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Symbian web browser sluggish?? Javascript to blame

October 20, 2010 47 comments


While this is by no means an empirical test, I’ve seen mention in a number of places on the web that the main reason for the dismal performance of the Symbian Web browser is the lack of adequate CPU power, I can categorically say that this is a false assumption. I’m currently using a regular old Nokia 5800 here in the US of A and have been having problems loading certain, *full* websites while still maintaining a degree of usability and not wanting to toss my phone against a wall.  Before you people come at me saying “Just use Opera!!!11222!”, the default browser is still the one that comes up everytime I hit a link in any program, email, IM conversation, etc in spite of my having changed the default browser to Opera. That said, I stumbled across a comment the other day that really stuck with me for some reason. In essence it said “Turn off Javascript and the browser is soo much faster!”


Well I tried it and by God does it work wonders. The Engadget homepage that would take an age to load and render and would require me to manually stop the loading in order to even use it half-way properly finished loading in a matter of seconds and scrolled magnificently, regardless of the measly 434Mhz processor. Those of you with N8’s or other Symbian powered devices are urged to try this for yourself to see just how big a difference this minute change can make to the general usability of the browser.


That said, there are caveats to this, some Javascript-heavy sites may not render with all the flash, bang, whizz etc that may be expected though in my experience the majority remain unchanged. Also, Disqus does not work unless Javascript is turned on (big loss eh!). Let’s hope that the upcoming Web-browser for S^3 devices comes with a damn competitive Java-script rendering engine amongst other things!!

This improved web browser would also have the knock-on effect of improving all WRT based applications and widgets, including the Social and FourSquare apps. Just food for thought.




The current browser on my 5800 gets a Sunspider score of  ~130,000 as compared to a Motoral Droid with a score of ~34,000 ms (Higher is worse!) and I from results I’ve seen around the internet, processor speed is nigh on irrelevant in this case.



So much for “the browser is one of the places where the N8 is definitely bumping up against the raw limits of its “mature” processor” eh. Chances are that with an improved Javascript rendering engine this statement will have to be retracted.

Nokia N8 Photography School – #3 Getting some inspiration

October 20, 2010 2 comments

This episode tries to get rid of your (if any) photographer’s block by giving you more variety in your shots by expanding your horizons and get your creative juices flowing.

In addition to the video lesson, Nokia Conversation has some more lessons online.

1) Sharing Images Online

(btw not mentioned in the article, but as a N8 user, PixelPipe is a must download)


2) Getting a free software package


3) Amazing Landscapes.


Got any photography tips yourself? Any particularly useful online resource for photography learning? YouTube Channel/blog site?

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Nokia C7 has secret NFC chip inside

October 20, 2010 6 comments

RegHardware reports that the Nokia C7 has a secret Near Field Communication chip inside. Nokia has been known to randomly slip in easter eggs into their handset – e.g. FM radio receiver in the N800/Accelerometer in the N95.

Nokia will apparently announce soon what they plan to do with this ability. God knows, Nokia phones have always had great features years ahead of predecessors – but they’ve not really known how to take full advantage of it or tell joe public how awesome it is.


Thanks to ZonkOr for the tip to

Video: How to sell the Nokia N8 – by Carphone Warehouse

October 20, 2010 11 comments

The tech blogosphere is a tough but fickle scene. A device is rarely taken on its own merits. In many places, it’s all about perception, perception, perception, where the stronger your reality distortion field, the better. How people perceive a product is sometimes unfortunately as important as what the product can actually do. Bad thing for Nokia is they’re not the shouty, over bearing, boasty type – but guys you have to be.

Check out how Carphone Warehouse have been bigging up the Nokia N8. They’re the largest retailer of mobilephones in the UK and the largest independent mobile phone retailer in Europe. These guys have a lot of influence when it comes to mobile phone purchases in the UK. In their “Eye Opener” series, CPW staff have been checking out the N8’s features.  They’re all pretty popular online.

Their latest is a general compilation of the N8’s best bits.

  • I love how they’re actually paying attention to the camera – the thing that sets it apart. When the Samsung i8910 HD came out – the first with HD video in UK, NO ONE mentioned this in the adverts. wtf.
  • The fastest Symbian OS Yet (yeah it’s Symbian, but make the most of it) 250 new features including multitasking with VISUAL task manager.
  • Ovi Store – has thousands of apps. For the folks that want deh apps.
  • Ovi Maps  – free world wide navigation software, walking or in car.
  • Nokia N8 is a top range smartphone designed for form and function.

Thank you CPW. I know they’re selling it and have to big it up to do so. When you think about it, the N8 is a great smartphone that’s taking a lot of flack from its naysayers of “hey where’s Android, hey where’s my apple logo”.

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Video: Nokia N8 versus HTC Desire comparison: Specs, Browser, Navigation

October 20, 2010 32 comments

Smartphone envy is at it again, comparing the Nokia N8 against another Android heavy weight, the HTC Desire (with HTC Sense).

Specs, YouTube and Speed Test

Navigation and Gallery

User Interface comparison

Browser – note a new one is coming.

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