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Videos: Nokia N8 Swype Tips (Download Swype for Symbian^3 at the Ovi Store) #BlindType

October 17, 2010 12 comments

Have you tried Swype yet on your Nokia N8? You can download it for free at the Ovi Store (Thanks Josh Klubi for the heads up). I’ve only used swype before on the N97 and let’s just say resistive screens (especially of that calibur – N900/X3-02 totally beats it out on sensitivity) and fast swyping doesn’t really mix.

Once you install it, go to settings, turn it on (and whatever other settings) reboot N8 and it will take over the landscape keyboard. Why on earth the portrait T9 is still there. As much as I love it, I need to get used to the landscape QWERTY keyboard and learn to use portrait QWERTY!!!. Also it’s very awkward to swype in landscape.

If you’re new to Swype, (or even if not) Below are some Swype tips. Yes you can learn these on the go and the app gives you tips during typing but neither are nearly as helpful at getting you up to speed as these tips below (because certain actions aren’t exactly obvious…like holding on Q to change language).


Correcting Words

Symbols (and quick word delete_


Hopping (to increase accuracy on certain similar words, e.g. put, pit, pot)



Apostrophe Words

Double Letter

General Swype Tutorial – it’s for Android but it’s easy to pick up stuff for N8 or other Symbian Swype devices

Videos by MySwype

Oh, speaking of Android and Swype – as cool as Swype is – have you seen Blind Type?

Now this is witchcraft. And btw, solves the whole accuracy problem of traditional touch QWERTY without having to learn how to SWYPE.

Check out how you don’t even need to have a keyboard – just correct relative spacing between keys. Unfortunately this seems to have been bought by google. So I’m not sure whether future versions will be available across the field. I love the delete word gesture.

I mean just look at it.


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