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Samsung plans to oust Nokia from number 1 spot in 3 years time

December 30, 2010 20 comments

According to Korea Times via Unwiredview – Samsung is planning to oust Nokia from their 13 year reign as number one mobile/smartphone manufacturer in just three years time.

The parent company is a behemoth, allowing Samsung to produce their own displays, processors and memory at their own pace.

Apparently, the next 12 months is crucial. I don’t know if these figures are correct but Korea Times says Samsung plans on selling 11 Million smartphones in 2011 over their 2.5 million in 2010? I’m sure Samsung has sold more than that?

The next 12 months is possibly more important to Nokia than ever with the launch of its long awaited MeeGo powered handset and new Symbian UI. For quite a long time Nokia has given its competitors such an EASY ride with quite half hearted products (hello N97). Hardware wise, they could have produced something more than the bare minimum Symbian requires. 2011 is no such year for compromises, Nokia. Will we still see you as Number One come 2014? Maybe the world has already ended in 2012.

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Video: Nokia Morph – By Samsung. Foldable, flexible, and transparent displays.

November 21, 2010 3 comments

Remember this concept video of the Nokia Morph Concept?

Check out the new displays that Samsung are working on.

  • Dual clamshell displays
  • 01:30 – Folding 5.3″ AMOLED clamshell display.

It has a 960 x 800 resolution (235 PPI), 26.2K colors, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 100K:1 contrast, > 100% NTSC color space.

  • 02:00 – Flexible 4.3″ AMOLED
  • 02:32 – Transparent 14″ AMOLED display. Look at the video playing here. Watch that becomes candy bar that becomes tablet that becomes newspaper

For the size, the resolution was quite low at 960 x 540 pixels (78 PPI) and 250 cd/m2 brightness.

minipcpro | netbooknews

Well not quite Nokia Morph but there’s strong resemblance in where Sammy’s displays are heading. Morph of course isn’t just about the visual side of the display (bending/being transparent) it’s also about the sensing, textures and solar charging.

Nokia’s looking into flexible screens too. Just this January we heard of Nokia’s Read more…

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Videos: Nokia N8 versus Samsung Wave (and iPhone 4)

October 18, 2010 14 comments

Here’s another side by side split screen comparison between the Nokia N8 and this time the Samsung Wave. This is from gsmarena07

The wave, despite supposedly recording at 30FPS looks jerkier and less fluid in movement than what’s labelled as the N8. (Noticeable in the car portion)


Next – iPhone 4. I don’t understand why the iPhone 4 video is wobbling. Is the N8’s video stabilization that effective? (On early tests I’ve tried it’s surprisingly steady.)



Similar Post a while back:

Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 VIDEO and AUDIO test.

Thanks to Stylinred for the heads up.

Video: Nokia N8 versus Samsung Galaxy S – UI/Browser/Gallery/Navigation/Speed Test

October 18, 2010 40 comments

Smartphoneenvy takes a look at the Nokia N8 but closely against the google Android powered Samsung Galaxy S (Arguably one Android phones).

It’s in four parts.

“Specs, Maps, Navigation and Unofficial Speed Test”

User Interface

Gallery and YouTube

Browser (oh the woes). It hurts to watch the stupid Nokia Browser after knowing just how incredible MicroB (a Maemo Nokia Browser on N900) for the association of Nokia and Browser to be tarnished again by this poor excuse of a browser. Opera Mobile 10 helps a lot. I can’t wait for the new browser that’s supposedly just as good as anything on the market (even MicroB?)


Not included but we know N8 wipes the floor with the SGS

Gallery: Nokia N8 Tear Down – Disassemble the Nokia N8 with instructions from iFixit (Simple Battery Removal with T4 screw)

October 8, 2010 13 comments

We’ve seen N8 disassembly pictures before, and even received the manual DIRECT from Nokia Care. Here you’ll see a third party tear down of the Nokia N8 with even clearer instructions from the team at iFixit.

Go ahead and check it out!iFixit!

You know you wanna see the innards of the N8 😀

Note that in each of their steps, there’s a main picture and sometimes a few more to hover over for further clarification. Clicking on the pictures will also get you the larger images.

You probably will NEVER do this yourself, except perhaps step 5-7. With a standard T4 screw, unscrew the, well screws, remove the cap and the battery bracket and the BL-4D (which has received marked praises on battery life for N8, even by Eldar) slides out.

