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Freeware: Egg Timer for S60 5th edition

January 2, 2010 1 comment

Got something simmering in the stove or roasting in the oven? Need to leave it for a while, but need a reminder to make sure you won’t forget and let your cooking burn? No timer on the cooker or timer is only on the cooker itself?

You should get Egg timer for S60 5th Edition. It’s free at the Ovi Store.

  • 59 minute analogue timer
  • Metallic finish
  • Use touch screen to turn the dial. Time automatically counts down.
  • Remaining time displayed below
  • Better than alarms, you don’t have to work out number of minutes + current time.
  • Vibrates per each minute you turn the dial
  • Mechanical sounding alarm
  • You can leave it in the background


Nokia N900 with the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2, LG BL-40, Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71, Palm Pre, Samsung i8910/Omnia II, Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and Toshiba TG01

November 26, 2009 29 comments

Here are some shots of the N900 with some current high end phones. In Alphabetical Order:

  • Apple iPhone
  • BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2,
  • LG BL-40
  • Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71,
  • Palm Pre,
  • Samsung i8910/Omnia II,
  • Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and
  • Toshiba TG01

Initially the intention was to give a jist of the size of the N900. But since I was snapping away in phone retail stores, I didn’t get appropriate angle shots so you can see how easy it is to be deceived by comparison photos unless you see them flat, centre and horizontal with comparisons of [layered] length, width and thickness. helps if you want to compare phone sizes and you’ve got their dimension. This of course ignores curves/tapering which assist in the illusion that your device is smaller than what it actually is.

Ignoring size comparisons, the photos below are still worth a look for comparing aesthetics/design.

Check out the example below

BlackBerry Storm 2-

looking much bigger than the N900

Now N900 looks larger than the Storm 2

Another example. The Palm Pre is quite small, yes?

Palm Pre

HTC Hero.

Sony Ericsson Satio

So in the following pictures, just remember that unless you haven’t seen the N900 before, they might be slightly misleading in making it look bigger than it actually is as these are taken in the angle which make the N900 seem unnaturally bigger.

New Chocolate, LG BL-40

Nokia E71

Samsung i8910

Nokia 5800

Nokia N86

N86 is small, this angle further enhances this diminutiveness

The toshiba TG01

The TG01 is huge. It looks stupidly big. The N900 can sit on it and there’d be ample toshiba to border it.  This angle makes them look pretty similar in size. They are not.

Nokia N97 Mini

Samsung Omnia II

Sony Ericsson Aino

Palm Pre

And of course, Apple iPhone. Both looking pretty similar.

Apple iPhone

The only one that’s slightly useful for size comparisons is N900 vs Blackberry Bold. (This is my mate’s Bold, snapped these just as the lecturer was walking in – but still much better to have a flat surface to take comparison shots with)

N900 Vs Blackberry Bold

Didn’t take a width comparison but Bold is wider than the N900.

– I was actually looking for a new SIM and checking if retailers knew when/if they’d be getting the N900. On the way, I took some of these snaps.

Free Game: Memory Tester Touch for S60 5th Edition

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Memory Tester Touch is a game that well…tests your memory.

You’ve got a 3×3 grid of 9 squares. One square lights up at a time, and you have to remember the pattern as one new square is lit (provided you’ve got the previous pattern right – otherwise game over)

You get one point for each correctly lit square you remember. Get a square wrong and you’re back down to zero. Unless you hit a new high score, the previous high score will continue flashing.

Screenshots and demo video below.

Download it for Free at the Ovi Store

Download it for Free at the Ovi Store

For other free S60 5th edition games, check out the page link free-games-for-s60-5th-edition

Freeware: Mr Lock – Autolock application for the N97/N97 mini/5800/5530 and other S60 5th edition

November 3, 2009 3 comments

Here’s a great, practical application for you free at the Ovi Store. Mr Lock. An autolock software with huge set of options for your S60 5th Edition phone.



  • Extensive settings to customise how your phone will autolock
  • Auto-starts so you don’t have to think about turning it on when you restart your phone
  • Choose which profiles you want autolock active
  • Choose the autolock period – from as much as 59:59 to as little as 00:03 (3 seconds)
  • Best of all, choose which applications you don’t want autolock to lock your phone. You may be watching a video or waiting for a webpage to load (or whatever application will give you idle screen time). Mr lock lists every single application on your phone. Choosing an application means that autolock will be prevented when you’re in the middle of using that application.

Download it for free at the Ovi Store!

Here’s a video demo of it (probably best to mute the audio as this was done way too early in the morning)

Free Games: Tic Tac Toe/Noughts and Crosses for Nokia N97/5800/5530/X6/Samsung i8910

September 8, 2009 4 comments

Here’s a couple of Tic Tac Toe/Noughts and Crosses games.

