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Video: Nokia N8 Multitouch pinch to zoom photo browser

June 3, 2010 2 comments

I’ve posted a couple of videos before with N95 multitouch, via bluetooth keyboard and N900 multitouch via green screen.

No need for this with the Nokia N8 as it’s the first Nokia to have real multitouch.

This can be observed both at web browser and photo browser.

The video in the previous photo browser post has been removed. If you missed that, here’s another photo browser demo.

NOTE: This has proto firmware, but nonetheless:

  • slight delay when opening up photo (relative to instant – then again this is a 12mp photo, not your 3mp from 2006 which was new for certain phones last year)
  • rotating load icon whilst zooming (although it zooms in fine with no delay)
  • panning photo should have kinetic scrolling – but that’s just me
  • zooming out seems pretty fast
  • second attempt seems to miss, but I’m hoping that’s more due to screen mispress that lag.
  • You’ll notice the use of xenon flash in one of the pics – it seems to have intelligent close up flash (instead of washing out with xenon for being too close)
  • Positive: Hurray for the death of the stupid zoom bar (that never worked properly). Zoom bars should not exist on modern touch screens. Hope Ovi Maps gets Multitouch too. via Camb078

Video: Orange Nokia N8 Pinch and Zoom Multitouch WebBrowser (+live pics of orange N8 and HDMI adapter)

April 30, 2010 10 comments

Camb078 has found a video of the N8 web browser via DailyMobile Forum Member modysd and has uploaded it for everyone to enjoy.

Apparently, this is an old video and the pinchy zoominess is smoother now and will be even more by release day.

Some interesting things quoted by orange N8 tester:

“software is still under developing”

“the camera can use  12, 9, 3, 1.3, 0.3 MP , and for recording you will have three options (MMS , DVD , HD)”

“the phone has one speaker near the camera but it is good and loud [chatting on twitter last night, the loudspeaker is supposed to be the most powerful ever used on a Nokia. The best ever is on the N800 – a huge tablet that can afford good speakers…can N8 really be that good?]

“i hated symbian after buying the nokia n97 but now i changed my mind”

Ahmed360 is the original source.

Alternative link as the above is down

HDMI adapter

dailymobileforum via

Video: Orange Nokia N8 Pinch and Zoom Multitouch WebBrowser (+live pics of orange N8 and HDMI adapter)

Video: N900 Multitouch Pinch and Zoom ‘Hack’. Ctrl+Shift+K* If N900 had iPhone Multitouch Pinch and Zoom. (*idding)!

March 1, 2010 7 comments

Whilst looking for a stray .pdf document for my dissertation, I found this old video I did a couple months just messing about with Vegas.

This wasn’t ever meant to be published but I thought it might be interesting to share and anticipate the multitouch pinch and zoom goodness that Nokia are promising us with BOTH Symbian^3 and MeeGo (Maemo 6/Moblin mix)

This was just a quick first try so it doesn’t look that convincing. I was gonna do another but never got around to it (i.e. more responsive, larger zoom range with smaller movement, removal of screen artifacts)


The last time I joked about multitouch on a Nokia was with the N95 back in 07. It didn’t even have a touch screen but it went viral within a few hours of upload. (BTW, that was just a bluetooth keyboard)

So, are you looking forward to multitouch? Do you think you will need it?

For me, the answer is yes on both points.

  • Multitouch isn’t just about pinch and zoom, though in browser mode, it does help a big deal in making more accurate clicks.
  • Multitouch is beneficial for an OS designed for two hands.
  • Multiple keypresses would assist in virtual keyboard messaging, as well as a whole host of apps and games that could offer new functionality/screen manipulation/gestures from pressing multiple points on the screen.

Some interesting things might be on the horizon with Nokia and touch screen. Though multitouch is inevitable, Nokia users might even get 3D multitouch (3rd dimension is pressure – not in the resistive sense) possibly with haptikos tactile feedback (where bits of the screen actually rises so you can feel actual buttons!).

