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MeeGo 1.1 Day 1 (MeeGo Phone UX)

June 30, 2010 12 comments

Today, the MeeGo project announced and presented their Day 1 release, a developers’ preview of their upcoming OS and UI for mobile devices.

The Day 1 release is the first taste that the community at large has to view, interact and provide feedback on the newest Linux-based OS to hit the block. Given that this isn’t even remotely close to a finished product there are quite a few bugs associated with the release that will obviously be dealt with in due course. I’ll reiterate that this isn’t something for Average Joe’s that just so happen to own the N900. You’ve been warned!

Those interested can download ROM images for the new OS for their Atom powered  netbooks and/or handsets or for their N900’s at the following link.

There are a view screenshots of the  OS available  right now from the MeeGo blog itself and it’s expected that videos from persons that have downloaded and used the OS will obviously come along as time goes by.

An image taster and link to the MeeGo blog are provided below.

Note that these pictures are of a concept device.

Video: Numpty Physics on the N900 – Incredible interactive drawing puzzle game

January 24, 2010 11 comments

Numpty Physics is a brilliant game enjoyed by tablet users since the days of the 770, and its compatible for N900 owners too!

The basic premise of the game is to get the red thing (may change per level; here it’s the start button) towards the yellow thing (in this case, a star). You do this by drawing a myriad of tools from other boulders, levers, pulleys, pendulums and more.

Certain objects obey (or try to) the laws of physics (hence the name). e.g. Larger boulders will fall faster than smaller boulders Click for the video and rest of the post

Video: Super Tux on the Nokia N900 – reconfigure keyboard to have “D-pad” on the left for gaming.

December 13, 2009 3 comments

This is a quick 4 minute video to show the game “Super Tux” on the Nokia N900.

This game uses the N900’s QWERTY keyboard, with arrows for navigation and predefined letters for jump/power/duck.

Now, the N900 doesn’t have a D-pad like the N97, but you can change the controls so you can still have your “D-pad” on the left and other action buttons on the right, like most traditional gamepad controllers.


Some might prefer to use the arrow-buttons on the right others might want to have a reconfigurable d-pad going on in the left. I’m in the latter, and I’m glad Super Tux gives you the option (which I hope would become standard in future games using the keyboard/arrow buttons)

And in general, Super Tux is a fun game that you can download really easily and for free from the App Manager in the N900.

In terms of gaming prowess, the only game at the moment[in the catalogue] to demonstrate what the N900 is capable of is Bounce Evolution.

Related post: HD Video: Stunning 3D Gaming on N900 – Bounce Evolution – The Scenic Route

Free Game: Tic Tac Toe Touch (new and improved)

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

This version of Tic Tac Toe touch is slightly improved over the previous version available on the Ovi Store.

  • It’s your standard 3×3 grid and it’s one player only.
  • You play the “X”, computer plays “O” with standard tic tac toe/noughts and crosses gameplay.
  • The visuals have improved slightly, plus the game keeps a record of your score (well, until you exit that is and then its wiped).
  • After each game you’ll get one of three notifications of either winning, getting a tie or losing.

Download for free from the Ovi Store

Download for free from the Ovi Store

Freeware: Mr Lock – Autolock application for the N97/N97 mini/5800/5530 and other S60 5th edition

November 3, 2009 3 comments

Here’s a great, practical application for you free at the Ovi Store. Mr Lock. An autolock software with huge set of options for your S60 5th Edition phone.



  • Extensive settings to customise how your phone will autolock
  • Auto-starts so you don’t have to think about turning it on when you restart your phone
  • Choose which profiles you want autolock active
  • Choose the autolock period – from as much as 59:59 to as little as 00:03 (3 seconds)
  • Best of all, choose which applications you don’t want autolock to lock your phone. You may be watching a video or waiting for a webpage to load (or whatever application will give you idle screen time). Mr lock lists every single application on your phone. Choosing an application means that autolock will be prevented when you’re in the middle of using that application.

Download it for free at the Ovi Store!