1. Tic Tac Toe Touch

TTTThe first is Tic Tac Toe Touch from the Ovi Store.

You can play againsts your phone or another person (or if you’re a bit crazy, yourself).

It’s not your traditional 3×3 grid, instead you’ve got 13×8 so the game’s a a bit more challenging.

Also, isntead of having to get 3 in a row, you have to get 4.

Download from the Ovi Store either from your browser or the Ovi Store App



2. Tic Tac Toe 2p


This is a more traditional tic tac toe/noughts and crosses with a 3×3 grid.

It’s also 2 player only. The boxes are nice and chunky. Rotates for landscape but not advisable as the squares shrink.

I don’t remember where this is from. But you can download it here.



Freeware: Top 10 ‘fun’ free apps from the Ovi Store for your Nokia N97

July 24, 2009 4 comments

Last week when I was checking out the Ovi Store, 9 of these apps were on my recommended page, with the 10th one app’s related download section. You may have seen them elsewhere before, on different download locations, but now they’re all available through Ovi (well at least versions of them anyway) – great for casual users who won’t want or don’t want to be trawling the net for applications.

Now they aren’t your must-have downloads, like Gravity/Nimbuzz/Nokia Photo Browser/Facebook/Opera Mini/BBC iPlayer/ (and DivX Player if it worked properly on S60v5)/Nokia Messaging  etc – they’re just some “fun” free free apps to fill up some space on your phone. Whilst most are gimmicky, some are quite fun and have some potential if executed a bit better.

They’re all available through the Ovi Store, directly from your device or via your computer. Just search for the App names and download/install.


Recommended applications from Ovi Store on the N97.

Check out the video demo of these apps in action:

Apologies for using video screenshots – Screensnap on the N97 is refusing to take screenshots within the application, taking once the moment I exit them (Low RAM issue?).

10: Watch


It’s just a big analogue clock

Improvements: If it were implemented as a screen saver

9: Rotary Dialer

Rotary Dialler

I remember using one of these  in my Grandad’s house when I was about 2. (They had button ones too but somehow were also using one of these). Oh the pain when you got one number wrong. It’s got all the animations of an old fashioned rotary dialler, and uses the vibration to give that feedback.

Improvements: Being able to make a call? This isn’t the same Rotary Dialler by Jamie Fuller – you can actually dial out with his. That version is available here

8: HourPower


It’s a speaking clock. Pressing the icon uses the text-to-speech to announce your current time.

Improvements: Whilst it would be quicker to just look at your clock, if you could use this whilst the phone was locked – e.g. pressing menu button – it would make for a good night clock so you don’t have to open your eyes and have the glare of the backlight hurting your eyes to know the time.

7: FridgeMagnets


A bunch of letters that you can move around. I don’t know if it’s supposed to spontaneously move and create words and sentences of its own but it does – and some are rude, insulting and jokey – it’s like as if it’s possessed.

Improvements: Maybe inbuilt screenshot or share? Or control another users FridgeMagnet over the net? Perhaps have the letters shake about if you shake the phone – but then if they’re magnetized they wouldn’t move about much. Ok ignore that last one

6: Speedtouch


It’s a thumb-eye coordination game. This is actually a pretty ok game to waste a minute or two.

Improvements: Have different levels? Gradually build up?

5: Compass


Turn your N97 into a compass. It looks really good, like an old fashioned nautical bubble compass, and tells you your current GPS coordinates and the exact degree your N97 is pointing. You have to calibrate it first to get it working properly. Check out tutorial here

Improvements: None really. Though the N97’s compass feature is best with Ovi Maps, as a stand alone Compass app – this is really good. Would have come useful for when I had to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award >_< – but then again, if I had the N97 I’d use Ovi Maps and to tell me where to go instead of the horrendous paper map. There’s an alternative version available here from Think Change

4: Mirror


You may have just been turning on the forward camera to do this but now there’s a dedicated app for it, and this one’s got glitzy decoration and reflective light streaks to make it seem like an actual mirror. :p

Improvements: Maybe somehow utilise the entire screen?

3: Bubbles


Touch the screen and make bubbles appear. I found it amusing. Simple things please simple minds I guess :D.

Improvements: Being able to pop the bubbles once you’ve made them?

2: Level


It’s a two bubble spirit level, using the accelerometer. It’s very sensitive and quite accurate.

Improvements: None really, except being implemented in the camera application. It’s useful where a spirit level would be useful, from setting a portrait straight to DIY – though you may not want to completely rely on the N97 for the latter.

Now for the camera application – it would be useful if there was some sort of indication on screen if you’re holding your camera straight. Yeah you can see with your eyes, and the 3×3 grid helps, but something like an actual indicator to show precisely when you’re level might be quite useful for those scenic shots/group photos.

1: SpintheBottle


It’s an animated Spin the bottle. It spins in both directions and as fast or slow as you spin it.