#Symbiangives Multicore Symbian^5 and Symbian^6 coming 2011 and 2012 respectively. Symbian^3 on Cortex A9

February 14, 2010 12 comments

Supposedly the Symbian^3 N98 you've seen floating around the blogosphere (yay for 4 row keyboard). Symbian^3 with HDMI confirmed

Symbian’s roadmap is available for you to have a read and there’s some very interesting stuff planned. #Symbiangives – not just open in terms of Open Source OS but Open in their intentions and future goals:

  • Symbian^4 isn’t the limit, there’s Symbian^5 and Symbian^6 too! [Hey, maybe we can keep the S60 branded products, just rub out the zeros!]
  • Symbian^4 will be ready for multicore support sometime in 2010
  • Symbian^3 has kernel support for multicore
  • Multicore will achieve better performance with better battery life!
    • Symbian is designed for low power consumption from the ground up and now leading the wave in low power efficiency.
  • Symbian^3 is running on dual Cortex A9

    • A9 will allow recording of up to 1080p
    • High end 3D graphics accelerator to bring PC-like web browsing [If anything like Maemo 5, I’m stoked!]
  • Symbian^3 devices (N8/N98/N87?) available from 2010 [H2, i.e. July onwards]
  • Dual Core devices will be shipping in 2011
  • Symbian^4 devices will be available from 2011 [H1]
  • Symbian^5 devices will be available from 2011 [H2]
  • Symbian^6 devices Read more…

Two thumb typing on the Nokia N97 (or lack of)

The Nokia N97, if you take the time to get accustomed to it, has a pretty decent physical QWERTY keyboard. However, there are times that I need to use the onscreen alphanumeric keypad, like when I’ve only got one free hand or if I simply just want to text with the phone closed.

The latter of “two handed T9” I cannot do because the screen keyboard only registers single keypresses. If you have your finger on one key, it locks out all the others.

This means I cannot type as fast in T9 mode with two hands on the N97 as I can with a traditional physical keypad. This is an issue already raised by 5800 users. But it’s not like the screen itself cannot register multiple keypresses. A video a while back of an app on the 5800 shows what appears to be “multitouch”.

It’s no iPhone, but it’s a start.

I can’t find the download link for that game, but you can sort of try it out “multiple-touch” for yourself – go to the menu and a grid full of apps. With one thumb at one corner and another at the opposite end, you’ll see that the screen registers both keypresses. Depending on the ‘pressure’, you can also control which icon is highlighted (see video below).

it’s not multitouch, I’m just wondering if there could be a workaround, like in the first video, to somehow get multiple keypresses registered onto the on screen keypad? Or is that just not possible and the most we’d ever get is selecting the key inbetween the intitial two key presses? (AAS’ Steve Litchfield has already proposed such for the 5800’s QWERTY).

I don’t really know how it works or the limitations imposed – perhaps at least for the N97 it’s in Nokia’s best interest to keep two handed use for the QWERTY and one handed for T9.

What I do know is what I want, and that’s for the next flagship touchscreen device from Nokia to have native support for multitouch and finger gestures.

Also worth noting is the video (from this same post) with versatile multitouch on a resistive screen – until they get to the same feather pressure sensitivity as capacitive, Nokia really needs to switch to capacitive.

Sixsense coming to a Nokia near you?

May 27, 2009 7 comments

Every now and again, I blog about something that’s not strictly Nokia related, but is indirectly connected as it’s usually something I’d like to see Nokia implement or take inspiration from.

See a nice scene? Without having to whip out your camera/phone, just for a frame with your hand and the picture is taken. Just one of the features possible with a device that anticipates exactly what you want your gadget to do.

Just over a month ago, I found a BBC article about M.I.T.’s new gesture interface project: Sixth Sense.

You can read it here: SixthSense gesture interface: Real life is the new screen.

No – it’s not about seeing dead people.

The core of the idea is that instead of being limited to interacting with a phone screen, your phone will know intuitively what you’re doing, say grocery shopping or taking a photo, and instinctively know to project an image containing details of that grocery item or snap a picture – all without having to manually instruct the phone to do so.

This is great because there’s no more wading through menus; your phone anticipates what you are about to do (hence Sixth Sense) and acts appropriately, merging your experience with technoligical gadgets with real life.

Surprisingly, over at Nokia Conversations, it appears that Nokia HAVE actually been exploring a “Sixth Sense” concept, again where you aren’t “trapped looking at a screen” but instead are freed “from the complexity of technology to let you look up and enjoy the world around you”.

How soon will we see such a thing from Nokia? Most definitely not anytime soon, but it’s still great to know Nokia are actually considering such a bold, and quite revolutionary concept.

Cloning Labs cross an Apple iPhone with a Nokia N96. Result: the NokiPhone N3000i

April 19, 2009 1 comment


Here’s a transgenic, chimeric, phone clone, complete with aesthetics of the iPhone and even the dual sliding mechanism of the N96 (at least that’s the Nseries it most resembles).


Host of features include your uninspiring but seemingly value for money: 3.2″ 16:9 widescreen touch screen, 2mp camera (which is apparently equivelant to 5 PIXES; yes pixes.), Dual speakers, Dual Sim, MP4/Avi/MP3 playback.