Here’s a video demo of it (probably best to mute the audio as this was done way too early in the morning)

Competition: Win a 1 year’s free turn by turn licence to Ovi Maps!

September 28, 2009 2 comments

I found this via @MickyFin (originally from @chansearrington)

How to get 1 year’s free turn by turn licence on Ovi Maps.

5 Steps to get your 1 year’s Ovi Maps turn by turn licence

  1. Open up Ovi Maps 3.0 on your Nokia phone.
  2. Find a landmark – either do this via search or if you know a landmark, just scroll to it.
  3. Go to 3D View. Go to Options>Tools>Map 3D
  4. Frame the 3D landmark and take a screenshot. To frame, just scroll around and zoom in/out. To take a screenshot, go to Options>Tools>Take a screenshot
  5. Send via email to with the title of your subject being the name of your landmark. If you’ve got email set up on your Nokia device, e.g. Nokia Messaging, it is extremely easy to send via email. Find your screenshot, e.g. go to Photos>Downloads, select the screenshot and send via Nokia Messaging to with the title of the subject being the name of the landmark

HURRY, HURRY, HURRY! The first 100 unique landmarks gets a free 1 year’s turn-by-turn licence to Ovi Maps. There’s a few licences left!

You’ll get an auto reply email confirming your entry and if you’re lucky, you’ll get another email back soon saying you’ve won!

Here’s my entrant: Millennium Stadium. 2 minutes later, I got my licence code, and now I’ve got nearly the full potential of Ovi Maps in use (I say nearly, as I’m sure there’s a lot more to get out of it).

Tap an area and either select drive to/walk to and it’ll give you driving/walking directions from your current position.It’s blissfully easy.

Millennium Stadium

BTW, does anyone know how t o make Ovi Maps 3.0 into Imperial, i.e. give distance in Miles? I’ve changed settings to imperial but it still shows details in metric.

Update: This competition is already finished.

100 3D Landmarks, 6 copies each = collage time!

The World according to Ovi Maps 3.0

32785550The full size pic (5000×2914 @ 3.29MB) is a must to check out.

Can you see your entry? What landmark did you submit?Quick glance I can see mine at Alaska and Southern China ^_^.

Freeware: Opera Mini 5 beta – now the best browser for the Nokia N97

September 16, 2009 3 comments

A while ago, we got a glimpse of Digia’s @Web browser, a webkit based browser than just had spectacular features I’ve been waiting for from the native browser. It’s main selling features were its touch optimization and multiple tabbed browsing (up to 4).


Now, Opera Mini 5 beta has been released and it simply cruises past @Web’s previous achievements.

Opera Mini 5 has been completely refitted for finger optimization, plus it’s got some great animation to make the user experience pretty slick. The ultimate best thing about Opera is its new support for tabbed browsing with I don’t know how many windows maximum because I haven’t managed to go past 15, and I don’t think I’ll need to on my phone (but it was nice to have the option)!


What’s great is that Opera Mini 5 beta hasn’t compromized on stability. It handles 15 tabs as well as 4.2 handled 1 window. Of course there are other great features that just combine to give a fantastic mobile web experience:

  • Audohide navibar and address bar (full screen browsing and not waiting for the damn sidebar to disappear!)
  • Google search bar (quick google search without going to
  • Copy and Paste
  • Flawless tabbed browsing
  • Open links in new tabs (you don’t have to copy a link and paste in new window like in Digia’s @Web)
  • Opera’s trusty fast load times
  • Opera’s Super quick backwards/forwards in pages without having to reload the entire page again.
  • Kinetic scrolling is extremely smooth
  • Speed dial of 3×3 grid of sites.
  • Easy accessible settings
  • Simple manageable history and bookmarks
  • Password Manager –
  • On screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Very stable (Except in youtube)

I’ve made a quick demo of the features in Opera Mini 5 beta on my N97.

Being Opera Mini, it doesn’t do flash. Also you can’t zoom your texts. I can live with those two as I’ve become used to it when browsing opera.

