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Attendance Register: Nokia World 2010: WOMWorld/Nokia Meet – Are you going?

August 31, 2010 46 comments

London. It’s only two weeks away.

On the 13th of September 2010, WOMWorld/Nokia (offices at Piccadilly Circus pretty much) will be hosting the biggest get together of Nokia Mobile Geeks from around the world as a pre-party get together for the biggest, most important Nokia World to date on the 14th and 15th September 2010 (which is simultaneously partnered with the Nokia Developer Summit for even more Nokia goodness!)

Click here for the Agenda details

This year’s Nokia World will see arguably Nokia’s best offerings in terms of smartphones to date – ones that are actually decent enough to compete with high ends from other manufacturers. We haven’t really had something like that since the N95/N82.

But possibly even cooler for me is just the insane amount of Nokia blogger folk that will be attending and that I’ll get to meet. We can’t really guarantee Nokia would do this again for the next NW in 2011.

Comment below if you’re going to Nokia World 2010 or the pre WOMWorld/Nokia Meet or both. The WOMWorld/Nokia meet unlike Nokia World does not need a ticket! So come along if you’re free on the 13th Sept.

Attendees so far

(that I’m aware of, will update)

  • Axel –, – @idela
  • Baptiste – SymbianFrance, MeeGo France – @baptmarla
  • Clinton Jeff – ZOMGitsCJ
  • Dan Carter – World Of Nokia
  • Greg – Symbian France, MeeGo France – @cliboub
  • Jade Bryan Jardinico  – Symbian World, The Nokia Blog
  • James Whatley – WOMWorld, The Really Mobile Project, @Whatleydude
  • Jay Montano
  • Julien Fourgeaud @jfourgeaud
  • Mark Guim – The Nokia Blog -@MarkGuim
  • Michael Hell – Thoughts From Hell, Fone Arena @MichaelxHell
  • Micky Aldridge – Nokia Users, Nokia DNA – @MickyFin
  • Mike Macias – Mobile Fanatics – @mikemacias
  • Nirave Ghondia – Mobile Users – @Nirave
  • Paul Grayburn – Nokia Users – @MrGrayburn
  • Rafe Blandford -All About Symbian – @AAS/@RafeBlandford
  • Richard Dorman @Sheridano1
  • Sergejs Cuhrajs @_Nexus

That’s all I’m aware of at the moment. But I found this much longer list from Dan Carter.

Oh hey, Mr Burland is coming! Yay! Along with Gerry Moth, Devin Balentina, Ibrahim Jogee, Dani, Jon Choo, Ben Smith and Roman Sweigler whom I have also previously met (Nirave, Mark, Rafe, Sergejs, Michael Hell too – any sign of Steve Litchfield?). Can’t wait to catch up with the 1000heads/WOMWorld Team – Donna, Katie, Lydia, Adam, Frank, Mike, Paul, Robbie, Whatley and more! Looking forward to meeting many more new people! Like Chris Davies from Slash Gear, Jade, Amir, CJ and Micky Aldridge as well as speaking to the Nokia Reps/Managers during the official Nokia World 2010 event.

A few months ago on twitter, there were tons of discussions about a huge get together of Nokia Geeks for Nokia World, perhaps even the day before if we can’t get tickets. I hoped for it, but I didn’t think it would actually happen. Awesomeness!

  • Martyn Brett @MartynBrett
  • Gordon Tant @125f8
  • Robert Hall @RobertHall
  • James Burland @JamesBurland
  • Carl Silvers @carlsilvers
  • Craig Richards @GeekComputers
  • Abul Hussain @adonisdemon
  • David Gilson @davidgilson
  • Stephen Wing @Stephenwing
  • Ilicco Elia @ilicco
  • Ryan @Mechanical_Mind
  • Lee Deeble @leedeeble
  • Amir B @Benjezzy
  • Jon Choo @jonchoo
  • Gareth @Politicspenguin
  • Robster @CreativeGeek
  • Staska @UVStaska
  • Gerry Moth @gerrymoth
  • Helen Keegan @technokitten
  • George NU Member 93tid
  • Matt @NokiaPush
  • Vikki Chowney @vikkichowney
  • Chris Davis  @Slashgear
  • Felipe Andrade @felipeandrade
  • Brett Butterfield
  • Philip Berne @philipberne
  • Jouni Miettunen @jomtwi (Finland)
  • MOHAMED SHAZLY @Mack005 (Sri Lanka)
  • Devin Balentina (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, nr Mexico) @Blue13x
  • Albert @Nokia_Fan
  • Ibrahim Jogee @TheNokiaReview
  • Vaibhav Sharma @v4ibhav
  • Jan Ole Suhr @janole
  • Roman @S60inside
  • Sapiens Bryan @sapiensbryan
  • Aditya Singhvi @adityasinghvi
  • Dani Alleinad @dani2xll
  • Simon @simonLR
  • Pat Phelan @patphelan
  • Stefanos Kofopoulos @titanas
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HD Videos: Nokia N8 Sample videos – low light and outdoors 720p

August 31, 2010 17 comments

Here are some  sample videos from the Nokia N8 uploaded by silverato3428 – The first three supposedly in low light, and the fourth outdoors. Be sure to click the 720p HD version.

I’m curious to know how the N8 is able to resolve that text.  It seems a little too clear for fixed focus video and have something that close be in focus, whilst objects further away are still close.

Mummy –

Just seconds away from 1000heads/WOMWorld/Nokia HQ – outdoor.

  • The colour looks great, the frame rate looks smooth.
  • The N8 is also able to quickly adjust to different brightness levels.
  • Panning looks rather smooth too. Normally, movement of the phone would cause a somewhat jelly like distortion.

Thanks to bharadwaj for the heads up!

