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Video: Nokia N8 Photography School – #1 Professional Product Photo Shoot (on a budget!)

October 18, 2010 7 comments

I thiink this is going to be a cool new series. I’ve been watching some photo tips on youtube to get some ideas on how to use the N8 to its full potential and now here’s one specific for the N8 from Nokia Conversations. What’s great is that the tips are based on budget photographers – so once forking out for your N8, you can just find some house hold items to further your photography.

Here you’ll learn about infinity curves and getting decent lighting (nice tip with the diffuser). I often use these (or try to) in video/software demoes and when doing product photos. (Unfortunately I haven’t brought any of my gear to Uni…picking them up soon though).

The stand – not sure what they used. I use a nail cutter mounted with bluetack to make the phone stand up. The arm of the nail cutter means you can set the height/angle.

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Videos: Nokia N8 versus Samsung Wave (and iPhone 4)

October 18, 2010 14 comments

Here’s another side by side split screen comparison between the Nokia N8 and this time the Samsung Wave. This is from gsmarena07

The wave, despite supposedly recording at 30FPS looks jerkier and less fluid in movement than what’s labelled as the N8. (Noticeable in the car portion)


Next – iPhone 4. I don’t understand why the iPhone 4 video is wobbling. Is the N8’s video stabilization that effective? (On early tests I’ve tried it’s surprisingly steady.)



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Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 VIDEO and AUDIO test.

Thanks to Stylinred for the heads up.

Mini Film: Dragonfly Love – shot entirely on the Nokia N8 (and behind the scenes)

October 18, 2010 7 comments

I thought I knew the story line of the Nokia N8 Dragonfly having been back stage in Barcelona. Boy wAS i WRONG. This is a completely different sketch on the whole Dragonfly love thing (seen over and over in the N8 ad). Some disturbing fisherman stripping scenes. Beware.

Oh, and it was shot entirely on the Nokia N8. I’m really loving the video quality of the N8 (here and my own videos), and that neat little trick with virtually 3x optical zoom (really surprising when you use it yourself). Very nice touch.

“Director Thomas Hilland was asked to test drive the Nokia N8, and make a film that made the most of the smartphone’s impressive HD camera. The film features music by Kap Bambino, remote-controlled dragonflies, a stunning Norwegian landscape, and some men in colourful costume.”


The MAKING of Dragonfly Love

Here you’ll see how lots of these small N8s can rapidly cover a scene. You’ll see the trick a user brought up of using magnifying lens for extreme close ups. Also note the helicopter portion. 😮


Some insane unedited footage of the flying (in case some doubted it as CGI)


Thanks to @kamuscasio for the heads up

Gallery: Nokia N8 Black and White Photography

October 18, 2010 9 comments

A nice setting that’s been on Nseries for quite a while is the ability to switch to black and white photos. Sure you could post process later but I don’t really bother with things like that. With the N8, you don’t need to. In addition, you can tweak the contrast and the exposure levels to play around more with your photos.

As a tip I make my own profile by going into


Then change to black and white/high contrast. On N82 I put contrast up and flash on but with N8 I leave this off and tweak it shot for shot. You can change contrast levels too if you wanted.

I do wish that the camera UI was nicer, like the N900 AND remembered your last used settings like the N900 (THOUGH N900 did not have B&W option, or many of Symbian camera options). Many options should not be buried in keypresses! They thought about the multitouch resolution change nicely but left a lot of things blank. There’s a whole freaking unused screen realty here.

I don’t want to be all artsy fartsy – I haven’t the skills 😀 But sometimes there are appropriate moments for black and white which would make a bigger impact than if the same photo had been

done in colour.

What I love about mobile phone photography, especially if the N8 is your camera – it’s always with you. I took these quickly whilst walking home for lunch.

Just point, shoot. DONE.

Focusing on darker parts of the image brightens up the final image. You can play about to get your wanted level of tones this way, i.e. just have major black/white or having lots of shades of grey in between.

There’s a lot of triangle buildings at this campus. And oak trees.

Grey skies not missed.

