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Video: Nokia C7 vs Nokia N8 hands on

October 24, 2010 11 comments

Here’s a video (in Russian BTW) showing the new Nokia C7 with the also quite new Nokia N8.

Both run Symbian^3 with 3.5″ screens. Processor, GPU and RAM are all identical (as are all current S^3 devices)


via 3BEPbEnokia

Video: MeeGo v1.0 for In-Vehicle Infotainment – Installation and first boot

October 24, 2010 1 comment

As you know, MeeGo isn’t just for phones and tablets but for pretty much any device you could think of. Vehicle infotainment is one such application and a video demo is posted below. You might want to skip to the 5 minute point to see anything actually happen.

  • You’ll see Mobile FireFox in use – the resolution is quite high.
  • Note the classic maemo style left navigation bar with the list of options/apps that appear on the right. I like how such a subtle change of making the lines curved instead of a linear border makes it more pleasing to the eye (for me anyway).
  • The previous menu is layered below.
  • Some bits look like it came straight out of Windows 95.



VIA lupoalberto12

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