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720p Video: Very weird unboxing (smashing) of the Nokia N8 – filmed by the Nokia N8

October 10, 2010 10 comments

As “UNBOXINGS” go, this is one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen. But hey, kudos to N8 for inspiring even crazy people to unbox it on camera and later getting them decent any time/anywhere HD cams to share their craziness world wide.

The guy, aptly named Mr Tard Mo has uploaded a couple of vids shot by his new N8 which he’s gone (even more) crazy for. At one point, the N8 box is SMASHED by a sledge hammer. Don’t worry though, there’s no N8 inside.

And here’s the same crazy biker guy using a Takegawa 194 as a hair dryer.


Video: Nokia N8 vs Acer Liquid A1 AMOLED vs TFT LCD

October 10, 2010 5 comments

Here’s a video by MForumRu showing the Nokia N8’s AMOLED display against the Acer Liquid A1’s TFT LCD.


On a side note – those animations on the Acer Android phone are looking really awesome – the reorganizing photo viewer is quite nice than a simple “bang” i’m rotated.


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HyperX .sis mod available for the Public – 30FPS 720p and Near RAW minimal image compression for higher detail

October 10, 2010 8 comments


hyperX has included a comparison to show just how well the camera performs when compression is reduced. btw, N8 already resolves more detail than quite a few digital cameras. e.g. CANON IXUS 130 and even Sony HX5.


We saw in excitement the renowned hyperX mod Nokia’s latest flagship – the N8; first bumping up image quality to reduce pretty much all the compression so that the already high detail N8 produces something quite remarkable for such a compact phone. Next we have the bump up of 30FPS from 25FPS for the 720p video (original file is incredible). I’m not sure if this includes the next mod of continuous Autofocus.

It is now available for public usage. Well, you can get it yourself for your N8 – not totally sure about the safety of it for your device. So Note: This is probably unsupported by Nokia so install at your own risk.

DOWNLOAD it here from hyperX’s site:

It’s a simple .SIS file. Bluetooth it over to N8 and install from the N8 or install via PC/Ovi Suite or copy to memory card/mass memory and manually install.

Thanks to Keith for the heads up.


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Video: An American kid’s thoughts on the Nokia N8

October 10, 2010 8 comments

An American Kid’s thoughts on the Nokia N8.

Flicking through YouTube I came across what was supposedly a “review” of the N8 by this kid, “ObviouslyAwsome. Well first it’s not a review, more a reel of thoughts on the N8 itself. What’s interesting however is that whilst he seems to be anticipating the iPhone 4 for Verizon, he’s well informed about the greatness of the N8 and the fact that it’s using SYMBIAN and NOT Android but noting that “Finally someone’s realising that Android isn’t the best [Operating] System”.

Props to the little guy, I hope more of the US is as open minded as he is on products which are NOT iPhone or Android.

There are little errors like this Nokia being the first to multitask (and multitouch) on the touch screen. Whilst it’s the first multitouch, we have been multitasking before iOS and Android existed. But that possibly goes to show the penetration of Nokia sentiments. For example, a couple of my housemates think that Nokia only make brick disposable phones – one got shocked by the N900 being a Nokia.


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Video Demo: Nokia Panorama on the Nokia N8

October 10, 2010 5 comments

Last week we saw that Nokia Panorama was available on the Ovi Store for the Nokia N8.

Below is a video demo shot by nuuneoi from showing “Nokia Panorama” in action.

Apps like Morpho Panorama use “sweep” – possibly the easiest method where you just sweep from left to right with no pausing or thought as to whether your picture is aligned – much like taking a video. Samples this way though may suffer from different light exposures, and quality may suffer.

Other PanoApps may require you to manually align one photo after the next, pressing a button each time.

“Nokia Panorama” seems to be the stop gap in between these types of Panorama apps. You sweep the camera and after the first picture, an overlay appears where you can align the camera. BUT, you don’t have to manually shoot as the app takes a photo automatically ONCE aligned.

Processing takes a fair few seconds (not an instant result) but the final photograph is quite incredible.

On his site, N8Lover, you can see that like Damien’s Sample the panorama appears seamless (and in much better quality than Quick Panorama)

Via nuuneoi