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Video: Introducing the new Wellness Diary beta (Nokia Beta Labs) Demoed on the Nokia N8

November 10, 2010 6 comments

Lose weight, eat smart, exercise more or change our habits for better balance? Erm, yes please.

Wellness diary makes it easy to set goals, monitor progress and if you wish share achievements with others.

I had a seminar at Uni on Monday on the exact same thing (principles of being Med Students/Doctors). It was really useful to know about setting clear, specific goals with a set deadline instead of woolly, vague ones that have an endless due date that in combination makes it more prone to that task/goal being ignored.

A diary you might not always have with you but a phone most likely.

“Monitoring progress is easy with automatic functions and reminders, and you can see your progress instantly via graphs. In the near future you can also share it with your friends via social networks”.

Get professional coaching

If you’d like coaching or expert advice, or feedback on your progress, we are happy to tell you that you’ll be able to use Wellness Diary with a variety of professional third party services in the near future. These will be wellness services like general health coaching, smoking cessation, personal training, or nutritionist support. We are currently in discussions with several partners.

In this Beta phase we’re already offering one third party Wellness service, Duodecim Electronic Health Examination and Coaching. To start using it, just click on and fill in the your health status to get started. Duodecim’s service is also in a testing phase and is offered as a Beta service.

If your company is interested in mobilizing your existing wellness related on-line service, please contact us via e-mail at for more information.

To download, head on over to Nokia Beta Labs.

Video: Brain Party – Nokia N900 Brain Training Game from Apple iPhone to Maemo 5 (YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS! -Best N900 game ever??)

April 25, 2010 11 comments

This is absolutely THE best game available for ANY nokia right now (IMO).

One of the reasons it looks really good is because it began life on the iPhone and has now been ported to Maemo (and other reason – we don’t have that (m)any titles at all :o)

The game interface just looks really attractive – finger friendly, nice animations, simple interface (the music isn’t bad either) as you’d expect from iPhone quality apps.

It runs beautifully on the N900 (super fast, no lags) as I’d expect pretty much most iPhone apps were they ported to N900 (bar maybe multitouch capabilities)


  • Brain Party is a brain training type game with absolutely tons of mini games.
  • You have a test mode and a practice mode. Before you can go into pactice mode, you have to go through 5 minigame “tests”.
  • Games vary from number skills, verbal skills, spatial awareness type games or combination. That probably doesn’t sound appealing but check the video out.
  • You’ll come across some classics such as pairs, see twists on familiar games like rock paper scissors, speed reaction type games – quick counting and er…”sheep tapping”…(watch the video!), verbal logic …etc etc.
  • The better you perform at each test, the higher your score. You get a total score at the end which is measured by “brain weight” (technically not at all related to cognitive ability between humans, but who cares :p).
  • Games you play after a 5 test run are saved in practice mode, so you can enjoy and practice them later.
  • Play more tests to get more games out – they’ll be random so may encounter new ones as well as ones you’ve already played.
  • The games have varieties of difficulties – though it depends mostly on what type of “thinker” you are – you might find the math ones a breeze but the verbal logic ones harder – or you might be a super genius and find them all easy.

There’s so many mini games I haven’t encountered them all just quite yet.
Interestingly, on Symbian, each of these mini games would probably count as ONE separate app. But now they’re all here.

You can get it from app manager – it’s a simple one click install. No xterm fussing about.

You may need to have this catalogue enabled to see it in your app manager. CLICK for instructions.

Check out the video demo below as well as some screenshots.

Do come back and tell us your BRAIN SCORE ^_^

Liqflow on the N900 – simple visual delight

December 20, 2009 2 comments

I remember seeing demonstrated for the first time at OneDotZero by its creator, Gary Birkett.

Liqflow uses the N900’s accelerometer and touch screen to bring about a simple yet mesmerising movement of dots that

  • change colour depending on speed of their movement [gray/white when slow moving – ascends across a rainbow of colorus as it picks up speed)
  • Change direction/pattern of movement as influenced first by accelerometer or by by the swiping on the screen
  • change size depending on accelerometer intensity

It kinda reminds me of those tripple LED glow sticks that appear white when static but show Red/Blue/Green – and I suppose you could actually use this application for such a purpose. If not, it’s just a neat application in itself.

Random post – this was meant to be uploaded along with the the four other apps yesterday:

Free Game: Picture Memory Touch for S60 5th Edition/S60V5

November 23, 2009 1 comment

Picture Memory Touch is your classic “Pair Match” game.

You’ve got 36 icons, divided into 18 pairs. They’re scattered around a 6×6 grid and you’ve just got to find all the pairs against the clock.

Screenshot and Video Demo below.

Download for free from the Ovi Store (you might find it easier to download from your native Ovi Store client for this one)


Download for free from the Ovi Store (you might find it easier to download from your native Ovi Store client for this one)

For other free S60 5th edition games, check out the page link free-games-for-s60-5th-edition

Video How to: Redownload Applications from the Ovi Store (and other content!) version 1.05 (387)

October 29, 2009 1 comment

Redownloading lost content from the Ovi Store was once a major hurdle. From not being able to at all to having to contact support to email you back with a 2-hour window in which you can download  your app.

Via NokiaConversations

Now (as it should have been all along)  you can redownload your paid applications!:

  1. go into “My Stuff” within the Ovi Store app (Left of the recommended bar – this is “My Download History” view of all content; apps, videos, wallpapers, themes and ringtones, Free and Paid) and
  2. just redownload your purchased applications (No longer does it say “Purchase” for your purchased apps, you can redownload your paid apps as you wish.)

You have to make sure that you have the latest 1.05 (387). You’ll get an automatic prompt to update Ovi Store when you start the Ovi Store App.

As you can see from the screenshots below, there are way too many clicks for an update when really it should just be one click.

Do I want to update? Yes? Done.

It would also have been nice to be able to filter out “My Download History” for paid/free apps, but one step at a time, eh, for Ovi Store?

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