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Video: Nokia N8 versus HTC G2 (T-Mobile G2) – Killer audio from the N8

October 3, 2010 13 comments

An overlooked feature in Nokia Nseries phones is their distinct ability to capture crystal clear audio during video recording. It’s often ignored but it plays a big part in the video playback experience. How often have you had to listen to tinny, screechy, shitty audio playback because the phone (and often digital camera) could not handle it?

N8 is a class above the rest, rejoining the N93 and N93i in the ability to record in STEREO audio which gives a beautiful depth to your videos.

Note, based on the shadows it seems both cameras are pointed towards the light (hence the brightness in the video, particularly on the N8)Just look how much better the N8 is able to handle that bright light, as to still capture the background but not to darken the main subject. The HTC G2 is extremely dark, the faces hidden in the shadow.

Also note that they mention a sample by iPhone but I can’t find it.

I think if you put the Nokia N8 into 480p and G2 on 720p you’ll get similar quality. Based on these two samples anyway.

Paused at the point where they say parking lot. N8 on the right, G2 on the left



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Video: Answer to Gizmodo’s “Usability test” of the Nokia N8

October 3, 2010 48 comments

Gizmodo recently did a “test” of the Nokia N8, plying the N8 onto the hands of a user who has most likely never touched a symbian phone, and one that has the finger speed of an arthritic quadriplegic.

Stupidly for gizmodo, Usability is one thing the N8 is great at. It IS a usable handset. If  you cannot work the N8, you don’t deserve to be let outside on your own, let alone have a mobile phone.

On the plus side, giving the N8 to a complete stranger and STILL being able to navigate the phone pretty well is a BIG plus. Great job Gizmodo.

Video by DaVinci20

Thanks to JFH, Fredrik Norum and cherukuri tarun for the heads up to

BTW, please take a read at this post from GSM Arena (cheers N#O#R#U#L#E#S)

The Nokia N8 started shipping this week and reviews of the Finnish company’s latest flagship are spreading like wildfire. Checking out the first batch of those we noticed a certain trend, which we cannot quite explain. It seems that for some reason most of the reviewers don’t give the handset a fair chance and go a bit too far with their criticisms…

….We can go on but you should have gotten the idea by now. Just to be clear – we don’t have anything against any those sites. On the contrary, we feel like they are all pretty great and are daily reads for all of us here at GSMArena. It’s just that we feel they are not being perfectly fair on this particular occasion and the N8 is much too important to just let that slip.

Oh from that it seems Mr Eldar Murtazin is off on the RAMPAGE with his pixon 12. Don’t worry. He’s not the only one with the N8 or a pixon 12. I’m not sure if I’ll even bother discussing it to be honest. I thought this was supposed to make Symbian fans cry, but no, it makes me laugh.

GSMArena make points about that – something instantly obvious is why Eldar is shooting 9MP widescreen with N8 but 12MP on Pixon12.

The Truth about engadget’s Nokia N8 versus iPhone 4

October 3, 2010 54 comments


A few of you have sent this link to us (adnan/n#o#r#u#l#e#s/a few others through comments). It’s at who took the time to investigate the iPhone 4 versus Nokia N8 camera “test” (aka lookhowcooliPhoneis) that engadget showed the world.

It’s not about being unhappy because according to the fanboy driven comments, iPhone 4 was better – it is about having FAIR and BALANCED tests with EQUAL PARAMETERS, minimizing HUMAN ERROR (such as

  • dirty lenses (please clean both. The slightest smudge adversely affects images – hence why I miss camera cover for N8)
  • half pressed false locked images (trying to take a shot but not letting autofocus lock properly -why?)
  • Subjects focused on different objects. This makes it terribly hard to compare because both might be clear, but just at different part of the photo (due to human error and not the devices)
  • Removing automode for flash (or tampering with any setting other than auto – just let the cameras do by default what they’re supposed to do)
  • Distinct motion blurs (to an extent, a cam should have some sort of antiblur – or be fast enough not to register movement, but an obvious movement on one handset but not the other is distracting. Perhaps for a few shots, set it on a tripod?)
  • overly compressing images which lessens the differences – having 12MP and 5mp images and then shrinking them down to obscurity will obviously minimise the differences between the two photos.
  • Not providing full size images from both devices (if you’re doing a bloody comparison, despite the incompetences and failures above, still provide the image samples from both devices as it’s extremely difficult to tell differences between any camera when your viewing window is VGA)
  • not showing pixel for pixel comparison. This would show if at all the extra 7MP from the 12vs5mp makes a difference. Are those pixel for pixel shots still clear?

Not to mention the lack of night mode, extreme low light which any xenon phone would crush a LED counterpart.

  • The reason we say this is that Engadget isn’t the only source of N8 samples.