You can pick up this chimeric handset for $129.99 at via PMPtoday

For a REAL Nokia combined with iPhone deal, you could look closer to the N97. 😛


Nokia 5800 mods: Nokia 97’s widgets and capacitive screens!

April 18, 2009 8 comments

This is two separate news but I’m covering them both in this post.

Nokia N97 firmware on the N97

The first is the 5800 with N97’s firmware – this means the coveted active widgets that N97 product managers have said would be exclusive to the N97.



New Nokia 5800 to get Capacitive displays?

According to DIGITIMES, Nokia is going to replace future batches of their popular 5800’s resistive screen with capacitive displays. You most likely know what the differences are; if not – the basics are that currently, capacitive is a lot more sensitive to finger touch whereas resistive needs a little extra pressure.  Although with resistive you can use other things other than your finger – stylus, finger nail, even if you’re wearing gloves. I’m not really sold on those apparent advantages of resistive myself, although the whole handwriting recognition is quite useful for input of non standard latin text, e.g. Chinese/Arabic/Farsi etc.

It seems these new 5800s with capacitive displays maybe available as soon as May-June.Will this mean real multitouch capabilities for future 5800 users? (Probably the bigger advantage of capacitive; 5800’s resistive display is really good, it’s the NON touch centric UI that hampers it)

Here’s sort of a multitouch solution for current 5800 owners though:

If Nokia can change hardware of current models, can they do it before the debut launch of one? I.E. the N97? How great would it be if the N97 had a capacitive display? Whilst Nokia are adding changes, please get rid of the dual LED flash and replace it with XENON. Pretty please ^_^? Brightly lit pictures > half assed attempt of video light which is apparently one of the main reasons why the N97 has LED flash rather than Xenon…or being greedy, lets have both! Xenon and dual LED! Haha.

Anyway, if not the N97, more capacitive display handsets may be coming within the third quarter to Nokia’s portfolio of touch screen phones.  Hurray!

Via digitimes.

Hmmm…XENON…We’ve waited so long for the N97, October doesn’t seem that much further away – and you know what October means: launch of the 12.1MP XENON monster from Sony Ericsson.  se-idou-silver-back-open-cam[Via boy genius report]

This also comes in a white/silver colour scheme.

SixthSense gesture interface: Real life is the new screen.

April 14, 2009 3 comments

We’ve seen how with the S60 application, Handwave, users can take advantage of the front camera to convert hand gestures into basic navigation of phone  controls.

What if you can turn all your hand gestures into something that your phone can recognise? Produce a square with your thumbs and pointer fingers to frame and capture a picture? What about turning anything into a display, your hand, blank sheets of paper, a potato, all controlled by your phone?


Worn around your neck, the latest device of the SixthSense project uses a camera to detect hand/finger gestures, (much like handwave, just a lot more complex) and a mini projector to display content. This means that everything that you can shine the projector on becomes an interactive display and your hands don’t have to physically touch the phone to let it know you’re going to do something.


That’s the essense of the SixthSense project. To create a device that instinctively knows, “where the user is, what the user is doing, and who the user is interacting with.” says Dr Pattie Maes, head of the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT, creators of the latest prototype of SixthSense .ews

Imagine going grocery shopping, picking up an item and your phone creates a display on that item, telling you what that it is, what it does, how much it is. Imagine you were in a bookstore – you may get to have reviews about that book, and price comparisons in other stores – all without ever having to tell your phone to search for this item as it knows intuitively what it is, and what you want it to do about that item.

It sounds like a great concept. Although the SixthSense team do not think their platform will replace smartphones/laptops, the intuitiveness to anticipate what it is you want to do could do so much to enhance the growing trend for natural hand gestures to control our electronic devices.

The adaptable “be anywhere” screen is great – but isn’t so much for taking photos . What if you’re zooming or adding effects, your eyes cannot see what’s happening because an image cannot be projected into the empty space between your hands.

What if they use some discreet glasses. When they make everything small enough, this could house the camera for the sensor, a screen so you can have a display (terminator style) for things only you want to see (text/emails) and also a projector when you want to share what it is that you can see with others. Heck, why not have it all in a contact lens. :p

The most important thing I’m taking away from all of this is how devices can “anticipate” what you want to do. No wading through menus, however intuitive they may be. The buttonless phone, once laugable, is now more than quite acceptable. Is it ever possible to see phones without menus? Or at least some radical change into the paradigm of heirarchical menus to something more fluid, with gestures that can instinctively work out what you’re looking for/want to do.

This BBC article contains a video demonstration of the latest prototype with more more details on further applications such as converting sign language gestures into speech and gaming.