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N8 dummies at Vodafone

Absolute beauties 😀

While I was strolling though the city centre I spotted that Vodafone had N8 dummies with a coming soon label next to them in store and had to have a quick look and DAMM the devices feel AMAZING and they are only DUMMIES !!!! I wonder how the real devices must feel, I cannot wait to get my hands on a real device still deciding whether to sell the trusty E72 and go for this, after the bad news with the N9 possibly not coming this year my mind has changed a bit and I am again considering this device and the camera decision, decisions…..

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Video and Gallery: Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type unboxing and first impressions (P)Review

October 8, 2010 17 comments

Apologies guys, this post became larger than anticipated.

We have another package from WOMWorldNokia – this time the Nokia X3-02 – the newer X3 sporting TOUCH AND TYPE.

Click here for device details.


It arrived yesterday and I wouldn’t have known it was at the package centre but for some reason I made scenic route and was rewarded with a parcel notification.

In short – for first impression:

The X3-02 is a brilliant handset – solidly built, brushed aluminium at the back, ultra compact with a ridiculously sensitive resistive touch screen display – almost like a capacitive one. A video above and gallery is included.


2. Box Contents
3. Size Comparison with N900
4. General Handset Hardware Overview
5. Usability?


This is the usual compact, green-friendly packaging from Nokia.

X3 doesn’t come with a see through screen protector so this had to come off. They’re useful instructions though on getting content to your X3 from the Ovi Store.

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2. Box Contents

Box contents include:

  • Charger
  • Manual and Ovi Leaflets
  • Stereo headset
  • BL-4S 860mAh battery
  • Nokia X3-02

The X3-02 comes in Blue (Petrol Blue), Pink, Lilac, Black (Dark Metal) and White/silver. The back is brushed aluminium.

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Size Comparison with N900

It’s very, very slim and fits perfectly in the hand. Having the N900 as a main device, x3-02 feels like I’m just holding the N900’s battery

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Below: Alphanumeric text key layout with bottom row relocated on the right hand side. It does take a bit of getting used to but that you will. There’s a dedicated music button and messaging button. Pressing the music button brings up the music player controls in ANY menu.

The screen is QVGA 2.4″ and as mentioned, the most sensitive resistive display. Due to the touch screen, there are NO navigation buttons.

left side is clean, with only a button that’s mirrored on the right hand side to remove the battery cover when pushed simultaneously.

The right side with Volume Keys, Lock Button and corresponding button to unlock the back cover

5MP camera at the back – no LED flash. Out of interest this captures QVGA video at 20fps. Not a camera centric device at all. The brushed metal (brushed aluminium alloy ?) is stunning.

3.5mm jack for any headphones, micro USB connector point (can charge through micro USB too, nice touch) and standard 2mm Nokia charge port.

Very loud and clear speakers at the bottom

Two buttons either side simultaneously pressed removes the back cover for access to the battery, SIM, memory card and wrist strap.
The brushed aluminium back cover. It has two asymmetrical stubs. These are often the parts that break off first but being metal, this should be less likely to happen.
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5. General Usability
Well, I haven’t really used it yet so I can’t comment on true usability.  Just some instant impressions: Menu is pretty quick, apps open pretty much instantly. I have already synced my contacts over from N97 to X3 (though initially from N900- long story. Wish contact transfer could be a more painless affair. Perhaps the centralised Ovi Account – that never worked for me). Camera very basic – no camera button. Zoom in gallery is surprisingly smooth though the photos aren’t too great (then again will have to try this outdoors at day time)

I’ll come back to this in a few days or a week. Any questions, feel free to comment below.

BTW, (Nokia N8 coming soon for testing :D)

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Gallery: Nokia N8 Tear Down – Disassemble the Nokia N8 with instructions from iFixit (Simple Battery Removal with T4 screw)

October 8, 2010 13 comments

We’ve seen N8 disassembly pictures before, and even received the manual DIRECT from Nokia Care. Here you’ll see a third party tear down of the Nokia N8 with even clearer instructions from the team at iFixit.

Go ahead and check it out!iFixit!

You know you wanna see the innards of the N8 😀

Note that in each of their steps, there’s a main picture and sometimes a few more to hover over for further clarification. Clicking on the pictures will also get you the larger images.

You probably will NEVER do this yourself, except perhaps step 5-7. With a standard T4 screw, unscrew the, well screws, remove the cap and the battery bracket and the BL-4D (which has received marked praises on battery life for N8, even by Eldar) slides out.

  • 16GB made by samsung
  • TOSHIBA NAND (C/Z/RAM)Cheers to N#O#R#U#L#E#S for the heads up

Full Gallery over at…


Nokia N8 available for Preorder in the Philippines – 23,669PHP (~340GBP)

October 8, 2010 12 comments

Nokia Philippines has the Nokia N8 available for preorder for 23,699 (Suggested Retail Price) That’s around 340GBP – 80GBP cheaper than standard Nokia UK SIM Free price (though around the same for Pay And Go most likely).

Currently only with SMART it seems. Most likely you can pick it up at decent prices unlocked at Green Hills. I can’t wait to go back next summer to see how S^3 handsets are doing (what with C7, E7, C6-01 possibly being available there too – though X7 and N9 may already be there come summer time – anyway)

Interestingly, bringing up the reviews shows us the awesome Rita @khouryrt

Via techpinas

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Video: Single Column Multitasker on the N900

October 8, 2010 3 comments

The Nokia N900 is renowned for its multitasking prowess. Not just in terms of how many activities it can juggle but also in the contextual grid interface of LIVE windows.


Here’s another look – a single column view. What’s interesting is that it’s vertical.

A brilliant must have addition is shortcutD which can give you additional buttons – a most useful one of which is a multitask button (for me, half press cam)

video by perlinet

Nokia Online “Shop” AAAGGGGHHHHHHH! UPDATE: 25/10/2010

October 8, 2010 11 comments

I’m sure that by the title you can guess that I’m extremely annoyed with the Nokia Online shop, and I am this way because of the incompetent people and payment system that Nokia have, so grab a coffee or tea and head over to The Tek Blogger for the full story:

UPDATE: 25/10/2010

Ok now 7 weeks after my first attempt at ordering off the Nokia website, I got a call from the Sales team and was told that I can now finally order! shame I had to get the N8 by giving the money to a mate and getting him to order it! but needed a phone for my mum and that went through just a few min ago (with 18% cashback through – UK only!) so all is good again!!!

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