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Official Video: Behind the scenes of The Commuter Premiere: What would celebs film if they had the Nokia N8?

October 29, 2010 7 comments

Here’s a behind the scenes look of The Commuter Premiere in London filmed by the Nokia Crew. Towards the end the Nokia folk interview some celebs, asking them what they would do if they had the Nokia N8. Pamela Anderson says not to ask her that question as it gets her into loads of trouble. Haha!


Official Gallery: The Commuter Premiere in London – Film shot entirely on the Nokia N8

October 29, 2010 2 comments

Pamela Anderson. Incredible being literally a few inches away from her.

On Monday I had the privilege of going to the Premiere of the Nokia N8 McHenry Brothers Movie, The Commiter. (Thanks for the invite Kwai Chi!)

Here are a selection of official Nokia UK photos from the Premiere of The Commuter London from Flickr. More and larger images are available on Nokia UK’s flickr set. There seems to be some photos missing (Brian Friedman, Storm Lee, a model whose name I was not aware of and 7-foot exclusive Premiere attendee, Pandemonia – yeah google her.)

Charles Dance, OBE – English actor, screen writer and director.

Charles with Artist and Wife, Eleanor Boorman

Here’s Brazilian Model, Alice Dellal and Fashion designer, Pam Hogg.

UK Band, Fightstar.Jermain Jackson – total surprise to surprise to see Jermain there.

Model Noelle Reno

Immodesty Blaize, British Burlesque dancer, Miss Exotic World 2007,

Daily Mirror columnist, Zoe Griffin

Footballer’s wives actress Sarah Barrand, Male Model and MTV presenter Ash Stymest and MTV europe presenter Laura Whitmore

TV Presenter with Lizzie Cundy and Ash

110 metre hurdler Andy TurnerMr Hudson, British R&B/pop artist. Has collaborated with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Dizzie Rascal, N-Dubz, Tinie Tempah and Kid CuDi

Ed Westwick – Gossip Girl Actor. He wasn’t there at the Premiere due to filming in US (Dev Patel not there either) but it was attached to the Nokia UK stream. I don’t watch gossip girl, but every time I mention his name to girls they go all giggly.

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Videos: Nokia N8 in the Music Room

October 29, 2010 5 comments

Yesterday after a game on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock (Guitar/Drums/Mic) some of the guys went up to the music room to play music for real :p.

The room was extremely dark btw with like two tiny 50 watt bulbs (other two had blown – and really needed something like 60-100w, energy saving for the green folk).

Anyway I thought I’d record some of it on the N8 to see how it sounds later on. I was really impressed at how it managed to copy with the loudness. In the drum video we’ll see the limit of the N8 where it starts producing some harsh sounds in recording BUT if you’ve ever played drums or been to a live gig, you know how LOUD they can get and imagine the recording device only being 20cm from it. From about a metre away and more this does not happen.

I’m going to see Sum41 on Monday so we’ll see how it fares there eh? The audio recording quality on the N8 is stellar and beyond any other camera phone and most digital cameras (as sound/video is often an after thought).

What’s great about having such awesome and reliable video and audio quality on the N8 is that (as often mentioned) it’s ALWAYS with you. You might not always have your camera/camcorder, but you always have your phone. Spontaneous recording moments won’t be missed and even if you intended to record, at least by having a phone it’s more subtle (bringing a camera means you kinda wanted some pics/vids).

Nokia N8 in the Music Room

Guitar Solo


AMP is on the left


– Here towards the middle of the video you’ll hear the limits of the N8 recording reached as it is unable to cope with the ridiculously loud drums. As mentioned the N8 is about 20cm from the drum kit.

You’d break your own ear drums were your ears placed where the N8 was.

N8 in the music room 2

Sweet Child of Mine

Stairway to heaven

Guitar Solo 2

Fur Elise

– The Buzzing you can hear is from the piano, and not an artefact in recording.

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Project Release MeeGo 1.1 ready. MeeGo 1.2 coming April 2011

October 29, 2010 9 comments

In Vehicle Infotainment

MeeGo blog has announced that MeeGo 1.1 project release is now available. Read more at the MeeGo Blog

This release includes:

  • Core OS 1.1 – consolidated common base operating system for all UXs
  • Netbook UX 1.1 – complete set of core applications for netbooks
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) UX 1.1 – includes a sample IVI home screen and taskbar built with Qt 4.7 and speech recognition
  • Handset UX 1.1 – technology snapshot implements basic development UX for voice calling, SMS messaging, web browsing, music and video playback, photo viewing, and connection management
  • SDK 1.1 Beta – SDK for MeeGo Core OS and supported UXs will be released during the coming days before the MeeGo Summit conference in Dublin.

For 1.2:

  • MeeGo 1.2 is scheduled for April of 2011 and it will include a Handset UX release with a complete set of applications, and support for other device usage models.
  • Hundreds of features targeting MeeGo 1.2 have already been filed in MeeGo Featurezilla

Remember there’s a MeeGo conference coming in November 2010 from 15th to 17th.

MeeGo Phone

MeeGo Netbook

Thanks to Milan Lajtoš for the heads up to

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Nokia N8 Portrait QWERTY – no more separate text entry field

October 29, 2010 25 comments

Above is a portrait QWERTY for the Nokia N8 which has been much anticipated. This should mean that swype (which I’m not a fan off, mostly because I cannot turn it off – like literally, it keeps turning itself back on and won’t let me use default qwerty) should work in portrait soon too.

Notice how the text entry field is not a separate text box (as seen yesterday in the new browser/fw preview) and also the suggested words bar.

Thanks to JFH for the tip – image comes by way of hardwarezone forum

If you can’t wait for the official Portrait QWERTY, there seems to be a .sisx file attached for the keyboard. Usual warnings for third party software.

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Video: Behind the scenes of music video shot on Nokia N8 – The Drums of Death ‘Won’t Be Long’

October 29, 2010 5 comments

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a music video for “The Drums of Death – Won’t Be Long” as shot on the Nokia N8


And the actual music video / nokiauk

Some more N8 music related videos to be posted today. (Uploading as we speak)

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Video: How to – Installing WebOS Asphalt 5 game on the Nokia N900

October 29, 2010 2 comments

Initial Installation

360NextLevel gives us a video tutorial on how to install the WebOS version of Asphalt 5 on the Nokia N900. Yes, WebOS.

It’s a little technical and you may need to check out other videos to complete all the instructions.