  • 16GB made by samsung
  • TOSHIBA NAND (C/Z/RAM)Cheers to N#O#R#U#L#E#S for the heads up

Full Gallery over at…


Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 versus Samsung Galaxy S. E7 CBD AMOLED vs G-S Super Amoled.

September 25, 2010 43 comments

The case of the Nokia N8 teaches us to be weary of extremely early, leaked ranting “reviews” of prototype, unannounced phones. Remember the lack of info o the powerful broadcom GPU? Which we now know is class leading? The putting down of the supposedly standard, nothing special camera? Which we know now to be the best ever on a mobile phone? And what about the screen?

“Nokia N8 with other smartphones that are being prepared for release, and I must say, this is ridiculous. For example, I see that the N8 is very cheap OLED display. In fact, Nokia calls it the AMOLED display, but if you compare the display with the Samsung HD i890 (1,5 years already on the market), Nexus One of Google and other phones, it is not so good. The display is not as great as Super AMOLED in Samsung…”

Samsung’s rare Super AMOLED is touted as the best in terms of screen technology. At least in certain circles. Bright, vibrant colour reproduction with superior sunlight visibility (a feature taken for granted in touch displays, particularly AMOLED and certain LCD). We have shown you that the E7’s performs great outside (regarless of unusual test parameters, I COULD SEE THE SCREEN IN SUNLIGHT)

Looking at a Super AMOLED display (Galaxy S) versus the Nokia E7, you can see a clear difference between Nokia’s own. More vibrant or over saturation? Whilst the E7 and C6-01 seem to produce colours more closer to each other, the N8 and C7 seem to still have an image that pops out slightly more than the Galaxy S. This may be due to white balance issues – who knows. Having seen the screens on these phones, one thing is true – they are FAR from the cheap OLED displays Eldar had described.

Renowned non-nokia enthusiats over at engadget have mentioned that the E7’s display is brighter and more vibrant than their beloved magical Retina Display with the E7’s clear black looking “SIMPLY Gorgeous, black levels are no joke. Samsung’s stranglehold on badass mobile displays was pretty short lived”.

Whether the N8 also has CBD is uncertain but some current N8 owners have described N8’s outdoor visibility to be better than Super AMOLED. Screen technology aside, you know it’s not just some cheap OLED display.

The only issue these screens lag behind in one aspect could be screen resolution. 640×360 vs 800×480 (e.g. N900, Galaxy S). On the upside, lower screen resolution benefits improved battery life. For sure, N9 will have 800×480 with CBD AMOLED, and awesome keyboard and 4″ screen at least all worked out.

Thanks to jenjaman, N#O#R#U#L#E#S, Eugen and others  for the heads up on this piece.

ZEN-PC via the-ultimate-111

Pics: Nokia N8 AMOLED vs Samsung Galaxy S Super AMOLED

July 10, 2010 13 comments

TestMobile compares the Nokia N8’s AMOLED with the Samsung Galaxy S’ eye melting Super AMOLED. Though of course the camera could increase/decrease the differences (adjusting to brightness of one screen, affecting look of another), disregarding this, in the photo below you can see that the deep blacks and brighter whites in the Super AMOLED display.  I’ve seen both, but only individually so I can’t comment on comparisons, but both look fantastic.

Not to fear though as the N8’s AMOLED is not just a step above regular TFT LCD displays (see 5800 comparison) but is apparently head and shoulders above some current AMOLED displays (Eldar has mentioned N8’s display is superior to the Nexus one.) And apparently Samsung’s Super AMOLED will be exclusive to their own devices for a while – I don’t recall where I read that though, so perhaps unless you want a Samsung, we’ll all have to settle for great AMOLEDs

In AMOLED vs TFT LCD, AMOLED displays are brighter, have higher contrast, richer more vibrant colours and consume less energy.

In AMOLED displays, each pixel controls its own brightness, as opposed to having a unified backlight in TFT, so blacks can be well, blacker and whites can be whiter and the colours are richer and more vibrant. Plus by not needing a backlight, they can utilise less power.

Here’s the HTC Google Nexus One AMOLED vs Super AMOLED on the Wave (on top) VIA Mobile-Review.

The differences are much more obvious here, the Samsung is bursting with brilliance.

Comparison shot between the Nokia displays by All About Symbian. Apparently N8’s AMOLED is much better at outdoor visibility than N86/N85 which suffered from vampiric screens.

