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HD Video: Finnish Lakesides from Dawn to Dusk – Filmed and edited on the Nokia N8

November 10, 2010 3 comments

Above is another stunning Nokia N8 video from topolino70 who amongst many are truly showcasing how fantastic the N8’s HD recording is.

Once your shot is composed, keep it steady on a tripod. This makes your video look like a series of moving pictures because each and every frame is so clear. Go ahead, pause at any moment and the screenshot is crystal clear. As mentioned before, the close up shots are produced with a simple magnifying glass. A great advantage of the N8’s Active Hyper-Focal Focus is that past that close up distance, you are always in focus. No initial focus necessary (though there are certain times when you’d want only certain things to be in focus but that’s another story.

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Videos: Nokia C7 Sample Videos 720p HD Video Tests

October 27, 2010 3 comments

Now before you watch this, I think it’s important to note that like the N8, the uncovered camera glass on the C7 (is it glass? Well whatever it is) is prone to finger prints/smudges/grease which if left unwiped very easily DESTROYS your image/video quality. It takes a second to wipe but remembering to do so is the bugger.

First two by PhoneArena

Next video by RomeoWhiteChannel


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Jan van der Meer’s Nokia N8 Macro and accessory tips!

October 11, 2010 6 comments

Jan van der Meer is the ultimate camera buff and in these series of videos, he’s been using (what any self respecting camera buff should own :p) a Nokia N8. He’s got some great tips for us such as the new Joby Gorillapod (Every human with a camera/camphone NEEDS a gorillapod) with an arm for smooth swivelling/tilting.

In this video, Jan uses a macro lens on the N8. The results are great. Now we’ve seen from topolino70 how even simpler than this (with a magnifying glass) you can achieve some absolutely breathtaking close up videos with the N8. Another lens accessory used is the ultrawide angle, which you can see across Jan’s series.  A fantastic tip from Jan is to have the N8/Gorillapod on a piece of paper which you can smoothly slide across a macro scene (without the need for expensive rail rigs :P).

Oh and in trial sound tests with a couple of dedicated video recorders:

Captured with the new Nokia N8 smartphone Sanyo Xacti HD2000 and Sanyo Xacti Sh1. Sound microphone in this case from Nokia was the best!

Jan has some brilliant sites on the go, and http://www.Global-DVC.Org ; Taking a look at cameraeducator, I saw that Jan’s also hooked up his N8 to a steady cam (like the upcoming movie, “The Commuter” shot entirely on the N8).

Brilliant stuff!

via GlobalDVC

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720p Video: Very weird unboxing (smashing) of the Nokia N8 – filmed by the Nokia N8

October 10, 2010 10 comments

As “UNBOXINGS” go, this is one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen. But hey, kudos to N8 for inspiring even crazy people to unbox it on camera and later getting them decent any time/anywhere HD cams to share their craziness world wide.

The guy, aptly named Mr Tard Mo has uploaded a couple of vids shot by his new N8 which he’s gone (even more) crazy for. At one point, the N8 box is SMASHED by a sledge hammer. Don’t worry though, there’s no N8 inside.

And here’s the same crazy biker guy using a Takegawa 194 as a hair dryer.


Video: Split Screen Nokia N8 versus iPhone 4 video (and audio) test

October 7, 2010 16 comments

Here’s a video comparison of the Nokia N8 and the iPhone 4 split screen style by BesteProduct.

Is that really the N8? I didn’t realise it was that good in comparison to iPhone 4.

What’s with that murkiness on the iPhone 4 – it seems rather washed out in this test.

Interestingly they also switch audio in between the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8.

Compared to Nokia N8, iPhone 4 audio recording is absolutely PANTS. But pretty much all others are pants compared to Nokia N8’s audio (which is unlike others in real stereo)

Hit 720p and get your speaker system (or headphones going).

via BesteProduct.

Oh, whilst you’re here, check out this N8 shot video again by topolino70. Absolutely beautiful. If you pause at any moment, it’s as if they’re photographs.(close up shots done by magnifying glass though hacks have been done by hyperX to achieve continuous autofocus during video recording)


Holy Crap, awesome work @PhoneDaz and team :D. Let’s all just ignore the crazy rants that “N8 cam is mediocre or just above average quality – not something others should strive for” or words to that effect. Time and time again users around the world are proving the effort of Damien Dinning and team has been totally worth it.

HD Videos: Nokia N8 Sample videos – low light and outdoors 720p

August 31, 2010 17 comments

Here are some  sample videos from the Nokia N8 uploaded by silverato3428 – The first three supposedly in low light, and the fourth outdoors. Be sure to click the 720p HD version.

I’m curious to know how the N8 is able to resolve that text.  It seems a little too clear for fixed focus video and have something that close be in focus, whilst objects further away are still close.

Mummy –

Just seconds away from 1000heads/WOMWorld/Nokia HQ – outdoor.

  • The colour looks great, the frame rate looks smooth.
  • The N8 is also able to quickly adjust to different brightness levels.
  • Panning looks rather smooth too. Normally, movement of the phone would cause a somewhat jelly like distortion.

Thanks to bharadwaj for the heads up!

Get yourself a decent pair of headphones to listen to the marvelous Nseries grade audio quality.

Awesome sound for your video since 2005 when all others were producing (and some still are) shitty, tinny audio.

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Video: HD Video Sample of Nokia N8 real Digital Zoom (user Proto N8)

May 2, 2010 4 comments

Here’s another sample of the N8 video (taken from Amhed360’S post before it was removed)

It’s not by Nokia, it’s from a user.

The other one I’ve seen (N8 on a plane ) that no one else managed to see matched the quality of Nokia’s official video sample.

e.g. if you look at that post, all the dials and the text on the plane’s dashboard are readable.

Check out the digital zooming action. Just like the N86, we have proper working digital zoom.

Normally, when camera phones zoom in on a 640×480 video, all they do is make those pixels bigger. Hence why digital zoom is almost always blurry.

Basically with proper digital zoom, you take all that 4000×3000 pixels, and just move the 1280x720p frame around. This maintains much of the detail better.

e.g. check out this image below

But look how far away it actually is. It’s the best solution to making do without the bulk of optical zoom.

via burakb