annoying  though that despite the lengthy life span and history of Symbian, each new handset (not just S60 variant) still needs firmware upgrade after firmware upgrade to become finally usable. (V21 with N97 after 7 months is almost there). This is not good for users who don’t even know what a firmware is let alone how to upgrade it. (On the positive note, “frequent” firmware upgrades means problems gradually get fixed quicker….though on the flip side again, that problem should not be there in the first place. I mean come on…same phone just different shell…it’s like there’s some amnesia and they’ve forgotten they already sorted this problem out in another phone :S)

I reckon the 5800 is still a much better option as a music phone. The only thing it really lacks is the additional 2MP. But for such a value-packed price, the 5800 is unbeatable. And then there’s always the likes of the 5230, another phone of unquestionably great value for money. [That’s what I recommend to friends looking for a good value, ‘modern’ Nokia phone. Not so much 5530 as that lacks GPS and having free Sat Nav functionality always impresses, especially when they don’t realise their phone has it]

News: New Nokia today?…is it true?…(It’s the X6-16GB)

January 26, 2010 6 comments

The guy’s over at Pocket lint heard from Nokia’s UK boss Mark Loughran that on the 26th there will be a new Nokia being released…there is a lot of speculation as to what this phone is, the guy’s over at NokNok think it might be the new Maemo but in my opinion, I would doubt that very much because people are still getting used to the N900 and launching another one now would just hinder Nokia because people would stop buying the N900!

No idea what it is but it looks like Nokia are trying to beat Apple to the punch my making another announcement (on top of the free maps one) a day before Apple are doing theirs!!

We will just have to wait and see but in my personal opinion, I think a lot of people have forgot about Nokia’s development of their “tough” phone…so could it be that?
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Gallery: Nokia X6 vs N900 vs N97

January 6, 2010 10 comments

I was going to put this as part of the X6 review i’m about to write but thought i’d give it a post of it’s own!

I’v just got the Nokia X6 (just got this on Tuesday), The N900, and the N97 (Original – not mini) and thought people might want to see a hardware comparison in pictures so enjoy!


Nokia X6: 111 x 51 x 13.8 mm – 122g

Nokia N900: 110.9 x 59.8 x 19.55 mm – 181g

N97 (original): 117.2 x 55.3 x 18.25 mm – 150g


X6 review is still to come so stay tuned!

Nokia X6 Unboxing (Stop Motion)

January 6, 2010 6 comments

Hey all

Some of you might have known that I was getting my hands on a Nokia X6 which arrived yesterday so I thought that I’d continue my tradition of firsts in the blogging world and kill 2 birds with one stone, so here is my first Unboxing and Stop Motion Video so enjoy!

Here are some stills of the phone and contents:

Just so you know I will be doing a proper review of the phone as well and you can expect that from me in a few days (hopefully).

Pocket-lint’s Nokia X6 Review: Improved experience all around – what the 5800 should have been [7/10]

December 23, 2009 3 comments

Stuart Miles of Pocket-lint has reviewed the Nokia X6. One of the only two in the new Xseries lineup, the music centred X6 boasts Nokia’s first phone with a capacitive touch screen.

So with all the flack Nokia’s been receiving on ‘hampering’ flagships with ‘out-of-date’ resistive screens, how does the X6 fare?

  • Pocket-link says the X6’s 640×360 3.2″ screen is responsive – zero lag. No pushing or stylus necessary [though stylus necessity is more what you’re doing, right? Not that it would work. But even if you’re on a resistive screen, if you’ve got big buttons you don’t need a stylus. Anyway, I digress]
  • It hosts the same 32GB as the flagship Nseries and N900 but lacks microSD – still plenty for the Comes with Music service – your all you can eat busic buffet.
  • Camera is OK – though apparently not on par with the camera centric Nokia range. [Do they mean Nseries or the select photography bunch in Nseries?]
  • Even though the X6 has the same sized 3.2″ screen as the 5800,  surprisingly they found “touch interface buttons are big it’s not as fiddly”
  • Ample memory to run most things though you still get low memory errors if you push it [just a note, in the Nokia range, N900 does not do this]
  • As good as the X6 could get, it’s running Symbian with S60 interface – looking old and out of touch compared to the competition and Nokia’s own Maemo 5 beast.

Via Pocketlint

Shiny Media’s Video Review of the Nokia X6

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Calling it “the noisiest phone they’ve ever reviewed”, it’s the Nokia X6 – comes with music phone. Taking over as the new music flagship (if there ever was one in Nokia’s line up) as well as being the top Xseries and first Nokia phone to sport a capacitive touch screen.

Big hits for the “blackberry like” Nokia Messaging where your emails instantly pop up and the fantastic Twitter (and facebook, and Google Reader!) client, Gravity.

[note, I don’t think  the X6 has a memory card slot as claimed in the video]

Video: Nokia X6 playing Dance Fabulous – Trailer

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Dance Fabulous – a dance coordination game shown on the Nokia X6.

It doesn’t look half bad for a S60 5th Edition Game.


Nokia’s Official Videos from ‘Rihanna Live’

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Brixton Academy – London – Nov 16: Marking the launch of Nokia’s X6, Nokia also hosted Rihanna Live, a concert streamed worldwide to debut Rihanna’s new album, “Rated R”.

If you missed it, Nokia has put up some videos from the event at

Mad House/Wait Your Turn

Take a Bow

Russian Roulette

Don’t Stop the Music



Rihanna’s concert is live at – Rihanna Live!

November 16, 2009 6 comments

Head yourself over to for the stream of Rihanna Live – A Concert to debut both her new album and the launch of the Nokia X6! Rihanna’s playing some songs from the new album, Rated R, as well as her loved classics. As well as Rihanna, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z will be performing on stage too!


There’s different camera angles available, even some being streamed live via QIK. Hurry on over!

rihanna 2

Rihanna 3

Rihanna 4


Rihanna 6



Concept phones: Nokia X8?

November 11, 2009 23 comments

The Nokia X8 – or at least how the X6 should have looked were it to dispense of the space wastages top and bottom of the screen.

Nokia X8

Will all future touch screen devices inevitably just be slabs of rectangular displays? [e.g. HTC Touch HD2] I’m all for it – especially the seamless flat glass fronted displays.

This Nokia X8 is actually a Samsung concept phone[via Mobile-Review forum] mixed with the N97 mini’s call/end keys and Nokia logo, minus the bottom triangular chin. It’s a crude edit done it paint (I got a little distracted from reading up for a test about Jeremy Bentham and Immanuel Kant :S). It pretty much closely resembles the original X6 were you to lop off the top and bottom (though I do like that shiny red trim).


Via concept phones

Nokia_X6_black_red_homescreen_lowresThe X6 (left). Nokia’s first capacitive screen device, succeeding the ever popular 5800 and taking the mantle as Nokia’s flagship music phone (if there was one).

The Nokia X6 is a  Comes With Music device and is being launched globally on the 16th November. As you’ve probably already heard, this launch is going to be pretty big considering it’s being partnered with an exlusive concert starring Rihanna, one of the hottest artists right now in all sense of the word with the most number 1 hits of this decade.

Rihanna will debut her new album, Rated R, streaming the concert live over Nokia phones and for a lucky exclusive audience at the actual launch event in London.

Here’s the original Samsung ‘Crystal’ concept (right):