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Freakishly Awesome Gallery: Human Cloning with the Nokia N8 – Witchcraft? Well this is certainly magical :p

December 23, 2010 4 comments

With the holiday season being so hectic, we feel more than ever that we need to be in two places at once!

Well harness the power of your Nokia N8 and create your own clone/twin!  What’s this? What’s this?

Human cloning and N8 – It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it, no? Don’t worry about ethical considerations with N8. There won’t be any Nightmares Before Christmas here, as of course this is done by the very fantastic Application called “Nokia Panorama” which is free at Ovi Store!

Not only is the panoramic software fantastic at creating practically seamless panoramas, they’re full of detail. I hope this comes out and T-Mobile has not compressed them during upload.

There’s tons more photos of twinning and some scenic pano shots below.

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Video Demo: Nokia Panorama on the Nokia N8

October 10, 2010 5 comments

Last week we saw that Nokia Panorama was available on the Ovi Store for the Nokia N8.

Below is a video demo shot by nuuneoi from showing “Nokia Panorama” in action.

Apps like Morpho Panorama use “sweep” – possibly the easiest method where you just sweep from left to right with no pausing or thought as to whether your picture is aligned – much like taking a video. Samples this way though may suffer from different light exposures, and quality may suffer.

Other PanoApps may require you to manually align one photo after the next, pressing a button each time.

“Nokia Panorama” seems to be the stop gap in between these types of Panorama apps. You sweep the camera and after the first picture, an overlay appears where you can align the camera. BUT, you don’t have to manually shoot as the app takes a photo automatically ONCE aligned.

Processing takes a fair few seconds (not an instant result) but the final photograph is quite incredible.

On his site, N8Lover, you can see that like Damien’s Sample the panorama appears seamless (and in much better quality than Quick Panorama)

Via nuuneoi


FREEWARE: Nokia Panorama Available at the Ovi Store for your Nokia N8 (And Nokia N900)

October 7, 2010 10 comments

An alternative to Morpho QuickPanorama “Nokia Panorama” is now available at the Ovi Store for free.

In contrast to Morpho, the detail seems MUCH higher with the Nokia version. The seams are pretty much invisible.

The pic below is from Damien Dining.

I don’t have a N8 to test this out so I’m not sure if this is a stitcher panorama (where you manually line up the images) or a sweeping panorama (where you sweep from left to right as steady as possible) like the Morpho Quick Panorama

Click here to download from the Ovi Store.

Thanks to @NOMOSdesign for the heads up.