We have seen time and time again that the N8 produces incredibly detailed photos with very accurate colours (which Damien Dinning was adamant on having the N8 capture what you see, not a false fairy land depiction e.g. according to engadget, dull grey skies don’t exist in London. They’re not blue either. Just a canvas of ghostly white)

So here’s an excerpt from the post we’d like to share from

Recently, Engadget posted a mobile phone camera fight between Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4. I honestly don’t know how or why their N8 photos came out so shitty compared to the iPhone; and the iPhone photos they took were pretty shit, so that’s saying a lot.

Most of the problems with the photos really were due to the resizing, heavy compression employed and human error with the camera focus. They then presented the comparisons to be heavily biased towards the iPhone. In short, the comparisons were very badly done and heavily skewed against the N8. Many of us have seen samples from other sites that clearly showed the N8 camera as being superior and of closer quality to a good, dedicated point and shoot camera.

We’re here to take Engadget’s extremely amateur comparison and even it out more.

The writer demonstrates the over processing to iPhone 4 pictures (and shopping the N8. Some would argue that that’s how people prefer their photos. Odd – how come those bagillions of digital cameras aren’t shitting crayola colours on their photos? But to each their own. N95 vs K850 fell for the same, with N95 producing the cartoony colours.

Slight adjustments to saturation gives a little warm to N8 but transports iPhone 4 to SEPIA land.

Doing post processing isn’t really necessary to prove the N8’s worth. Some have argued that iPhone 4 post processing is so perfect, any more tips it over the edge (*cough*BS allergy*). You guys have done the N8 justice time and time again by showing off your own image samples.

We shared our own tests – from independent resources and took a look at 100% pixel by pixel crops, showing just how good the Nokia N8 is – not just against the iPhone 4, but against dedicated compact digital cameras. In some cases (especially in terms of detail as the N8 will have larger sensors than most compact cams) there is much more detail in Nokia’s mobile phone.

p.s. thanks to the blogs posting about this and showing that there was a reason to make such a big deal about the N8 camera.

We should expect more comparisons with the N8’s camera with other devices – camera phones, cameras, SLRs etc. It is after all, the N8’s show stopper. We might have another debate sooner than we think tomorrow, as renowned shit stirrer, Eldar said this morning:

“@eldarmurtazin: Symbian fans so funny after engadget comparisson. They are find out thousand explanations. Tomorrow they will cry much more”

Samsung Pixon 12 vs Nokia N8? Another iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8? What ever the results, it should be taken with a pinch of salt as there already seems to be the intent of just pissing off a certain category of users.


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Video: MobileBurn’s Video Review (First Impressions) of the Nokia N8

October 3, 2010 2 comments

Michael Oryl, my old boss back in the days of MobileBurn foruming has taken the main seat in reviewing the Nokia N8 (and rightfully so – as it’s often someone else now doing the Nokia reviews)

  • Michael seems to be unaware of the UBS-to go function, thinking the adapter was for a keyboard.
  • Anodized metal, everything feels really nice on this
  • doors for microSD and SIM – it’s kinda difficult to get in there without hurting yourself
  • No microSD yet as the device has so much internal storage
  • Really good looking package
  • HDMI port cover – not a fantastic design but everything else is really quite exceptional
  • Homescreen – I find the swiping doesn’t work that well, the lag behind it makes it feel off (unfortunately, the folks at Symbian designed it that way. God knows why – something to do with preventing mispress, I dunno -_-)
  • AMOLED display – really nice saturated colours, deep blacks and looks pretty cool.
  • A little slow to switch between portrait and landscape but not a real problem (NOT at all helped by LACK of transition to mask the lag. Good going there. Note, it is faster as pretty much everywhere else except the homescreen)
  • Swiping within the widgets themselves – cool flexibility, though does sometimes make panel switching difficult – you have to swipe around that widget.

This review seems to be more like a first impressions as Michael doesn’t seem to have used it that long (which is interesting in one sense as you can see how easily Michael is navigating S^3)

Apparently this is a 3 part review but I can only see 2 videos and a sample N8 HD.

Video Sample by the N8


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Video: Angry Birds on the Nokia N8, iPhone 4 and Nexus One

October 3, 2010 1 comment

Here’s a look at the three versions of Angry Birds on the Nokia N8, iPhone 4, and Nexus One

Basically all versions are excellent. The android and N8 versions are beta and lite versions so dont have all the levels yet – the N8 (symbian ^3) version will add levels via in app purchase i believe. Making it more expensive than the current 59p iOS version. Though i believe in app purchase for new levels and mighty eagle will be coming to the iOS version too, which now supports game centre.

video by macintoshmorrison

Video: SIMS 3 on the Nokia N8

October 3, 2010 2 comments

Four months ago we found out that a bunch of really cool EA games were coming to the Nokia N8 in full 3D.

One of the least demonstrated is the Sims 3 – (the first iteration, Sims 1 was the best selling PC game of all time).

Unlike the S60 5th Edition version, Sims 3 for S^3 is in full 3D, pretty much nigh on the same as the PC version.


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