Samsung’s own explanation of Super AMOLED


Cheers for the heads up mark/mrbean via via mrbean

Pics: Nokia N8 vs Samsung Wave (+Gallery of Nokia X2 and Nokia C1)

June 25, 2010 8 comments

Nokia N8 and Samsung Wave playing Asphalt 5

Following yesterday’s Nokia X5 gallery by cssinsight on flickr, here’s another bunch of photos of the Nokia X2, C1 and the Nokia N8 next to the Samsung Bada powered Wave.

The C1 below is that dual SIM Nokia phone that has a sweeping, tapered design reminiscent to that of the Nokia N8.

The Nokia X2 is part of that music/youth/entertainment segment, packing a 5MP camera, LED flash and dedicated music buttons..


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Video: Nokia N900 vs Samsung Omnia 2 vs iPhone 3GS

March 7, 2010 6 comments

dottormoresco has uploaded a video comparing the browsers of the Nokia N900 vs Samsung Omnia 2 vs iPhone 3GS

  • size
  • screen brightness
  • Graphical User Interface (short tour – check out the highly customizable N900 homescreen vs…well…)
  • Java/Flash plugins
  • Browser scrolling
  • Browser zooming (N900 spiral vs pinch and zoom – got to give it to pinch and zoom here)
  • Browser back button (Nokia seriously need to change the back button to an actual back button. You can already obtain carousel history from swiping left. Having the same function for the back button is STUPID!!!!! When I click back, I just want to go back.)
  • Flash Embedd – iPhone fails miserably here having NO flash. Recent firmware of N900 makes flash appear even smoother, with much higher frame rate for smoother playback. N900 = the entire web as you know it. Unlike N97 vs iPhone where flash on N97 was more of a hindrance, it’s a real key feature with the N900. Just check out how well the flash based Flash Earth works in the web browser! Not to mention YouTube, BBC iPlayer and other flash video sites. Note,  flash videos buffer for first few seconds and do appear glitchy, but they do smooth out.
  • Browser screen resolution: N900’s 800×480 vs iPhone’s 320×480. N900 much more information on screen.

Not shown in the video (it’s mainly for web browsing comparison) is the ease of switching between tasks, apps and other browser windows as you can multitask them all like on your desktop. Very easy, very capable, no wasteful swiping a million times because your multitasking interface is linear.

Nokia N900 with the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2, LG BL-40, Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71, Palm Pre, Samsung i8910/Omnia II, Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and Toshiba TG01

November 26, 2009 29 comments

Here are some shots of the N900 with some current high end phones. In Alphabetical Order:

  • Apple iPhone
  • BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2,
  • LG BL-40
  • Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71,
  • Palm Pre,
  • Samsung i8910/Omnia II,
  • Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and
  • Toshiba TG01

Initially the intention was to give a jist of the size of the N900. But since I was snapping away in phone retail stores, I didn’t get appropriate angle shots so you can see how easy it is to be deceived by comparison photos unless you see them flat, centre and horizontal with comparisons of [layered] length, width and thickness. helps if you want to compare phone sizes and you’ve got their dimension. This of course ignores curves/tapering which assist in the illusion that your device is smaller than what it actually is.

Ignoring size comparisons, the photos below are still worth a look for comparing aesthetics/design.

Check out the example below

BlackBerry Storm 2-

looking much bigger than the N900

Now N900 looks larger than the Storm 2

Another example. The Palm Pre is quite small, yes?

Palm Pre

HTC Hero.

Sony Ericsson Satio

So in the following pictures, just remember that unless you haven’t seen the N900 before, they might be slightly misleading in making it look bigger than it actually is as these are taken in the angle which make the N900 seem unnaturally bigger.

New Chocolate, LG BL-40

Nokia E71

Samsung i8910

Nokia 5800

Nokia N86

N86 is small, this angle further enhances this diminutiveness

The toshiba TG01

The TG01 is huge. It looks stupidly big. The N900 can sit on it and there’d be ample toshiba to border it.  This angle makes them look pretty similar in size. They are not.

Nokia N97 Mini

Samsung Omnia II

Sony Ericsson Aino

Palm Pre

And of course, Apple iPhone. Both looking pretty similar.

Apple iPhone

The only one that’s slightly useful for size comparisons is N900 vs Blackberry Bold. (This is my mate’s Bold, snapped these just as the lecturer was walking in – but still much better to have a flat surface to take comparison shots with)

N900 Vs Blackberry Bold

Didn’t take a width comparison but Bold is wider than the N900.

– I was actually looking for a new SIM and checking if retailers knew when/if they’d be getting the N900. On the way, I took some of these snaps.