Get yourself a decent pair of headphones to listen to the marvelous Nseries grade audio quality.

Awesome sound for your video since 2005 when all others were producing (and some still are) shitty, tinny audio.

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Video: Nokia N8 multitasking and new samples

August 31, 2010 6 comments

I’m sure you have seen other videos about the Nokia N8’s multitasking but this one is recent (august 27 ). In this video the N8 multitask 15 applications.

Here’s a new sample video, thank you Keith for the tip.

I’m guessing these are video taken with the Nokia N8. TheSheridan01 on youtube and sheridan01 from flickr do look alike and appears to be the same person. It’s about cats too. So i’m pretty sure these are taken with the N8.

And here’s some new(taken on august 28)  full (4000×3000) 12mp photos samples from sheridan01 on flickr.

via: nokiaru on youtube, ringhkdemo on youtube , sheridan01 on flickr and TheSheridan01 on youtube

Fun tip:  I knew this tip a month ago and only now it crossed my mind that I could share it here. Some of you might know it, some might not

To play Snake(famous game that I used to play on Nokia cell phones) on youtube. Step1: find any video, Step 2: click on the video, doesn’t matter if it pauses it or play. Step 3: hold left arrow and a snake will appear. Rule of this game : eat as much dot as you can without eating yourself or hitting the edges

Nokia N900 for just $199, limited period offer in Nokia USA website

August 30, 2010 5 comments

At the Nokia USA website, the sole Maemo 5 phone from Nokia, the multitasking beast with killer web browser and customizability options  is at a rock bottom price of $200 USD! Bargain! But it’s only for a limited time.

What’s the catch? Well you pay $480 up front first, and hand in your (or any most likely) old handset. Then you get $280 in cash back PLUS what ever value your old phone was.

CLICK HERE  to go to the NokiaUSA page

Thanks to Gilly for the heads up!


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N8 as a possible HTPC

August 29, 2010 40 comments

We all remember way back in April when one of Nokia’s product managers did a short hands-on with the N8 and demonstrated the ability to connect to bluetooth devices such as a keyboard.

Well we’ve gotten a tip on another video demonstrating a rather similar set-up. A regular old Nokia SU-8W bluetooth keyboard and a Logitech M555b bluetooth mouse were connected simultaneously to the N8 and then used to interact with the UI, type messages and calendar events etc. Given the already known ability to hook the N8 up to HDTV’s via HDMI. We could be looking at the first veritable HTPC that fits in the pocket.

Leave your comments below.

Thanks Chandru


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Video: Super smooth Pinch and Zoom in Ovi Maps demoed in 25 minute Nokia N8 Truck in Hamburg

August 28, 2010 38 comments

In all the Nokia N8 demoes we’ve seen thus far, Ovi Maps has only been shown to zoom with the zoom bar. Multitouch is available on the N8 but it was not yet working for Ovi Maps (though it was mentioned to be coming soon)

In this 25 minute video (Skip to 24:05) you’ll see firstly, a very, very smooth panning of the maps and more importantly, super smooth pinch and zooming of the maps. There are no reloading of the maps/obvious rescaling – just quick pinch and you’re zoomed in.

Thanks to bharadwaj for the tip. If you have any stories you’d like published at, send us your tips/links here or email

Via BestBoyZde

Near-final N8 firmware run through

August 27, 2010 55 comments

With rumors circling the internet that the final, release version of the N8 firmware is scheduled to be finished by next week (crosses fingers) The latest video that I found on the site, should hopefully give a pretty clear insight into the sort of performance and applications (read: games) we can expect to see when the N8 is FINALLY released. From the little available here, there should be few doubts in anyone’s mind as to whether this device will be sluggish, unperforming and underwhelming at release.

Give it a look and tell me what you think!

Youtube link to the 1st video! Thanks NeNoRmAl!

Update: Another video was taken on the 25th of August, just 2 days ago. The video demonstrates a few of the normal features available with the OS.

Give it a look.


C7 preview

August 26, 2010 47 comments

The all knowing Eldar has posted another preview of a Nokia device, this time the S^3 powered C7. As is customary he speaks little to the functionality and more to the flashiness of the interface, once again stamping on it’s lack of novelty or spice.

His conclusion?

“Those who are accustomed to Symbian and know this OS will find the model attractive. It offers few interesting games, austere and outdated interface. Taken together it means that Nokia C7 will not attract new customers, but Nokia fans will choose it quite consciously. After all it is the best value for money on Symbian S^3.”

Give it a read if so inclined at the link below.

Video: Nokia N8 commercials

August 26, 2010 13 comments

After the Nokia N8 event, some new commercials appeared on the internet. They were in different websites. So I uploaded all of them to youtube. There you go. Enjoy!

There are two other videos, one here and second there. They are not in English. But if you understand their language or just wanna see the N8 then go ahead and watch.

For those of you who are a fan of Tron Legacy, I got good news. Apparently Nokia have new trailer of Tron Legacy exclusively for the Nokia N8. Here’s a glimpse of it.

via: youku and and joeteh on youtube for the hdmi tron legacy preview

Another N8 preview

August 25, 2010 26 comments managed to get a quick hands-on with the soon to be release Nokia N8. Though there isn’t much shown with the test, the main takeaways are that the browser isn’t AS slow and terrible as people would have expected and the portrait keyboard needs a LOT of work. There seems to be little to no HTML 5 support as of yet and Nokia have not announced much in the way of HTML 5 with any of their future devices.

Here’s to hoping that there are firmware updates already being planned for these specific issues and will be released soon after release. In an ideal world the phone would ship with these fixes.

P.S. It seems that checkerboard when zooming out is only present on content heavy web-pages. Saw none on the rather light pages demonstrated here.

Give the video a watch if so inlined.

Thanks Chandru

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