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Mobile Choice Awards crowns Nokia N8 As Best Sat Nav, beating gigantum Dell Streak, iPhone 4, Garmin Asus Navi Phone and Desire

October 26, 2010 25 comments

Thanks to Alex68 for the heads up to on this post from Mobile Choice UK. They’ve awarded the N8 the title of Best Sat Nav.

And here’s their reason why:

Nokia announced this year that its excellent Ovi Maps would not only no longer cost a penny, you could also utilise your Nokia’s navigation no matter where you are in the world. With the Nokia N8 this means, users can enjoy detailed maps on the vibrant 3.5-inch display complete with voice guidance to their destination, stopping off at any number of points of interest, whether travelling by car or on foot. With an array of features including the ability to record your own voice guidance instructions, as well as a host of Lonely Planet Guides preloaded, Ovi Maps latest trick, ‘Check In’ lets you post your GPS location with a message and/or picture to social networks including Facebook and Twitter.


In my experience with the N8, GPS is fast and accurate – maintains the signal once locked (which is quick thanks to the three points of connection, GPS, A-GPS and WiFi positioning). Combine with Ovi Maps and it has always let me find my way out when I’m lost. It’s really pleasing to see Ovi Maps and Nokia Sat Nav graduate to a level where they’re just really reliable and not just some gimmick.

Let’s take a look again at the upcoming version of Ovi Maps from Vaibhav at the HandHeld Blog

Mobile Choice UK

Video: Pamela Anderson Filmed on the Nokia N8 at The Commuter Première in London

October 26, 2010 9 comments

So, for my lunch break I’d like to share with you the delectable Pamela Anderson who stars in the Nokia N8 McHenry Brothers Film: The Commuter. The rest I’ll try to upload later today after my prof meeting finishes – possibly sometime this evening.

With digicam on one hand and N8 on the other I had something to continuously take photos and N8 to shoot video. Annoyingly, N8 was doing a better job at taking shot after shot than my Samsung WB600 (which was taking ages in between shots). I loved that I could just sneak the N8 in and weasel it past the big press DSLRs and TV cameras (without being intrusive of course).

Such an awkward angle just to get into view past the big media guys with their hog sized cameras. But was very easy since N8 is small. Out of all the camera phones in the building, N8 was obviously taking the best photos. Felt sorry for the iPhone 4/Legend/BB users who kept taking photos only to be rewarded with blurry dark camera phone fuzz.


As Pam was the last celeb to enter this meant my arm had been high in salute for like 90 minutes (filming the previous celebs which I’ll upload later) and so my arm was so tired, it was introducing unnatural shaking (which would have been more stable had I held the N8 with two hands or was less tired). Yes, need to go to the Gym I do.

I love how this guy is keeping eye contact. Shots by Nokia N8 (full 9MP)

The only difficult thing with the N8 is that due to lack of camera cover, smudged to the camera glass occurs often (for me) and can easily wreck a photo. Also another issue is the camera UI which I have moaned about in S60 5th which still persists pretty much in S^3. But that’s another post I’d like to tackle separately.

Ah. How surreal. As a kid reminiscing on memories of Bay(be)watch, the last thing I thought I’d ever be doing is be in with Press to take pictures of her with a phone (then again, the concept of a phone on a cell phone never entered my mind. I don’t think I even knew about cell phones)

Word Association of Baywatch: Pammie or Hoff?

And lastly, Pamela Anderson’s Autograph of course: The difficulty in getting this tiny moleskine book. (I forgot to bring a pen/pad and had to trapse around Regent Street, ending up in Liberty to the slowest gift-till girl ever). The pen was broken too 😦 Nevertheless, result 🙂

I tell myself always to have a Sharpie as I’ll never know who I’ll come across…and the day I knew there’d be a bunch of celebs…nada.

Major thanks to Kwai Chi and Katie from!

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Video: Nokia N8 Australia TV Ad

October 26, 2010 7 comments

Here’s what’s apparently a TV ad for the Nokia N8 in Australia.

It shows off facebook, twitter and also the camera.

I think this one has an Australian Accent, not a very strong one. Could be wrong.

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Video: The Commuter Behind The Scenes – Film shot on the Nokia N8 – McHenry Brothers Interview

October 26, 2010 1 comment

So, you’ll have to wait a few more hours possibly to see the first online showing of “The Commuter” which we got to see last night (a few hours ago :p).

Whilst you’re waiting, why not check out a behind the scenes look, including an interview with the McHenry Brothers who directed the flick. It’s worth while seeing as we didn’t get the chance to interview the McHenry Brothers ourselves – due to us being commuters and having to catch the last public transportation or be stranded in London. (Now “safely” back in Manchester)

Same video but shorter

via nokiauk

check out

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