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Videos: Nokia N8 versus Samsung Wave (and iPhone 4)

October 18, 2010 14 comments

Here’s another side by side split screen comparison between the Nokia N8 and this time the Samsung Wave. This is from gsmarena07

The wave, despite supposedly recording at 30FPS looks jerkier and less fluid in movement than what’s labelled as the N8. (Noticeable in the car portion)


Next – iPhone 4. I don’t understand why the iPhone 4 video is wobbling. Is the N8’s video stabilization that effective? (On early tests I’ve tried it’s surprisingly steady.)



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Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 VIDEO and AUDIO test.

Thanks to Stylinred for the heads up.

Video: Split Screen Nokia N8 versus iPhone 4 video (and audio) test

October 7, 2010 16 comments

Here’s a video comparison of the Nokia N8 and the iPhone 4 split screen style by BesteProduct.

Is that really the N8? I didn’t realise it was that good in comparison to iPhone 4.

What’s with that murkiness on the iPhone 4 – it seems rather washed out in this test.

Interestingly they also switch audio in between the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8.

Compared to Nokia N8, iPhone 4 audio recording is absolutely PANTS. But pretty much all others are pants compared to Nokia N8’s audio (which is unlike others in real stereo)

Hit 720p and get your speaker system (or headphones going).

via BesteProduct.

Oh, whilst you’re here, check out this N8 shot video again by topolino70. Absolutely beautiful. If you pause at any moment, it’s as if they’re photographs.(close up shots done by magnifying glass though hacks have been done by hyperX to achieve continuous autofocus during video recording)


Holy Crap, awesome work @PhoneDaz and team :D. Let’s all just ignore the crazy rants that “N8 cam is mediocre or just above average quality – not something others should strive for” or words to that effect. Time and time again users around the world are proving the effort of Damien Dinning and team has been totally worth it.

What if Nokia were to buy Apple?

August 1, 2010 11 comments

Apple Goohpia In Motion
In a world of Nokia that’s waiting for the Nokia N8 (and successors) while competitors continue to innovate and advance, I thought I’d take a rather tongue in cheek look at what might happen with future devices should Nokia as a company merge with some of those competitors.

Note this is not meant to be a serious article, a realistic analysis, nor do I have any inside information about any upcoming takeovers. This is more of an exercise in thinking out loud from someone who doesn’t claim to be an expert on such things…

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Can your Nokia N97 mini do this? Single touch detuning.

July 26, 2010 6 comments

A week on from Nokia’s N97 mini being tarred with the same antennagate brush, I thought that since Apple is dragging out the issue by now poking fun at Moto’s Droid X on the weekend, we might check out the real problem which was wonderfully cloaked by antennagate.

Wonderfully, El Jobso evaded the issue of a fundamental design flaw in the iPhone 4 by changing the subject from a detuning issue (whereby touching the external antenna at the joint with a single finger SHORTS your signal) to a signal attentuation issue (“holding your phone causes some signal drop in ALL smartphones”)

“It turns out it’s certainly not unique to the iPhone 4” – SJ

Note the difference – BLOCKING the antenna (with some of the most awkward, natural holds, and even then competitor handsets don’t completely drop your call), BRIDGING a gap by normal* hold (due to simply touching bridges the gap).  *Normal as in most every way you could hold a phone.

Though there “isn’t a problem” given that magical things can’t be flawed, everyone gets free bumpers to solve the bridging issue. Some still report that this doesn’t help. Alternatively you could try some sticky tape. Wonderful.

Now whilst I have to agree that iPhone 4 has many other strengths that should not be ignored, this is a CORE feature in that the iPhone 4 is, well, a PHONE. To mislead the issue in a press conference is one thing, but to continue dragging it out…

Maybe it’s just a clever way to get the iPhone 4 more publicity. Negative press obviously can’t touch the reality distortion field.

Hopefully this is the last we’ll hear of this topic.

BTW did any of you read about iPhone 4 owners moaning on twitter (works for most things!) being given free Samsung Galaxy S? Hah, imagine Nokia did that with the Nokia N8. That maybe the only reason I’d get an iPhone 4 – Nokia N8 and basically an iPod Touch. Now if only the N8 was available…

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Video: Apple Uses Nokia N97 mini (+more) to deflect antenna gate issue – the cheek of it! Can’t make N97 mini lose signal completely like iPhone 4 though (both AT&T but N97 mini on FULL signal, iPhone at 60%)

July 21, 2010 41 comments

The official Apple page on youtube has been uploading some videos of competing smartphones to demonstrates what they consider to be similar antenna problems as their own iPhone 4 which when touched decides to kill your signal.

