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Video: Nokia N8 Review from Mobile Tech Review.

October 2, 2010 58 comments

Here’s a review from the other side of the Pond, but a very fair and balanced one from Lisa at Mobile Tech Review (USA). They’ve slated Nokia and Symbian phones when necessary so it’s refreshing to hear about the good points coming from the new N8 and new Symbian^3.

  • Perfect phone for travelers – PENTABAND world 3G phone
  • 3 homescreen reminds of N900 – lots about it does and that’s a good thing
  • CAMERA – the real show stopper – not just the highest rated megapixel phone in US but really DOES TAKE THE BEST PICTURES *cough*engadget*iPhone*
  • Unique torpedo design – you either like it or you don’t
  • Solidly built alumin(i)um casing –
  • Ports fiddly, hard to pull off (and that’s about the HDMI, god knows, the memcard door is a puzzle and a half – maybe that’s just me, Lisa didn’t seem to mention problems with it here.)
  • Symbian^3 looks a lot like Symbian of old in terms of icon styles, something you feel at home with.
  • AMOLED Capacitive – very sharp, very vivid, very bright no complaints at all.
  • Downloaded a few apps already, 5th ed apps work fine
  • Music player – very apple like fashion – wonder what lawsuit’s gonna come up there
  • REALLY LOUD, loud, loud speaker on this thing – it’s quite good quality.
  • 256MB RAM, doesn’t sound like a super lot, Nokia and Symbian are very good on very little memory but it could stand to have more (lagging after 6 heavy apps apparently)
  • Web browser tested over T-Mobile 3G – works just as well with a AT&t sim.
  • Pinch zoom not quite as fast as iPhone and Android (we’d like to see a couple of updates)
  • The rendering itself is quite beautiful, you can even see flash ads.
  • Scrolling speed is good – no inertia scrolling (what, there’s no kinetic scrolling in browser? hmmm.)
  • (Similarities are compared with N900 about the browser – I’m not sure if there’s confusion with N97*)
  • All sorts of advanced HTML buttons work just fine.
  • YouTube flash embedded – it’s pretty good actually.
  • Photo Viewer quite fast  – 12MP camera images
  • 720p Video – if you’re a photo buff, it’s definitely good.
  • Video stabilization is very effective to prevent the bouncing in video.
  • Frame Rate video playback is good, in sync with audio – pretty good for 680MHZ CPU (that’s because of that mega broadcom chip doing much of the Graphics Processing)
  • Nokia’s Ovi Maps – much loved in Europes.
  • Handy shortcuts on homescreen – no wandering through menu
  • Readonably large phone but smaller than T-Mobile Vibrant and Captivate (though thicker).
  • Nice presentation box.


*Happily, Symbian 3 isn’t just a reworking of the old OS to gloom on touch, as was the case with S60 5th Edition. The N8 reminds us of the very respectable Nokia N900 smartphone running Maemo: it’s designed from the ground up for touch, as as such it has a capacitive multi-touch display and no stylus.

Thanks to chfyfx for the heads up.

Video: Nokia N8 AMOLED versus iPhone 4 IPS LCD

October 2, 2010 4 comments

Quick video showing the N8’s AMOLED against the iPhone 4’s IPS LCD.

Now, this is “just” the N8, without that blinding CBD AMOLED found in the Nokia E7 or C6-01.

Colours look great on both of them.

I love iPhone’s fluid rotation. We have that on Nokia Photo Viewer app and N900’s photo viewer (to some extent) but we just get this sort of mechanical “bang” I’m portrait “bang” I’m landscape. Well, different strokes, different folks.


Let’s not forget of course resolutions. 640×360 in N8 and 960X640 in iPhone 4. Pretty much the difference between N900 and iPhone 3GS. But this resolution of course is not related to the screen technology which was the point of this post.

video by MobileForumRu /

Size comparison

Thanks to Stylinred for the heads up.

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Video: Nokia N8, RC Car and 3G Video Calling; Wireless HDMI transmitter and Quadrocopter.

October 2, 2010 5 comments

RC Car + N8 + Video Calling.

Get yourself a remote controlled vehicle of some sorts, mount the N8 and activate video calling. From the recipient caller, you can see what the N8 sees, and then from that you can control the RC Car.

What confuses me though is that in the video, I have never recalled 3g video call to be this clear. Unless of course there’s another N8 to record video. They should have shown the 3G video call in action.

In the second video the N8 via HDMI transmitter is set to transmit 720p HD to a receiver which is then attached to a projector.

The N8 itself is then mounted to a Quadrocopter to capture a birds eye view of the Hullu Festival.

videos by hullukolme

Thanks to ruhtinas for the heads up!

Video: Sat Nav Comparisons – Driving with the Nokia N8, Ovi Maps, City Guide, Navitel and Garmin.

October 2, 2010 11 comments

Here’s a test of some Satellite Navigation solutions for the Nokia N8 as demonstrated in a little car trip (hopefully the N8 not be plagued by inconsistent quality of GPS connectivity – it does now support A-GPS, Satellite and WiFi positioning for improved location awareness and stability)

Audio seems a little harsh on the Ovi Maps video recording.

n8 and City Guide

N8 and Navitel

N8 and Garmin

Another in car feature – (well not just for cars) The built in FM transmitter. No need for bluetooth set ups, just tune your car to the N8 or vice versa and stream your music from the N8 over to your car’s stereo system.

Video by jenjaman/theultimate-111

Video: Nokia N8 and the very fast and fluid Ovi Store 2.0

October 2, 2010 1 comment

Here’s a video of the Nokia N8 showing the new Ovi Store 2.0

  • Gone is the criticised green theme, now with a more neutral light grey bonanza
  • Very responsive, fast fluid animation (side slide) – there’s minimal visible loading times
  • Nagivation on the whole seems very speedy


video uploaded by jenjaman