What I did not like was how the QWERTY keyboard of my N97 eventually becomes non functional, with the secondary keys permanently being stuck on, so instead of typing Nokia, I’ll type “?9;8@”

It is in Beta, so maybe that will eventually be fixed. It’s worth noting that this does noot install over any previous versions of Opera Mini. They both can run concurrently.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, you must try this web browser on your S60 5th Edition phone. Just for the sheer ability to juggle multiple web browsing of so many tabs – I thought I’d have to wait for the N900 before I’d experience that (though with the N900 you will be multitasking with real, unadulterated, unmodified web pages with full flash and full interaction of how you would if you were using a desktop)

to download it, go to in your phone’s browser

Freeware: Coin Toss Touch for the Nokia N97/5800/5530/X6/Samsung i8910 – S60 5th Edition

September 6, 2009 1 comment

CT This app is free from the Ovi Store and it simulates, well, a coin toss.

To flick the coin, it uses either the touch screen or the accelerometer. You’ll see a 3D coin resembling a penny twisting around in the “air”. It would have been nice if the speed/height/rotation was affected by the degree initial movement (i.e. strength of flick) but at the moment it doesn’t. A simple touch produces the same spins as a swipe or a wrist flick.


To download, go to the >>Ovi Store<< either from your browser or from the Ovi Store App on your S60V5 phone.

HTML EMAIL finally on your Nokia with Nokia Messaging (shown on Nokia N97)

September 5, 2009 6 comments

We’ve been waiting for HTML support for so long, and it’s finally arrived! Normally, my Nokia Messaging inbox can only view BORING plain text only email.

Now check it out. Probably not the best example, but as you can see there’s formatting and images. Note: Compare it with original GMAIL view to see that images are being displayed.



This is the same email, viewed in GMAIL but with the images blocked.


It wasn’t available from the Software Update app in the N97.

To download it go to in your phone’s browser and install. It’ll say 10.01(13) but it will install Next, it’ll ask you to restart. Once that’s done, all future emails you receive in your Nokia Messaging inbox will have HTML support. 🙂


Other updates:

  • Touch scrolling still does not have kinetic scrolling but responsiveness has improved somewhat.


  • [see above] When you have the option to send a file, instead of just “Via e-mail” you get an additional “Via Nokia Messaging Email”. Before the update, this meant that if you had Nokia messaging but also set up a mailbox (via same messaging app as your sms), send “Via e-mail” would only send via the defined mailbox and not via Nokia messaging. Now you have the option to send either via Nokia Messaging or another predefined mailbox.

More reason to love Nokia Messaging. I love how it always gets my emails about 30 seconds faster than gmail on my desktop. It’s a really good email notifier – once I hear that “ding” and I’m browsing in FireFox, I just instinctively check gmail.

On the go, Nokia Messaging been invaluable to me. As well as Gravity, Facebook app and Nimbuzz – Nokia messaging is lessening my use of their desktop counterparts. It’s just more convenient to interact on the go using my N97 than having to get back to a computer (if I’m not at home or directly in front of a pc already). (If only I could configure my university email on it)

But even when a computer is at arms length, I’m finding that I always just turn to my N97 instead.

Now with improved HTML support, I don’t have to get to a computer to read the original email so that I could see the parts that would have been missed out in Text only format.

Via @OviApplications

Free Game: Boomshine for Nokia N97/5800/5530/i8910

August 31, 2009 1 comment

bsBoomshine by Danny Miller is addictiveness in simplicity. The aim of the game is to set off consecutive chain reactions. Touch a moving coloured dot and it explodes – any on coming dot will also explode and so forth. bs2

With each increasing level, the number of available coloured dots and the target chain reaction also increases. The soundtrack by Tim Halbert is also oddly very soothing.

You can try the online flash here but even better is the S60 5th edition port by Jamie Fuller. He’s rewritten the game from scratch but optimized for S60 touch whilst keeping the feel of the original game.

You can download the S60 version >>here<<

boomshineNote – it only works with touch and in landscape.

Demo Video by 30dirtybirds

Via Jamie Fuller