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Video: Burger Face – Face Detection and Tracking Game on Nokia N900! Control the game with your face!

February 28, 2010 2 comments

The N900’s front camera is hardly ever used (Except via a mirror app)

Here’s an app that takes advantage of the front camera, but in much more creative way. has created a game that uses the N900’s front camera to track your face and translate that as controls.

As you can see in the top right corner, “Burger Face” recognizes your face, tracking its motion and uses it to control your character.

Hook it up via TV out and you’ll have an Eye-toy/Natal-esque motion gaming experience.

Move your face to catch the burgers! But make sure you avoid those knives!

zehjotkah has also posted another video demo:

Camera for game controls = win! Nice use of face tracking.

Maybe we can have some MAIN Camera based motion control, like the ancient “Attack of the Killer Virus” and “Moorhen Camera X” on Series 60 again?

On the subject of camera face detection….I wonder if we’ll ever get face detection with front camera (and for photos) like the N86? (And also, touch focus??)



MyNokiaBlog Weekly Post Roundup (Ep 7): Video peeks at Flash Earth, X10, Symbian^4 and MeeGo

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Free: Pedometer Homescreen Widget: Track your steps with the N900!

February 27, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a really good alternative to the awesome SPORTS TRACKER app on Symbian. It’s all accelerometer based so there isn’t a GPS tracking side to it to calculate actual distances/speed (or show you your track path) but it’s good enough for basic monitoring. Isn’t there like a recommended 10,000 step minimum?

It’s free to download from the App Manager:


This app sits on your homescreen (no starter icon in menu), and you can leave it running in the background to calculate:

  • Time widget has been running
  • Number of steps
  • (estimated to your height/weight) calories burned
  • (estimated to your height/weight) distance traveled (not using GPS)
  • (estimated to your height/weight) average speed
  • Steps per day
  • Stats all time (Compare the number of steps you’ve covered today with the number of steps you’ve done since using the widget.)

To start the widget, press the play button. It’ll begin recording and you can leave it running in the background whilst you do other things. You can stop the widget to stop recording and press play again later to begin a new session. All sessions get added to “all time”

This is the default view of the widget in the homescreen. You can change the appearance by only showing certain details, i.e. hiding graph/all time etc. See below in settings.

The graph can display other information when you click it other than Steps per day

  • Day – Steps/Calories/Distance/Average Speed
  • Week – Steps/Calories/Distance/Average Speed


  • MODE
    • RUN
    • WALK
    • So the widget can more accurately calculate calories burned
    • So the widget can more accurately calculate calorie burned
  • UNIT
    • Metric
    • Imperial
  • WIDGET ASPECT (appearance)
    • Current+Total+Graph
    • Current+Total
    • Current Only
    • Total Only

To get to the settings, go to edit homescreen view and click the Spanner icon:


It’s a really great app and it’s free to download via APP manager:


The only worry for me is how much this will affect battery life. Will have to see over the next few days. It may help to tick “Pause when not walking” in settings.

New Ovi Maps 3.04 Live at Nokia Beta Labs! (For S60 5th Edition) Improved positioning speed and accuracy!

February 26, 2010 5 comments

Navigation got really good after Ovi Maps 3.03, (see 10 reasons to love Ovi Maps) Not only did we get free pedestrian and car turn by turn navigation, Ovi Maps received a complete facelift over the previous version with so many new things to enjoy such as city guides, proper search and improved compass.

And now, there’s EVEN MORE improvements are coming with 3.04!

  • Improved positioning speed and accuracy (accuracy and positioning speed got really good on 3.03 – now even more with 3.04!)
  • Map zooming with faster speed (smoother, faster zooming)
  • Improved search for cities with zoom out to city level

Check out Nokia Beta Labs!

It’s recommended that you upload MAPS using Nokia MAP loader . It makes sure you don’t have to use data to get maps on the go (but you can if you need to, and it can be accessed offline later as it’s saved to your device)

Video: Sneaky peak at Symbian^4

February 25, 2010 2 comments

Remember the exciting Symbian^3 video?  – here’s another one, but it’s not as flashy production wise. It’s just a glimpse of Symbian^4, from the fiercewireless peeps.

I don’t know if it got leaked or if it’s supposed to look like a bunch of screenshots put together. Oh well.

BTW, tilt your head to the left to watch it.

Shame that whatever Symbian^4 experience we’ll see in teaser videos, we won’t actually be getting for a while as Symbian^3 isn’t even here yet! But it’s looking hopeful that there are good things coming on the horizon.

fiercewireless via thenokiablog

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Motion video games: Attack of the Killer Virus and Moorhen Camera X for Series 60 – where are they now?

February 25, 2010 3 comments

Space Impact (oh how I missed thee!) has just been revitalised again with a new “compass version” Meteor Shield where rotating the phone would control the game.

But it’s incompatible to phones without a magnetometer.

But old on….Do any of you remember a couple of games called “Attack of the Killer Virus” and “Moorhen Camera X”?

Back in the day when the competition could muster monochrome 20 pixel “games”, Nokia had stunning colour games (in glorious 176×208 – that was so high res back then) which you could move about and interact with the game directly. [the glory days when people bought Series 60 phones because they had the most apps eheh].


In attack of the killer virus, your camera would see “virus/amoeba” like objects appearing on the view finder, maybe attacking your friends/furniture (whatever happens to be on screen). Your aim was to shoot down those amoeba thingys. If you move the screen about, different viruses would appear on screen, but remain in the correct original position like they were actually there and the camera phone was somehow revealing them.

