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Ovi Store reaches 3.5 Million Downloads a day! Up from 3M 3 weeks ago.

December 6, 2010 20 comments

Word on the tweets: Ovi Store has reached another new record! Only 3 weeks ago we heard that they crossed the massive 3M/day download threshold. Now it’s up a further 16.7% to 3.5M/day. That’s 1.2775 billion a year if Ovi Store doesn’t grow any more (though we know this is just the beginning).

Content, ringtones/themes and most importantly, Apps are increasing in quality as well as numbers. Today we saw a couple of great and Free apps with Roller Coaster Extreme and’s ticket app by Masabi. (That’s just what’s posted here. There are many more in my piling list of great apps to review as well as well as apps already reviewed in the community).

We’ll update this post when we find more details and figures.

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Video: App for Symbian demoed on Nokia N8. Buy train tickets and check train times with ease!

December 6, 2010 11 comments

Back in October we saw advertising their application using the Nokia N8.

This app has been available for download from Ovi Store for a few days now and let me tell you that it’s awesome!

It is a really slick useful application for UK train travellers. You can check train times as well as buy train tickets but it goes so much further in making a very smooth and visually appealing interface to interact with. Over checking the browser version, this is leaps and bounds in speed and usability since it’s mobile (thumb input) focused and also uses very little data (no constantly clicking a new page).

We’ve got a video demo below as well as screenshots and more details about this great app!)

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Video: Bluetooth RC Mini cooper via Nokia N8

November 24, 2010 4 comments

BeeWi recently released an app on the ovi store that allows you to use your Nokia (compatible with Symbian^3 & S60 3rd & 5th editions) to control and drive a BeeWi bluetooth Car. Of course like in every RC toy u can control left,right,up,down, but now with this you can also use the motion sensor to drive your bluetooth car.

Here’s the link to the free application BeeWi Control Pad and click here for more specifications and details about the RC Mini Cooper. Obviously, you will also need to buy the RC car, you can buy it here. The retailers are mainly in Europe and the price is 59.99EUR which is a little bit expensive but for those of you who like to have fun, the price don’t matter

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Ovi Store hits over 1 Billion/year download rate with 3 Million downloads a day!

November 18, 2010 45 comments

Ovi Store grows again! It’s not a surprise since content AND handsets are ramping up. Ovi Store downloads are now at 3 million a day or 1.065 Billion per year were Ovi Store NOT to grow for 365 days.

  • Over 165 million Ovi Users, across more than 190 countries
  • 250,000 new users every day
  • 90% of visits lead to app download
  • On average, each registered visitor downloads 2.6 apps (per what?)
  • 92 developers have reached the 1-million+ download milestone each for their apps
  • 1.5 million downloads of the Qt SDK in 2010
  • 400,000 new developers have signed up with Forum Nokia over the last year

Nokia Conversations / Nokia / Mobile-ent


Thanks to Yoel Gvirtz, Alex Kerr and GadgetBuff for the heads up




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Video: PixelPipe Send and Share on the Nokia N8 (for other devices too!)

September 17, 2010 1 comment

Brett Butterfield, CEO of PixelPipe gives us a quick overview of the new application, PixelPipe Send and Share coming soon to OVI store. Demoed on the Nokia N8 (but noted that it’s for older devices too), it allows you to quickly and easily upload photos from the gallery.

Thanks Brett for the demo. My fault that he sounds rushed –  I asked for a short 60 second or so demo only as we were minutes away from the start of the closing keynote (of which the new CEO was attending and speaking at as you now know).

The app is built in to the photo manager so no additional photo app needed. The app is free to download and I strongly suggest you download it asap ones it becomes available. You can use it to upload pictures and videos to 110 online social locations. I use it on the N900 to tweet photos, sometimes to upload videos to youtube. Very handy because it makes it so easy to do. Just find a photo and send.

Now one thing I’m not sure about and didn’t get to ask is if you can send straight after capturing from the camera.

Augmented reality interactive magazine with Nokia N8 and Junaio coming soon to OVI

September 16, 2010 6 comments

Here’s an incredible  app coming soon to the Ovi Store. It’s called Junaio and it uses the Nokia N8’s (or any) camera to project an alternative augmented reality on the phone’s display. OK. You may have seen this before.

What’s really cool is that the content was partnered with a magazine. An ordinary paper print superficially, but when combined with Junaio you get the aditional animated content hovering over your phone. Some parts are in 3D and look incredible on the display.


Video: Super smooth Pinch and Zoom in Ovi Maps demoed in 25 minute Nokia N8 Truck in Hamburg

August 28, 2010 38 comments

In all the Nokia N8 demoes we’ve seen thus far, Ovi Maps has only been shown to zoom with the zoom bar. Multitouch is available on the N8 but it was not yet working for Ovi Maps (though it was mentioned to be coming soon)

In this 25 minute video (Skip to 24:05) you’ll see firstly, a very, very smooth panning of the maps and more importantly, super smooth pinch and zooming of the maps. There are no reloading of the maps/obvious rescaling – just quick pinch and you’re zoomed in.

Thanks to bharadwaj for the tip. If you have any stories you’d like published at, send us your tips/links here or email

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