I’ll find some better locations soon :P. And brush up on some photo tips so I can compose nicer shots 🙂

Have you played around with the black and white setting yet? (Or maybe you’ve tweaked around other options). Got some photos to share?

Nokia UK launches the C7 – available from CPW, O2, Phones 4U, Three, Virgin, Vodafone and T-Mobile

October 18, 2010 1 comment

Press Blurb Time:. Similar to N8 with that whole 25 GBP/Month thing, though possibly even cheaper if you hunt around.

The beautifully smart Nokia C7 is available to pre-order from the Nokia Online Shop today for £389 SIM-free, and £25 p/m on contract. The Nokia C7 combines classical Nokia design, with all the functionality you would expect from a modern smartphone.

The Nokia C7 will be shipping from the Nokia Online Shop from Monday 25th October. It will also be available with UK retailers The Carphone Warehouse, O2, Phones4u, Three Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and T-Mobile with the exclusive black limited edition from 1st November onwards. Contracts are available from £25 per month.

Combining stainless steel and glass, with a full touch screen, The Nokia C7 is ideal for managing your life on the go, also incorporating HD video, an 8 megapixel camera and WebTV. Facebook and Twitter feeds are on your homescreen, as well as one touch access to popular email accounts including Ovi Mail, Yahoo!® Mail and Windows Live™ Hotmail.

“The Nokia C7 combines beautiful design with loads of great apps and powerful media tools, it really brings social networking to life at the touch of a button.” says Sami Lehtinen, General Manager at Nokia UK.

The Nokia C7 also opens up a world of apps, games, videos, and web and location-based services through the OVI Store, such as the exclusive X-Factor app, the highly addictive Angry Birds, and free OVI maps.

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Video: Nokia N8 versus Samsung Galaxy S – UI/Browser/Gallery/Navigation/Speed Test

October 18, 2010 40 comments

Smartphoneenvy takes a look at the Nokia N8 but closely against the google Android powered Samsung Galaxy S (Arguably one Android phones).

It’s in four parts.

“Specs, Maps, Navigation and Unofficial Speed Test”

User Interface

Gallery and YouTube

Browser (oh the woes). It hurts to watch the stupid Nokia Browser after knowing just how incredible MicroB (a Maemo Nokia Browser on N900) for the association of Nokia and Browser to be tarnished again by this poor excuse of a browser. Opera Mobile 10 helps a lot. I can’t wait for the new browser that’s supposedly just as good as anything on the market (even MicroB?)


Not included but we know N8 wipes the floor with the SGS

Video: Nokia N8/Symbian^3 How to: speed up homescreen swiping/remove perceived lag between screens

October 18, 2010 10 comments

Now for some reason or another, the Symbian^3 homescreen introduces a perceivable “lag” when switching between screens. This is apparently designed that way (due to the active widgets on screen). The homescreen lag is less visible when in landscape (where the swipe movement would be more obvious than a possible mispress in landscape. You could of course just press the middle homescreen button to switch, but that’s unidirectional. What happens if you just want to go to the one on the left? Press Twice? No.

I’m not sure this lag was designed at all (if the reason being due to prevent widget action confusion). If you go into


You’ll notice that your homescreen swiping is now INSTANT. The “animation” is obviously now gone but the trade off is an instant homescreen with no perceived delay. Were there an issue with widgets, shouldn’t the speed be the same? I don’t know what the reasoning is for the unecessary swipe delay other than to fire up the transition.

The much bigger disadvantage of this is that you lose the animations everywhere else too (though everything does become a pinch faster too). The theme effects which actually (for me any way, dunno about you) made S^3 that extra bit more palatable than S^1 (S^3 has other major improvements, don’t get me wrong).

I’m not sure why we couldn’t have had something like Maemo 5’s homescreen – which was both responsive but also WITH the active swipe animation – but that’s another story (a possible battery saving one)


Eagle eyes amongst you would note the unintended demo of the iPhone death grip. It’s T-Mobile. The signal is very, very bad and cycles around between having signal and not having signal regardless of being gripped or not. Tried SIM in a Samsung genio and it doesn’t even pick up signal here. O2 sim in N8 – full signal.