[ image is animated .gif – a few screenshots in one]


Moorhen Camera X was another really fun game where you had to move the phone to shoot the Moorhens flying across your screen. This time, the visuals are all in game (no using view finder). Moving the phone (detected by camera) moves your shotgun and moves you about the farm to shoot the moorhens. And it wasn’t only the visuals that was impressive but the sound effects too. No electronic “bleeps”, real bird screams, ricochets, gunshots and reload sounds.

I’m sure there were plenty more games like this in old series 60 first edition. Did they ever make the transition to S60 second edition? They certainly weren’t in third. Shame really as they were awesome games. (As I recall it there were tons of amazing apps that just gradually became extinct each time S60 moved from 1st to 2nd, then 3rd edition)

Well, unless I’ve missed them or someone revives those games there’s Space Impact Meteor Shield for you to try. CJ from zomgitsCJ has made a demo video showing the Compass based game in action.

Hmm…would love to see  combined magnetometer, accelerometer,GPS,  compass and camera for really immersive mix of Gaming/reality experience. Would that just be an augmented reality game?

Video: Symbian’s Julien @JFourgeaud on future vision

February 25, 2010 2 comments

Julien Fourgeaud, (hardcore N97 user – saying he’s not so much a geek but more focused on productivity), shares his vision into the direction of Symbian.

  • Julien says that Symbian will go in the direction the community wants – from new usage such as robotics, home entertainment even automotive things.
  • We will see higher powered Symbian hardware soon (Jo Harlow already confirmed at least 600MHz smartphone…)
  • Symbian tablet or other high end devices (already discussed before but good to reiterate)

I’m torn between what handset I will get next – Symbian^3 which looks mighty promising or MeeGo (Maemo 6/Harmattan) which has proven itself with Maemo 5 as a more than worthy next gen OS. It’s going to get even tougher as the hardware becomes even more similar – eventually (With S^4 AND REAL MeeGo (Maemo/Moblin blend not M6 rebrand) it might really be just down to OS choice.

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Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition: 18-carat N97 mini for 850USD

February 24, 2010 8 comments

Not content with having the luxury limited Edition N97 Mini Raoul, Nokia have launched a $850 N97 mini Gold Edition.

It’s the pearly white N97 mini with 18 carat gold accents wherever there was chrome(or other types of metal).

Inside, it’s the same trusty 3.2″, 360X640 tilt screen with QWERTY, 5MP Carl Zeiss Auto-Focus camera, A-GPS, 8GB on board memory (expandable via MicroSD to 24GB) on S60 5th Edition.

Hmm…white and gold. Very 7610. (I was kinda hoping for the entire face to be gold…too tacky? :p)

Via Nokia Poland (via unwired view)

Video: MeeGo – QT based UI running on AAVA’s Moblin 2.1 Smartphone – What is MeeGo and Moblin?

February 24, 2010 3 comments

Some MeeGo and Moblin videos for you. About MeeGo

  • MeeGo is the merger of “the best of Maemo” with “the best of Moblin”
  • MeeGo – Qt App development means cross platform (and cross device) compatibility with Symbian (and other OS?). Move from one device to another and still use the same app.
  • MeeGo was built for powerful next gen devices from the ground up (instead of Phone to Desktop or desktop to phone)
  • Maemo 6 Harmattan phone will still be Maemo 6 harmattan phone just called MeeGo
  • Maemo 7 will be the first real MeeGo OS from the ground up with content from Moblin.
  • Maemo 6 is compatible with MeeGo so whatever device has Maemo 6 can get supported MeeGo
  • Apps developed on Maemo 6 will be MeeGo compliant
  • N900 is compatible with Maemo 6/MeeGo but unsure whether it will be officially supported on Nokia’s end?
  • N900 has Qt package and you can build on top of Qt – bringing Qt/MeeGo apps to N900
  • Intel partnership opens up MeeGo OS to more industry players and developers and deepens the pocket for next gen Mobile OS development.
  • Maemo brings full fledged mobile OS to MeeGo, Moblin brings x86 support, build infrastructure, developer tools, partners with various software vendors
  • MeeGo hopefully brings both OS to mainstream users, Joe and Jane Average.
  • MeeGo is about continuous connectivity and internet anywhere. To succeed, MeeGo and Linux believes this requires a single OS when transitioning from a variety of devices; be it smartphone, tablet, netbook, navigation device

– From what I gather at least anyway. It’s all rather very confusing the more I delve into the technical side behind it so I’ll leave it there. But do check out the links below for more info.

and of course,

MeeGo – QT based UI running on AAVA’s Moblin 2.1 Smartphone

Moblin and Maemo are two very similar Linux based platforms trying to push the whole “Mobile Computers in your Pocket” angle.

As a Nokia fan you’re probably already pretty aware of Maemo, how it works, how it looks, how it performs.

But what do we know of Moblin? (First incidence I heard of Moblin was when MeeGo was announced :S)

Moblin –

first saw the light of day on netbooks


here’s Moblin on a EeePC


Moblin v2.1 on a Netbook


Moblin 2.1 for handhelds. Demo video

Intel Moorestown Smartphone Running Moblin

Ari Jaaksi on MeeGo

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Nokia’s Explore and Share concept

February 23, 2010 3 comments

The Nokia Research Center have just released a video about a new Nokia’s Explore and Share concept which they have developed with a “new type of radio technology” to transmit an entire music album to a device wirelessly in about 10 seconds! which if you think about it, it means that the speeds could be up to about 20MBps which is great if that is actual transfer rate, not theoretical.

The way you use it is to just place your phone onto the device and it automatically recognises your phone, and will load up model specific content for you to purchase, or explorer. (Check out the video below).

If this is actually developed for mainstream use and at a reasonable price it could be very popular, and even if it’s expensive, mobile shops could have it for customers to use and Nokia just give the device to the shops free for them to put out like the do it your self photo printers you now see everywhere (at least in the UK)!!!

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