Improvements: None – it’s great for drinking games 😀


Side note: Though the title is top 10, I was hard pressed to find alternative gimmicky/fun apps on Ovi Store. Content is growing steadily though, and a lot of the other free apps were too ‘useful’ to be included in this post.

Comparison Live Pics: Nokia N97 vs E90 vs E75 vs 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD)

June 11, 2009 7 comments

My-Symbian has posted some excellent comparison shots of the N97 with the E90, E75, 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).

A few interesting selections below:

1 – E90 and N97

E90 is huge, but that’s because of that big screen and that spectacular keyboard. Not the best looking phone though. You’d think the reason Nokia stuck the numbers row with the first letters row was because they didn’t have enough rows. 1 more row could have done it, right?


2. N97 and E75

…The E75 has four rows of keys, BUT still doesn’t have a dedicated numbers row. I guess you could close the keyboard and quickly right on the keypad – but it just seems very frustrating that Nokia puts a keyboard, yet compromises severely on the layout.


3. 5800 vs N97

3.2″ screen vs 3.5″ screen.


4. N97 and i8910

3.5″ screen vs 3.7″ screen.


5. Phone Pile!

N97 on top 🙂


Via My-Symbian

Video Samples: Nokia N97 vs Samsung i8910

June 8, 2009 5 comments

720p on the Samsung i8910 looks stunning, more detail,crisper, at times more natural looking colours. However, the sound is absolutely dreadful, resembling the tinny audio quality of 2004 handsets – this may still be fixed though.

The N97’s video also performs very well, some slight over saturation in parts – it also just doesn’t look right though after seeing 1280 x 720 first then 640×360. On the other hand, audio recording is fantastic and crisp – as it has been on nearly all Nseries devices.

It’s worth noting that both videos do appear better in the original format than after being uploaded to YouTube.

Nokia N97 – [download original 11.98MB]

Samsung i8910 [download original 43.42MB]

Both videos are more or less similar in length, but with the higher resolution i8910 eats up approx. 4 times more memory, so a 10 minute clip would be about 733 MB on the i8910, but 195 MB on the N97.

I guess if you transfer videos to your computer regularly that won’t be a problem. On the N97, that’s less of a need, since the video sizes are smaller BUT ALSO you have 32GB of memory to fill.

tnkgirl vis blog97

Review: Samsung Omnia HD (i8910) review by Phone-Arena

April 30, 2009 6 comments

omniaThe guys at Phone-Arena have been a final version of one of the HOTTEST phones of 2009, the Samsung  i8910 (Omnia HD). It’s our beloved Symbian S60, synonymous with Nokia, packaged in excellent Samsung hardware, with a glorious 3.7″ AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 8MP camera, hd video recording at 720p and S60 5th Edition.

With the news of the N97’s somewhat lacklustre processor and RAM, some Symbian fans have jumped ship to Samsung’s more powerful offering. But does it deliver?

There’s 7 pages of texts and pictures to tempt you further (or maybe sway you away?) over at Phone-Arena. They’ve also got a video review, and a 3D i8910

Via Phone-Arena

Nokia 5800 to be the most successful phone…

April 29, 2009 2 comments

…in Nokia’s portfolio.

The 5800 had sold 1,000,000 within a couple of months (3 million now), compared with T-Mobile’s G1 which has sold around 100,000 since October.

58001With every feature the 5800 has ( 3.2″ Touch screen, excellent loud speakers, 3.2mp Carl Zeiss Lens, excellent music player, GPS Navigation, decent web browser with Flash support for things like YouTube – being the phone in the Dark Knight movie :p)  and the price which Nokia have set it at, it’s not surprising it has sold so well. Accounting for 20% of touch screen handsets worldwide, the 5800 had an amazing start with UK contracts, being on O2 and now T-Mobile at a base start price of £15, 100 minutes and unlimited text or around £200 on pay as you go (which is always unlocked in Carphone Warehouse – no I’m not being paid to say this).

Although its an XpressMusic handset, denoting that it shouldn’t be worth anywhere near what Nokia asks from their Nseries, it is more than a rival when put side by side against Nokia’s top end devices. Suffice to say, the 5800 is a bargain, and so it’s understandable why Nokia would think it may become one of their most successful handsets.

So will a knock down price be the key also, for ensuring the upcoming N97 is also a winner? I’m not even going to begin at how the N97 is more of a tugboat for the next flagship instead of being the flagship itself, so the N97 (with its relatively non new features ) should arrive to our shores at a relatively reasonable price. Or at least fall in price sharply after a couple of weeks. That or doom it to failure as everyone else goes for seemingly better specification-wise alternatives  at possibly cheaper prices (…Samsung i8910 – Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Idou, Palm Pre, 3rd Gen iPhone)

Via T3