When signal strength is reduced sufficiently on the iPhone 4, it eventually CUTS your call. Looking at the N97 mini, it doesn’t lose signal completely.

It’s interesting that with the N97 mini, they waited AGES for the signal to go down (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they placed some Faraday cage above to reduce the signal.

Look in comparison to their own video. As soon as almost all signal is lost, they quickly remove their hand to let it recover.

What’s also interesting is that whilst the iPhone 4 gets 60% 3G reception with AT&T, the N97 mini gets 100%.

Of course Jobs would blame this on their antenna signal algorithms.

When doing video tests such as these and on your own channel, do some frikkin fair testing. It’s 3rd grade stuff to keep as many parameters equal for fair testing. Though fair isn’t really what Apple does in terms of perception and their magical distortion field

Number of bars in inconsistent. Some have 7, 6, 5 4.

Also only the iPhone isn’t at FULL signal. Hence why it’s the only one that “only” drops 2 bars as it’s the ONLY one with the shitty signal. Every other smartphone was on FULL signal. But of course this would be spun positively as iPhone 4 dropping the least number of bars.

Another thing to point out is that every other manufacturer has several handsets. Most antennas are awesome with some much better than others. N900 for instance is a tank of a signal beast.

You might want to check out though – How To: Hold your Nokia N900 and make it drop calls

Many man hours of testing is shared between the companies portfolio of handsets.

Apple has ONE phone which they still messed up (that’s what you get for “innovating” because you don’t want to pay Nokia royalties like the rest).

Here’s another N97 Mini via yhdkss

Bumpers, duct tape, to Fix the super awesome innovative external antenna (which some report still doesn’t fix anything). Oy.

At least we won’t have to be using one of these any time soon

I have never had a dropped call due to reception issues on My Nokia phones apart from…wait for it…when I went under the River Severn under a tunnel in a train. Even then it was quite a while into entering the tunnel that I lost signal.

Where do we go from here, Nokia?

July 2, 2010 17 comments

Not a real device, obviously...

With the disappearance of Symbian-Guru and World of Nokia in recent months, I’m sure a few readers of the various Nokia blogs out there are wondering who’s going to drop next. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more do go before too long. Nokia have made announcements that excited everyone, and then took a long time to actually deliver results, which invariably let everyone down for one reason or another. The Nokia N96 and the N97 were technically pretty decent phones, but poor implementation and support left most of us feeling a little disappointed while Apple and Google were receiving praise from all corners for the high standards of experiences and innovations their respective mobile offerings brought.

The N900 is perhaps one of the greatest achievements to come out of Nokia – great hardware, a (relatively) stable OS filled with eye candy, functionality and hackability. But Nokia’s support for the device let them down. I was impressed to see massive advertisements in the London Underground for the device, and hoped it would be a sign that Nokia were going to follow through with the device. What we got instead was a series of delayed firmware updates, disappointing third party support (except for community developers – fantastic efforts there, and Nokia at least gets points for enabling them, even if it was just through technologies inherited from previous Maemo devices), and a feeling of abandonment as the device gets left behind on the road to MeeGo.

There’s no denying that Nokia are still the biggest company out there as far as mobile phones go, globally at least. They push out so many low to mid-range phones (including Symbian devices) in Europe and other nations far from the US that in terms of sheer volume, there’s not really any competition. Nokia clearly make a lot of money, and don’t really have a great deal to fear when it comes to competition pushing them out of the market on this scale.

So, how did we get here, and what comes next? Read on for my rants, thoughts and opinions…

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Pic: Nokia N8 vs HTC Evo 4G vs iPhone 3GS Vs Nokia E73 Mode

June 14, 2010 9 comments

Knowyourcell had some hands on with the N8 and took a snap with other popular smartphones, the new Nokia E73, the HTC EVO 4G and the iPhone 3GS.

Look at the photo below, the EVO is positively HUUUGE. I must say, that 4.3″ would make some nice video viewing and web browsing.

As the N8 is targeting more mass market, the 3.5″ screen is the sweet spot at the moment for big screen yet still pocketable.

Perhaps the N8 would look even more streamlined with a darker colour (black/dark grey perhaps) and not this striking green.

Alternatively checkout a specs comparison of the N8 versus some smartphone elites, iPhone 4, EVO, and Pre


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