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@EldarMurtazin: “Nokia N9 Hardware is near perfect, I like it.”

October 4, 2010 76 comments

This N9?

A while back, Eldar didn’t seem too positive about the N9 and was actually supposed to leak his review early August. Whatever happened since then, he’s kept silent (no N8esque reveal) and was found today to say

“Nokia N9 Hardware is near perfect, I like it.”

NEAR PERFECT? And it’s Eldar saying this? About a Nokia? :p

I have no idea what perfect hardware is by Eldar’s books, but he is a man of high expectations. Similarly, (for me) I’d be wanting that N8 camera. Then it would be perfect. But is that why it’s “NEAR” perfect because he doesn’t have it?

But hold your horses – on MeeGo…

“In terms of SW is not so good at the moment – but hope they will change it in 2011”

Eldar has also mentioned previously that Nokia’s own version of MeeGo looks better than Vanilla MeeGo we see floating about. To be fair, as an incomplete piece and judging as final, MeeGo does look like there’s MUUUUCH room for improvement. I also hope MeeGo handset UI gets its act together, especially now with Mr Skillsman and Mr Elop watching over.

via @chilko

oh and in reply to @chilko for pointing out that comment:

OMG, i’m so bias how you could mention such words from me 🙂

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Multi Award Winning American Prime Time show, Dexter, uses the Killer Nokia N8

October 4, 2010 12 comments

Posted up on engadget with a Provocative title of ”

Nokia N8 endorsed by homicidal maniac

If you were following joshuatopolsky (head honcho engadget) last night he made some remarks about some insane Nokia Fanboy.

Holy hell! Nokia fanboys are completely INSANE.

He later joked around saying:

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think, “How can I more effectively destroy Nokia and the Finnish economy today?

So with the title of N8 and homocidal maniac, you could wonder how on earth is all this escalating? Well fear not. The N8 is simply enjoying some product placement in the incredible show “Dexter” a multi award winning (109 nominations, 33 wins – with Michael C. Hall winning a Golden Globe, Satellite Award, Saturn Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, TCA Awards – not to mention other awards won by other cast/crew and the show itself)

I love Dexter. It kinda helped desensitise me for our human anatomy dissection sessions (and kinda vice versa for watching Dexter). Great thriller, drama, fantastic story lines, awesome actors. EPIC.

Thanks to

יואל גווירץ for the heads up

via engadget

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DSLR Canon 550D versus Nokia N8

October 4, 2010 7 comments

Vaibhav Sharma previously from the Symbian Blog now rebranded The Handheld Blog (to accommodate MeeGo) has put his 18MP Canon 550D DSLR against the Nokia N8. I’ve been looking forward to such a comparison.

Vaibhav says the results may surprise. Within the shootout he notes on occasion,

“If I didn’t label these images, you would be stressed to tell which was which.”

The full sized images are available here (uploaded by Vaibhav)

Thanks to ruhtinas for the heads up 😀

Via thehandheldblog


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Gallery: Nokia N8 versus Panasonic TZ10 versus Samsung i8910 vs Nokia N82 (plus a xenon flash test)

October 4, 2010 13 comments

Here’s a comparison set showing the Nokia N8 versus Panasonic TZ-10 versus Samsung i8910 HD versus the Nokia N82.

The Panasonic TZ10 is a stonker of a megazoom point and shoot camera. Priced at around £329 on launch, it is one remarkably awesome digital camera. The optical image stabilization is incredible – try shaking it about and you’ll still get a decent crisp photo – imagine the usual photos when you’re TRYING to keep it steady. If you’re after a portable digital camera at almost DSLR quality (that’s what owners have said who also own DSLRs), you get this. Yes I like this camera. 😀

The Samsung i8910 was for quite some time the Symbian flagship, the first GSM phone to produce 720p (AT 24fps), with 8MP and dual LED flash.

The N82 is loved amongst Nokia geeks, a 2007 contender, it still stomps on the asses of many current generation camera phones for it’s spectacular 5MP performance in low light photos (helped by xenon) and videos.

The Nokia N8 – needs no introduction.

Jenjaman from the-ultimate111 gave us a heads up on his new post comparing the TZ10, i8910, N82 and N8. They are in the order of the grid unless otherwise stated.

NOTE: THE TZ10 has a 25mm wide angle lens and the Nokia N8 has a 28mm wide angle lens. The i8910 images will therefore appear larger as both the N8 and tz10 capture more of the same image in a single frame.

NOTE 2: File sizes from the Nokia N8 are incredibly compact. At around 1-2MB.

TZ10 at around 5mb, i8910 AT 3-4MB and N82 around 1MB

For full size, click from the GALLERY at the end of this post.

The N8 seems closest overall to the Panasonic TZ10 – the reds in the i8910 look kinda washed out. However…

Read more…

Video: Coverflow, Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4

October 4, 2010 10 comments

On this video, symbianfrance found out that the Nokia N8 is faster than the iPhone 4 at browsing from albums A to Z. For example on the iPhone 4 you would need to scroll with your fingers like 15 times or more (depending how many albums you have) just to reach the first or last album on the list. But on the Nokia N8 that amount can be reduced to 4-5 scrolls because the Nokia N8 has another way of managing coverflow. So if you have a lot of music this can surely help.

via: symbianfrance channel on youtube